What is The Best Choice of Runescape Spellbook for You

 This site will help you decide which magic spell-book in Runescape is best for you. This will help you chose between Normal Spells, Ancient Magicks, and Lunar spells. It will help you choose the book that is best for your needs and level of commitment.


A player in runescape casting alchemy spell. (from normal spellbook)
A player in runescape casting alchemy spell. (from normal spellbook) | Source

Normal Spellbook

    When you start playing Runescape you automatically receive the normal spellbook. The Normal Spellbook is the only non-member spellbook available. These spells start out very weak and progress with your magic level.It is one of the two spellbooks that contain attacking spells.It is a lot weaker than the other spellbooks but if you are not a member it is the only one available to you.If you are not a member you will never become a very powerful mager because non-member spells only go to level 59. However, with the normal spellbook you can gain the most experience at the cheapest cost.

Player casting ice barrage on an opponent. (Ancient spellbook)
Player casting ice barrage on an opponent. (Ancient spellbook) | Source

Ancient Spellbook

The ancient spellbook is the most powerful of all spellbooks. This spell book is mostly used to kill players in Pvp combat (player vs. player.) The spells in this book freeze your opponents so they are not able to move and hit you with melee. The requirements for this spellbook is the completion of the Desert Treasures quest. The ancient spellbook is a member spellbook that deals high amounts of damage unless the opponent is protected from magic.

Player casting vengeance on himself. (Lunar spellbook)
Player casting vengeance on himself. (Lunar spellbook) | Source

Lunar Spellbook

The Lunar Spellbook is the only non-combat spellbook in Runescape. A membership is required to use this spellbook. The spells in the Lunar book are mostly healing and spiritual spells. This book is mostly commonly used by players who want to heal themselves during combat or heal a fellow player.The requirements to obtain the spellbook are 61 Crafting, 40 Defense, 49 Firemaking, 5 Herblore, 65 Magic, 60 Mining, and 55 Woodcutting. You need to complete the Lunar Diplomacy quest along with a few other quests to have access to this spellbook and Lunar armor. It is a good spellbook for training other skills such as cooking, farming, and hunter on the go.

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mr thoughts 5 years ago

more people should read this :D

Reggie 5 years ago

It could be better if you fully described each spellbook. For instance expanding on teleports and the lunar's abiulity to group teleport, while the normal one can tele-other.

Peter Owen profile image

Peter Owen 5 years ago from West Hempstead, NY

thx for folowing me.

Junior 24 months ago

First, let me disagree with you from your first sentcnee. I believe it is a pants issue and you and I clearly have a different understanding of two things. The first disagreement is with regards to what constitutes a pants issue in the first place. Mine includes GMs assuming that PCs are competent in the things in which they should be competent. This is an underlying reason why PCs would always be assumed to have their pants on in the first place, they aren't so incompetent as to be caught with their pants down -- literally.Our second area of disagreement seems to be with the what roleplaying game is at its core qua roleplaying game. I come from a school of roleplaying where sessions are collaborative storytelling efforts and not games where there are any competitive elements between player and GM. Having puzzles that players, not PCs, must solve is a competitive element that was frequently used in 1st edition products. They had an underlying assumption of "player mastery" such as you mention in your post, and as Gygax wrote in his book Roleplaying Mastery. In these games player solve riddles and puzzles unless given "training wheels."I find this to be a fundamentally flawed approach to rpgs, not to competitive games such as Descent or Warhammer Quest. These games are about player choices more than "playing roles." For me the DM is a combination narrator and director, in the movie/tv sense. He or she provides not only the sensory descriptions, but must also provide information that can aid in the performance of character roles. There are those who believe more competitive, player choices matter whether the character would ever actually make such a choice, to be superior. I am not one of those. Your use of the economic concept of "freedom of agency" falls flat in my opinion, as it is too Randian in its "allowing players" to fail is rooted in a laissez faire approach that I think appropriate in competitive environments, but not in collaborative ones.This doesn't mean you are wrong in a transcendent sense, just that you and I come from very different approaches of gaming. Whether my players achieve mastery is unimportant to me, though not to my close friend B.N. Nemecz, and I am more concerned with the stories we tell during play rather than stories of TPKs due to player error.

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