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This guide will cover the Tomb of Sadar event which takes place in the dungeon of the same name in the video game Diablo 3, providing information on how to find and complete it. Events like this are essentially small mini quests that often provide gold, experience and sometimes item rewards for completing a short task or series of closely related ones.

Finding the Tomb

Finding the tomb starts with searching the Dahlgur Oasis region in Act II of Diablo 3. The tomb itself seems to span on small tile spots, basically areas you'd normally find other random spawning dungeons. Because of it's size, it can be hard to tell all the possible spawn locations of dungeons in the oasis (still working on that) however there are a few caveats that can assist in your search.

The Tomb of Sadar always seems to spawn in the northern half of the map. Also the Tomb of Khan Dakab can be present at same time in the Oasis as this one, meaning they do not rule each other out. You can check the sample map to the top right, where the Tomb of Sadar is circled on the map it spawned on.

When you have found the dungeon, you won't see the typical readily available entrance, instead finding a small hill/stair path that sort of wraps around a small pool of water. There will be some gears on top of the hill which you will need to run up to and use, after killing any enemies that may be guarding it, to open the tomb entrance which takes the place of the pool when opened. Step inside the dungeon to begin the event, making sure you have a full stack of nephalem valor if you are 60.

*Make sure to search the tomb for the Satchel which drops the journal "Musings of Caliphate Sadar".

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The gear which opens the entrance to the tomb.The tomb opened.Fighting the mobs within the tomb.The journal "Musings of Caliphate Sadar" which drops from the Satchel.The vbault lever which opens the treasure room door.The treasure room door.Treasure of SadarFighting Sadar himself.
The gear which opens the entrance to the tomb.
The gear which opens the entrance to the tomb.
The tomb opened.
The tomb opened.
Fighting the mobs within the tomb.
Fighting the mobs within the tomb.
The journal "Musings of Caliphate Sadar" which drops from the Satchel.
The journal "Musings of Caliphate Sadar" which drops from the Satchel.
The vbault lever which opens the treasure room door.
The vbault lever which opens the treasure room door.
The treasure room door.
The treasure room door.
Treasure of Sadar
Treasure of Sadar
Fighting Sadar himself.
Fighting Sadar himself.

Tomb of Sadar

Find and pull the Vault Door Lever

As soon as you enter the tomb, the event begins. Your first task within is to cut your way through the mobs that infest this small to medium sized dungeon which shares the same tile-set as the aqueducts. The Vault Door Lever is placed anywhere within the initially accessible corridors, so depending on your luck it may be a quick find or a couple minutes. There isn't that much overall ground to cover here. If you want more details on the mobs and other stats, check the dungeon info section below.

There seems to be a high chance of spawning a Fortune Shrine somewhere in the tomb, so its worth searching a bit extra to try to find one, considering the resplendent chest and unique monster in the last phase. If you find one, save it until you find the lever so you don't risk running out of shrine buff before getting the most use out of it.

Enter Sardar's Treasure Vault

Once you've pulled the lever, the vault door becomes accessible. It will be somewhere near where you arrived in the dungeon and should be marked with a ping on your map if already uncovered. If not, go find it, then open the door. Good time to grab the fortune shrine if you have one spawned.

Open the Treasure and Kill Sardar

Inside the vault room you will find a Resplendent Chest labeled the "Treasure of Sardar". Run up to the oddly undefended chest which will spew out a bunch of loot and trigger the final attack, a fight with Sardar "The Soulless One" himself. Sardar is a unique Accursed type of monster with the Illusionist affix. He may be joined by a couple basic accursed, but should be easy enough to take out for anyone who has faced multiple affix champions or elites. Once downed, he will send out a second shower of loot and the event completes. There is no bonus gold or experience reward for completing this event.

Tomb of Sadar - Dungeon Information

Size: Small/Medium
Layout: Random.

Loot Containers
Bloated Corpse, Chest, Satchel (Drops Journal), Treasure of Sardar (Resplendent Chest)

Enemies Found
Betrayed, Serpent Magus, Vile Swarm, Writhing Deceiver

Monster Level Ranges
  • Normal: 17-20
  • Nightmare: 39-41
  • Hell: 54-56
  • Inferno: 62

*Comments adding or correcting information are appreciated and will be credited.

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