The Wizarding World - Harry Potter Toys And Gifts

Harry Potter Books

This set of the Harry Potter Books 1-7 makes a great gift or keepsake to display even if you've already read all of the books.

Some of the companion books based on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter offer a fascinating and very interesting glimpse into the world of Harry Potter.

These book, although most were not written by JK Rowling still make a nice collectible for Harry Potter fans.

My youngest son owns a couple of these books and has really enjoyed learning all about the young wizard and his world.


the wizarding world - harry potter toys and gifts
the wizarding world - harry potter toys and gifts

Harry Potter Video Games

There have been quite a few Harry Potter games released over the games.

And because my kids are such big fans of Harry Potter, I can honestly say that I've played most of these games.

One of my favorite Harry Potter games is the Lego Harry Potter game it's just so much fun for everyone and I've never played a lego game yet that I didn't like.

Otherwise the first three Harry Potter games are my favorites this is probably because there were made back when the kids were young. and you can still get that sense of adventure as they are exploring Hogwarts and gaining control of their powers.

The first Harry Potter games like Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets are getting a little harder to find but you can still find them on eBay and Amazon.

These games were made for some of the older game systems like the gameboy, gamecube and PlayStation 2, so if you do have some of these older systems then be sure to check them out.



Any of the wands from the Harry Potter movies make great collectibles for Harry Potter fans and collectors.

You might be surprised to find that not only are the Harry, Ron and Hermoine's wands available, but you can also find the wands of many other characters like Professor Snape and even Sirius Black's wand.

But probably one of the most sought after wands is that of Harry's evil nemesis Lord Voldemort.

This limited edition collectible makes a great addition to anyone's Harry Potter collection.


Harry Potter Collectibles

Hermione Granger's Time Turner would make a great addition to your Harry Potter collection or it could even be used as part of a Halloween costume.  The time turner is somewhat fragile so you probably wouldn't want to play with it or give it as a toy for a child.


Harry Potter Action Figures

Harry Potter Action figures tend to up rather quickly in price especially after being retired.

But you can still find quite a few for fairly reasonable prices like the Harry Potter and Dumbledore 2 Year Set. Or the Harry Potter Slime Chamber action figure.

The newer figures like the Order of the Phoenix and the Half Blood Prince figures are considerably less expensive than the older ones.

Which means that now rather than later would be the best time to buy them.



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