The Silver Hand mission (Skyrim walkthrough)

The Silver Hand mission (Skyrim walkthrough).

To unlock the Silver Hand skyrim mission, you first have to complete both Proving Honor and Trouble in Skyrim. The Silver Hand skyrim mission is a Companions main questline mission, which can be gained by speaking to Skjor after completing the before mentioned quests. He will inform that you that you are to undergo an event which will make you a stronger Companion member; he does not go into further detail, but further says that him and Aela the hunteress will meet you in the Underforge when darkness has fallen. The Underforge is a cave located directly beneath the Skyforge with a hidden entrance, this also features a hidden exit/entry into Whiterun from the outside; something which can come in very handy at times (as you will find out soon enough).

Mission objectives:

1. – Meet with Skjor (or Aela) at night

2. – Enter the Underforge

3. – Participate in the blood ritual

4. – Talk to Aela

5. – Kill the werewolf hunters and their camp leader Krev the Skinner

6. – Talk to Aela / finish the mission / outro

1. Meet with Skjor and Aela at night / 2. enter the Underforge

After completing the previous mission Proving Honor, you probably have a clue about what is about to happen at the Underforge… you are to undergo a ritual giving you the blessing of Lycanthrophy; which gives you the effect option Beast Form which can be activated to become a werewolf at times of need (or at your own desire). Before proceeding I would like to mention some pros and cons of becoming a werewolf:


- Beast form effect (able to activate this from the magic menu, turning temporarily into a werewolf)

- With Beast Form comes to additional bonus of being able to increase in strength as a werewolf.

- It is a necessity to continue the main questline of the Companions; so the pro is that you will be able to continue the Companions questline.


- Sleeping will never again give you any resting benefits (due to your restless beast blood); i.e. when you choose to get married, you will not receive the Lover’s Comfort bonus to your stamina and health.

- Negative remarks from guards and citizens (I find them quite funny though…) i.e. the Whiterun guards may say: “You smell like a wet dog.” or “Is THAT hair coming out of your ears?”

3. Participate in the Blood ritual

Entering the Underforge you will meet Skjor and Aela (in her lycantrophic / werewolf form); they are standing next to an empty fountain bowl. At this point Skjor will tell you about the ‘blessings’ of becoming a werewolf, and how only the ones within what is called the Circle; which are the top ranked leaders of the Companions, share this blessing. After giving you this informative speech, he will ask if you are ready to partake in the ritual. He also informs you that Aela has accepted to be your forebear; or in other words the one who you will share your lycantrophic blood with. After accepting, he will make a cut in Aela’s left wrist and fill the fountain with her blood; after drinking the blood you will pass out and awake outside the Underforge in werewolf form. If you proceed into the city, NPCs will flee (hopefully) and guards will attack you; you may kill the guards without getting a bounty due to your beast form. However, due to certain bugs; which may see NPCs attacking you and then getting killed by you (or the Whiterun guards, who will see this as an act of assault on you), I would advise you to just enter the Underforge again and exit through the secret tunnel on the right. In werewolf form you have an exceptionally increased health, strength and speed (try sprinting!). Run around… hunt some deer and bears until your character passes out (literally).

4. Talk to Aela / 5. Kill the werewolf hunters (The Silver Hand)

When you awake from your blackout, stripped of your gear only wearing some (Björn Borg) underwear; you will awake to the smile of Aela the hunteress; who says she is very glad to see you come through the transformation successfully. She will say that you are close to Gallows Rock, a camp inhabited by the Silver Hand, the werewolf hunters; and she says your transformation should be celebrated by killing them off in cold blood. Skjor has already ventured ahead; and from this point Aela the hunteress will act as your companion/follower. Enter the Gallows Rock camp and kill off the Silver Hand; as you go along you will eventually come to this mission’s boss; Krev the Skinner, who Aela (with good reason) warns you about. My advice to kill Krev the Skinner is to sneak attack from the shadows with arrows and letting Aela fight it out while you keep bombarding the enemies with arrows, do not worry about Aela as she is essential to future missions, she cannot die; and thus will always get up when knocked down. After killing off the last Silver Hand you will see that Skjor have fallen in combat with Krev the Skinner; his body laying slain on an altar nearby. Aela takes the death of Skjor very heavily and stands sulking over his dead body.

6. Talk to Aela / finish the mission

Speaking to Aela will end the mission, and you will have to do two so-called radiant quests (repeatable, randomized Companions missions) for Aela before unlocking the next main quest mission for the companions; Blood’s Honor. A radiant quest may be Stealing Plans which is a repeatable, randomized mission which sees you kill off Silver Hand officers and stealing their plans (the item is called a Silver Hand Stratagem) to be able to track down their chief hideout. Or it may be Striking the Heart which is an assassination plan to kill a higher ranked officer, or Wuuthrad retrieval (see this link for that walkthrough) in which you are to return a piece of the legendary Wuuthrad to the Companions.


- Lycantrophy (beast form skill)

Next Companions mission:
- Blood's Honor

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