The Sims 3 Baby Stretching Syndrome With Pics

 So last night, I'm playing my new Sims 3 game. Johnny is working out to tunes on the radio, Jesse is making out with a girl in his bedroom, Sandy is getting cozy with the neighbor, even though shes married to Johnny, and little Luke he's the result of Sandy and Johnny making whoopie.

Luke is a simple baby, with big doe eyes, and is always in a good mood even though it takes so little to make him happy.

Luke never really stuck out as odd or weird, till last night when he crawled into the dining room, and began watching the plasma TV I bought for the family in the Sims Store.

His dad was nearby dancing like a moron while Luke looked on at the Plasma TV.

Suddenly something happened, and at first I didn't know what the hell it was, because I could have sworn that baby Luke's torso just stretched out. His arms were long and dangling, and his face looked smashed. I thought perhaps it was my imagination so I continued to watch Luke, and sure enough he did it again. Then again, and then some more, till finally I directed him away from the tube.

The look on his face looked goofy, so I wondered if perhaps he was getting dumber by watching the television.

Before directing him away though, I took some snapshots to share with you.

Pretty creepy don't you think?

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Scary Baby
Scary Baby
Stretch Armstrong
Stretch Armstrong

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Uninvited Writer profile image

Uninvited Writer 7 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

Ooh, that is scary looking :)

I've been playing Sims 3 myself. Love it.

Adam B 7 years ago

You know, I get a f**King hundred email notifications per day informing me that someone I am a fan of wrote a new hub. Some of those hubbers write like 30 hubs a day that I seriusly could give a shit NOT being one of them.

Just the other day, I was getting oe of the umteenth notifications which I quickly deleted...and then I realized...I haven't received one from Mellasviews in quite some time.

Then I thought...she did write a hub not too terribly long ago about sims 3 coming out soon. So pretty much I think you have become addicted to this game and become a sims zombie. Right?

Lastly, that picture of the stretching baby seems like something out of a horror movie where a girl is playing and then starts getting haunted by some spirit trapped in the game. Cool stuff.

MellasViews profile image

MellasViews 7 years ago from Earth Author

haha. Adam, I have been glued to the screen since the game came out. I have a megla review to add, but will at a later date. :) But so far this is the only glitch Ive encountered. I'm sure as I go on, there will be more.

hm 7 years ago

dude, it's golem from lord of the rings! O.o

sims3 profile image

sims3 7 years ago

Is one of his traits "insane" by any chance? He He that too funny!

MellasViews profile image

MellasViews 7 years ago from Earth Author

golem, golum, gholum, golim.... you get the point- its all that matters.

vron 7 years ago

my baby is retarded too! does it evevr stop?

MellasViews profile image

MellasViews 7 years ago from Earth Author

I think when the kid grows to a child it stops. lol. Mine did it only when watching tv, or watching someone dance, or listening to the radio... Im not sure which... but I thought hed grow to be taller than other sims... nope. hes regular size.

Orchid 6 years ago

Hi, I thought it was just mine! I experienced the same and I thought it was quite scary, just last night. At the time her only traits were good and brave. I does not seem to affect anything after they age up, and this is the first real time in the game that babies had so many interactions. It was scary though, and for that, no more tv for the babies. EVER.

xwexarexbulletsx 6 years ago

I think is a glitch, that when the baby is watching tv, he's "talking" to the adults, just like an adult or child would do. But it was pretty frigging scary, I almost shit myself when I look what the baby looked like, it was horrible horrible, it was far beyond scary than what anything I would expect on a horror movie.

mee 6 years ago

ok so i am freaking out in my game because everytime there is a baby around they stretch out really far and they just look like a floating pink bar. i have no idea how to get rid of it!

Maya 6 years ago

That happened to me when my baby started celebrating the husband getting older. But they were standing up and claping!

Tweea 6 years ago

OMG this happened to mee too

Kimmy 5 years ago

That happened to me too while my baby was watching tv- I thought she was turning into an alien!

Olivia  5 years ago

That is so weird I haven't experienced of yet !!!!! But I can't wait

Till it does !!!!

sk8er sophie 5 years ago

WHOA! that's creepy!

Casi 5 years ago

Have they fixed this? Cuz it doesn't happen to me. I think it has something to do with knowing how to talk.

Casi 5 years ago

Have they fixed this? Cuz it doesn't happen to me. I think it has something to do with knowing how to talk.

Roach 5 years ago

lol that happened to me once... i was thinking "oh look, satan had a baby.....made out of rubber....... O.o"

Jessica 4 years ago

I would just like to say that NO, they haven't fixed the glitch because mine just did it.. Scared me half to death... I was like "oh my gosh" haha

Talia 4 years ago

I only have the sims for my iPhone and that doesn't happen but I would kinda like to see that!

savana 4 years ago

the babies photos i had the same problom here what you do you quick speed until they grow up then get them dressed and hopefully it will work xx

Lacy 3 years ago

I am so glad that I'm not the only one. 0-0

manoo 3 years ago

yeah i experencd this too

jocie 3 years ago

its a glitch the clothing for the wrong age group..but yours is different

Amelia 2 years ago

My heart skipped a beat when I saw my baby do it, and I thought maybe it was just the angle I was at, so I adjusted the angle and watch longer and she did it again. That is just f***ed up. No more tv for my baby.

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