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Who doesn’t like to play games? Android users can be satisfied with the fact that there are lots of different games – both paid and free – for them. Some of these android games have gone to become mega-hits, while others became a craze – or even a brand.

Following is a compiled list of Top 10 Android Games. This list is in no particular order and is mostly composed of my personal preferences and experiences. So … here we go with some best android games for you:

1. Granny Smith:

Despite the fact that this list is no particular order, I had to put Granny Smith on number 1. It is one of the best android games that I have played, and should definitely be on the top of this Top 10 Android Games list.

If you ever thought that our grannies can’t do any spectacular stunt, then this is an eye-opener for you. Lots of crazy stunts, funny crashes, exceptional physics and seriously challenging rounds make Granny Smith as one of the best games for Android.

2. Angry Birds:

There is not going to be any list for best android games that does not include Angry Birds. Period! It is arguably the most popular Android game, and now lots of different ‘versions´ of the game have been announced. However, the concept and the core gameplay remain the same for all of them.

Angry Birds has redefined the concept of physics and gravity in Android games. Whether you decide to play the original Angry Birds, or its subsequent successors, namely: Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Space or Angry Birds: Star Wars, you at least owe yourself at least one of them.

Note: I found Angry Birds Space a different than most of the other versions of the game. Being in space, you will have to face a different gravity law – on which the entire concept of the game rests. So, it offers a slightly different experience.

Can Knockdown 2 Review

3. Can Knockdown 2:

Can Knockdown 2 is another wonderful game for android users. Although not as much popular as the above-mentioned Angry Birds, it brings an equally exciting fun experience to the gamer. Loaded with 3 different game modes, Can Knockdown 2 offers plenty of different ways to enjoy the game.

The physics of this game is simply exceptional. Moreover, you will also be stunned by its awesome graphics. See the video below. Furthermore, it is a paid app which can be bought here.

4. Fruit Ninja – The Puss in Boots Version:

Fruit Ninja is a popular game for Android users. However, we are talking here about the ‘The Puss in Boots’ version. It is based on the movie title of the same name, however the game’s concept remain the same as its predecessors. The squishy and fun experience the game has to offer is incomparable. Moreover, the background voice of Puss in Boots adds another flavour, too. In addition to this, Fruit Ninja – Puss in Boots also offers two different game modes to enjoy: Desperado and Bandito.

The Bandito mode is more like a linear story type game play, while the Desperado mode is the same as the survival mode and posting the highest possible score. You will find many fruit cutting games, but Fruit Ninja (Puss in Boots version) is one of the best android games in my opinion.


5. Temple Run – Brave:

Temple Run is another very popular Android game. With its newer version, Temple Run has introduced the main character of the latest Pixar’s animated film, Brave. Although the core gameplay remains the same, there have been some minor additions nevertheless. Moreover, because of the grassy environment – instead of the more Temple look – the game looks a bit richer and fuller in graphics. Check it out here.

6. Cut the Rope:

When we talk about games that turned out to be huge hits, we can’t miss ‘Cut the Rope’. It is one of the best android games and I had to include this in my list of top 10 android games. With tons of challenging levels, Cut the Rope offers plenty of fun to Android users. Moreover, apart from the extremely-well-crafted gameplay and lively soundtrack, you instantly get impressed by the cute character and the loveable feel of the game. Chances are that you must have played this game, but if not, then you definitely need to check this one out. Its later stages will seriously challenge your logic, reflexes and puzzle-solving skills.

7. Stickman Base Jumper:

There are numerous ‘stickman’ games, and most of them are usually pretty entertaining. Stickman Base Jumper is related to the same category. Although many people will not find it as interesting and impressive as some of the above-mentioned games for Android, Stickman Base Jumper is a decent inclusion in the list nevertheless. The action-packed soundtrack gets noticed instantly. Moreover, it is a good, challenging time-pass sort of a game for many Android users, and you can definitely give it a try to find if it suits you.

Rayman Jungle Run Trailer

8. Rayman Jungle Run:

Rayman Jungle Run may not be as popular as some of the top Android games, but it has its own loyal following – and for all the right reasons, too. Rayman Jungle Run instantly hooks you up with brilliant graphics and innovative gameplay. Unlike some of other Android games, the gameplay consists of numerous actions from your side. In addition to this, brilliant music to a very good game acts like a red cherry on the top. Especially in terms of graphics and soundtrack, Rayman Jungle run is one of the best Android games.

9. Sprinkle:

I am not really a huge fan of Sprinkle, but it has a fairly noticeable following. Sprinkle is made by the same reputed company, Mediocre, which also created the highly-acclaimed Granny Smith. Probably because of this fact, Sprinkle also offers a refined, graphically amazing and a very clean game based on gravity-laws. Lots of different levels are there for you to play, which becomes really challenging as you move forward.

10. The Hobbits – Kingdoms:

The Hobbits Kingdom is a completely different game than the ones mentioned above. It is a multiplayer strategy game in which you join thousands of other players in real time. With the ability to do live chats and plan strategies, the game has a lot to offer to all the strategy-fanatics. The Hobbits is produced by the famous company, Kabam. If you are a die-hard LOTR fan or just a gamer who likes to play strategy games, then make sure to give this one a try. In short, The Hobbits Kingdoms – when it comes to strategy games – is one of the best Android games.

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Have I missed your favourite Android game? Please feel free to let me know in the comments section.


And this concludes our list for the Top 10 Android Games. As mentioned earlier that this list of best android games is more of a personal one, but since most of these games are pretty popular, chances are that you will find them thoroughly entertaining. Have fun!

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Joseph Muendo profile image

Joseph Muendo 4 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

I Like Angry birds and Fruity Ninja there are so addictive. Thanks for sharing the rest I din't know about them but try them out most definitely.

Melovy profile image

Melovy 4 years ago from UK

I believe I may have Angry Birds on my android, put there by my kids, but I've not heard of these other games. Your descriptions are very useful.

Mike Robbers profile image

Mike Robbers 4 years ago from London

I love Android Games and those recommended here seem really great! Just installed and tried "The Hobbits – Kingdoms" :)

alocsin profile image

alocsin 4 years ago from Orange County, CA

I'm actually thinking of getting an Android phone, and now will know what games to get for it. Voting this Up and Useful.

Hunbbel Meer profile image

Hunbbel Meer 4 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan. Author

@Joseph: If you like those two games, chances are that we have quite similar tastes when it comes to Android games. I'm sure you will definitely like the rest of them, too.

logoquiz profile image

logoquiz 4 years ago from London

I'd never heard of a few of these, I'm going to try out Granny Smith for sure. Hope it works as well on an Android tablet as other Android devices.

Hunbbel Meer profile image

Hunbbel Meer 4 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan. Author

@logoquiz: In my opinion, Granny Smith is one of the best android games. You should definitely try it out.

lzlpio90 profile image

lzlpio90 4 years ago

Fruit ninja and temple run are on top of my list! they are addictive and very entertaining,..

pinappu profile image

pinappu 3 years ago from India

I am a LOTR fan and and I did not heard of "Hobbit Kingdom" before. I"ll definitely try it. Thanks for the info. I like your hub.

FullOfLoveSites profile image

FullOfLoveSites 3 years ago from United States

I'm an Android user but I have downloaded very few games. Thanks for your recommendation, I will spot them on the Play Store (particularly Granny Smith). Up and useful. :)

profile image

cjarosz 3 years ago

As an android user for years. I have honestly heard of one of these games. The puss and boots fruit ninja. However, I myself wasn't that big into the game.

Hezekiah profile image

Hezekiah 2 years ago from Japan

Very good taste, I have all these games expect the Hobbits. I must give it a go then.

saiyan 2 years ago

good one

profile image

paigewole 2 years ago from Paris

i think so....u might like this game 64 numbers Android Games

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