The Whispering Door (Skyrim walkthrough)

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The Whispering Door (Skyrim Walkthrough)

To start the Whispering Door mission, you have to speak to Hulda, the innkeeper at the Bannered Mare. Ask her if she has heard any rumours or gossip lately, she will be quick to tell you that Nelkir, one of Balgruuf the great's (the jarl of Whiterun) sons have appeared troubled lately. Approach the Jarl of Whiterun, Balgruuf, in the Dragonsreach castle, to start this mission. He will tell you that his son, Nelkir, has become most troubled and violent as of lately... as if something has changed his whole personality.

Mission summary and objectives:

... "Balgruuf the Greater, Jarl of Whiterun, has a troubled child. He's asked me to help the boy." ...

1. - Find out what's wrong with Nelkir

2. - Listen to the whispering door

3. - Speak to Nelkir

4. - Obtain the key to the whispering door

5. - Open the whispering door

6. - Retrieve the Ebony blade

1. Find out what's wrong with Nelkir.

Nelkir has seemed troubled lately, speak to him to what out what is bothering him. When speaking to Nelkir, it becomes apparent somebody has been telling him things he was not supposed to know of, secrets. He is upset that his father still worships Talos and that he has a different mother to Balgruuf's other children; Frothar and Dagny. He tells you that he has heard all this information by listening through the keyhold of a door in the basement; a whispering door, through which he says he can hear a woman's whispering voice.

2. Listen to the whispering door

Nelkir told you that "you would recognize the door when you see it" and that he could not open it. You will find the whispering door in the basement of Dragonsreach castle; to find the basement, go through the castle's kitchen and through the storage space; where you will find a locked door, which can only be unlocked with a key. Listening to the whispering door, you hear a women who identifies herself as Mephala, the lady of whispers. She tells you that a piece of her power is locked away behind the door and that "those who carry hostility towards the Jarl will be his undoing..." and furthermore that "the Jarl's court does right in fearing her powers". She asks you to speak once again to who she refers to as the dark child, Nelkir.

3. Speak to Nelkir

Speaking to Nelkir, he will tell you that only Balgruuf, Jarl of Whiterun, and the court's magician Farengar Secret-Fire, hold keys to this door. And he more than suggests that taking Farengar out of his mortal existence would be the wisest way to go about getting the key. The choice is yours, but it is probably best to pickpocket Farengar when nobody is watching you.

4. Obtain the key to the whispering door

Like beforementioned, you have the choice to either acquire Farengar's key or Balgruuf's key. My advice is to pickpocket Farengar, either when he is asleep or in the late hours; when most people have retired to their bedrooms from the main throne room. This way nobody gets hurt.

5. Open the whispering door

Now that you have acquired the key, you should return to the basement to open the whispering door.

6. Retrieve the Ebony blade

When you open the door, you realize it is just a small room with a wooden table... no witches and no monsters anywhere. All you can see is an Ebony blade lying on the table. In front of the sword there is a book called Admonition Against Ebony, it warns you of the blade's wicked powers and that it will turn any holder of it insane.. further stating that it must be shaped by a daedric demon for no mortal forges can melt it; that is why it is kept here... away from the public. Pick up the Ebony blade. At the instant you pick it up the whispering lady will speak to you saying that the blade lacks its legendary powers, but that these will be restored once you use it to slay those who are close to you. She further says it:

"feeds on deception and thus nourishes its master..."

! The Ebony Blade will draw health from your foes, and is thus an excellent weapon. You can kill hunters around in Skyrim to fill the "deceit-o-meter"

Congratulations. You have now completed The Whispering Door quest, the choice is yours now if you want to nourish the sword with blood of those who trust in you...

Mission reward(s):

- Mephala's Ebony blade (Damage 23, weight 11, Value 2000)

- Daedric influence achievement

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mark81150 4 years ago

There should have been an alternate way to end this quest, they can keep the sword, I'd like to clear it without leaving the child under a daedric princes evil enfluence. and really... the choice isn't much of a way to teach your kids who play the game, good is better than evil, when they leave evil as just another option.

I'd have liked an option of destroying the blade to free the boy,,, just walking away isn't much of an end, even if you drop it in a lake.

Resolver2009 profile image

Resolver2009 4 years ago from Bournemouth, UK / Oslo, Norway Author

Think you have a good point there, Mark. Should be more alternative options and different ways to end missions with various outcomes.

Dylan Bazza 4 years ago

Ditto with that, cause some deadric quests make u kill innocent people and if ur not that kind of guy/girl then there should be other options on what to do.

Anonymous 4 years ago

Yeah the Daedric quests SUCK when it comes to choosing do do the right thing.

Like the molar bal quest, the sanguine quest, this especially... And the blades quest :3

I understand it isn't a Daedric quest but it was SO unfair....

5ilver 2 years ago

I find it a better choice to have slain thee poor boy then to leave thy in troubling sadness forever haunting his soul....

5ilver 2 years ago

AAnd i cannot start the mission my talking to hulda

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