The Sims 3 Late Night Expansion Pack First Impressions


After anticipating the landing of The Sims 3 Late Night expansion pack for months and months and months now, I am glad to announce that I finally have the game on my machine and am able to share my first impressions with you, that you may decide whether or not it is worth the purchase.

Let us start at the beginning, with a simple town. Late Night comes with a new town, Bridgeport. According to Sim lore, Bridgeport was once a smuggling town (which I must say, rather puts me in mind of Barnacle Bay, a Sims 3 town available for download, along with bunches of Pirate themed treasure, but already I have digressed, let us return to the wonderful world of Late Night.) Nowadays however, Bridgeport is a happening place where the rich and famous play and where Vampires stalk the night.

The first thing I notice, and you'll notice, is that with this new expansion pack has come a new way of categorizing towns. Sunset Valley and Barnacle Bay and Twinbrook are Sims 3 Towns in which Sims 3 families live the suburban dream. Bridgeport, on the other hand is an 'exciting place for single young sims and older sims.'

The first major difference I noticed when I started the character creation screen for Late Night was that a new slider had been added to the screen. Now I was no longer limited to deciding how fat or thin, muscled or skinny my Sim was, but I could also adjust her bust size (and muscle definition too, but let's face it, the bust size thing was far more interesting.)

You can also now determine your Sim's star sign, star signs determine compatibility with other sims, and may have other effects I'm not yet aware of because this is a mere first impressions bit.

Two new obvious traits are 'Shy' and 'Star Quality'. Shy pretty much ensures that trying to get your sim to become famous will be a horrid struggle and Star Quality means that your sim will naturally seek out the limelight and receive the approval of the other sims. I started my first adult sim off with the Star Quality trait because I loathe fighting against traits. Like when you have an 'Inappropriate' 'Unflirty' sim with 'Commitment Issues' who you want to get married. You can force them into close situations, but it doesn't take long before they call the other Sim a Lama and slap them in the face.

This concludes the first part of my first impressions, please continue on to Part Two for more Sim revelations.

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