Tibetan dZi beads

What is dZi bead?

There had been lots of discussion over Tibetan dZi beads in the past but little understanding had made known of it. These dZi beads come with special power that can help those who owned it to overcome lifetime obstacles and difficulties. It was first named as Zee and now called as dZi that is made of either Tibetan stone or agate. What so special about these dZi beads? Though the dZi is made of either Tibetan stone or agate, it is said to have 1% of unknown material known to earth and likely to be from out of this world. It comes in the form of round or cylindrical shape that had black and white strips forming the eye pattern. You can find dZi that comes with 1-eye, 2-eye, 3-eye, etc in these pattern formation on the surface of the tibetan stone or agate.

Tibetan stone dZi bead

Use of Tibetan dZi

In the past, stories about the origin of such dZi came with many different interpretations. One story was told that these Tibetan dZi were found buried in the ground many centuries ago where it was made by prehistoric people. Yet another story was told that the dZi came as a form of worm-like insects happened to transformed into dZi stones when being scared or frightened. There was another version of interpretation that it came from the demi-gods who happened to discard those dZi that were being damaged. Nevertheless, it is known that the dZi are being used for its medicinal value. Most Tibetan people are having it worn around their necks to be blessed with its good fortune. Some of these dZi were being used as additive to heal illnesses and sickness since it comes with the medinical properties. It is said that wearing this dZi will help to protect oneself against sickness and stroke in addition to repel evil forces. When you happen to break it then it is said that it had protected you against harm by absorbing the shock attack and thus rendering it as useless since it cannot be used for protection.

The precious pills for curing physical disorders is currently using the dZi as one of the ingredients. There are other ingredients that includes Ngochu Tsothel like purified gold, silver, copper, iron, lead and lode-stone to add dZi as an additive for healing. This pill that is made also contains gems ingredients like coral, pearls, dZi, turquoise and lapis. With all these ingredients, other organic mineral materials and precious jewels that undergone through the process of detoxified and being ground to fine powder to be used to make into pills. I personally have different eye dZi that are being worn by my family members to keep them safe and protected. It is actually fate that brought me to own these dZi for my entire family. Here is a video that shown how you can test the dZi for its power and energy.

Ruyi dZi Bead


Tibetan Culture

During the time where dZi beads appeared with etched markings on the agate beads which had some defined symbols created an obsession among the Tibetans. Its beauty is so fascinating as it appeared to have survived from antiquity of time. As the Tibetan's culture, these beads had played a significance part of religious and social during that period of time. Up to date, the refugee communities of Tibetans in India and Nepal still persist as part of their beliefs in protection and medicinal use for each dZi bead. The fact that these dZi beads are part of the rootedness in the Tibetan culture, it hinders people to further research of its origin and purpose. As such, only a handful of dZi beads found its way to the West but sold at a high price by Tibetan refugees who were acquainted with authors that had appetite of gathering more details of dZi beads.

Testing dZi Energy and Power

Dharmahat dZi Bead

Stories of dZi bead mystic power

There was a story where someone who had bought the Tibetan dZi from a Tibetan guy asking the buyer to wear it and he shot him but nothing happen. See, you can't be hurt! The friend laughed at him because the tabular dZi eye are much older than the gun and might not designed to protect against gunshot. What happen if the shooter got it wrong, he would had benefited both the money and dZi bead.

With the knowledge of dZi beads spreading, prices had been rising steadily for those like 9-eye or 12-eye dZi beads. Another story was told regarding a car accident happening in Taipei. The accident was involved with four people in Taiwan. 3 of them were killed except the person who worn the dZi bead. Thereafter, there were more stories about bus accident and also the plane crashed in India. There were a surge in prices when Tibetan Buddhist Lamas went to Taiwan and gave a talk about the advantages of dZi beads towards health and business. To business owners in Taiwan, they said it brings luck and good business. Therefore the dZi beads have the representation of hope for the future and status in business.

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topaz blue 4 years ago


Wonderfully informative hub and great video.

Many thanks for sharing

Topaz Blue

Denise Handlon profile image

Denise Handlon 4 years ago from North Carolina

Very well written, Edhan, and interesting information. I may be needing some of these for my pain! Thanks for sharing-rated up/useful and interesting. Sharing...

edhan profile image

edhan 4 years ago Author

You are most welcomed and thanks for your comment. My whole family has 1 each to help us in daily lives. I will send Reiki energy to you and hope your pain will ease soon.

Kerry43 4 years ago

Good morning, how very interesting. Thank you so much for sharing. I am going to check out your website.

Have a wonderful day


edhan profile image

edhan 4 years ago Author

Thank you for your comment. You are most welcomed. I am always happy to share and help whenever I can within my means. Hope you have a nice day!

loveofnight profile image

loveofnight 4 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland

Some good info here, I have never heard of these beads before but you have sparked my interest and I do want to learn more. I do believe that I would like to invest in dzi beads for my family. I believe that they may help to maintain our balance and peace........Be well and thanks again for the info.

edhan profile image

edhan 4 years ago Author

Thanks for your comment. It is well-known mostly in Asia where these information are made available. Personally, my family and I have one each of the Tibetan dZi and we have great feeling of harmony.

Hope you too will find your fated dZi to accomplish your own needs. Be blessed with health and good fortune.

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