The Sims 3 Ambitions Expansion Beats World Adventures Hands Down

The Sims 3 second expansion pack Ambitions is already being hailed as a resounding success by Sims players everywhere. In fact, I'm quite secure in saying that this is the best expansion pack for The Sims 3 that's ever been released.

Why? Well we only have World Adventures to compare it to, and in terms of changing the game experience, Ambitions does far more than World Adventures ever could. The most fun I had in World Adventures was learning Martial Arts in China and buying the Nectary from France. The tomb exploration and creation features just faded into the background of the game experience and before long, one found oneself bored with the daily grind of sim life once more. I've had World Adventures almost since it came out and not a single one of my sims ever got past the first visa level because I have an erratic style of game play that involves creating lots of different sims. When you have to run the same tombs over and over again, that quickly becomes tiresome.

Ambitions, on the other hand, introduced a bunch of fun new content (like the trampoline, oh my lord how much fun is it watching grown sims bounce up and down like that) and actually expanded the game play significantly. Prior to ambitions, one watched one's sims disappear into work rabbit holes for 8 hours of the day, sleep for another 8 hours and that left just 8 hours of actual game playable time left over, which meant that even simple things like forming relationships with other sims had to wait until the weekends.

All that has changed with Ambitions. Your sims can now flirt, interact and even sleep at work (at the fire station and the salon anyway.) Work has now become a major part of the actual game and instead of being entirely automated, you actually get to play your sim through their career, which is a great deal more immersive than simply choosing between 'Sleep at Work' 'Suck Up To Boss' and 'Work Hard' on a drop down screen, which is all the base game really has to choose from.

Other additions to the game include laundry. If you buy a hamper, your sims will actually change their clothes and take them off. If you buy a washing machine and dryer, they can do their washing at home, or they can take it to the laundromat. Wearing clean clothes gives them a positive moodlet that lasts a significant length of time, so its really worth making that investment.

Ambitions is filled with a myriad of these sorts of treasures so I strongly advise anyone contemplating the Ambitions expansion vs the World Adventures expansion to buy Ambitions. World Adventures is a shallow gimmick compared to the depth and immersion you'll experience when you play Ambitions.

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Anne 6 years ago

I needed help deciding which expansion pack to buy. Your insight was very helpful. Thanks!

Amanda 6 years ago

Thanks! I wasn't sure on which one to buy. In the EA store online, the World Adventures expansion pack is currently $20 and the Ambitions expansion is still $40. Should I still get Ambitions? I think I will.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 6 years ago Author

Awesome :) Glad to have been of help Anne and Amanda. I really do think Ambitions is by far and away a more 'fun' expansion pack that actually impacts game play on a meaningful level. Is it worth an extra $20? I'd say yes.

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