Top 10 Nintendo Wii games

In our top 10 Nintendo Wii games list you will find games for the kids, adults and games which the whole family will enjoy.

Little King's Story

The Little King's Story is a combination roleplaying and strategy. Fans of the Harvest Moon, Overlord and Pikmin will love this game.

You play as a kid who gets whisked away to a magical kingdom. There he is crowned ruler. Despite the game's cute graphics you are a king bent on absolute world domination. You can order your lazy citizens to farm, mine, or even fight for you. During the game you also get the opportunity to participate in mini-quests to keep your people happy.

I would say the games strongest point is it gameplay, which is really well done. Most everything in the game is great except the audio which is merely OK.

Don't let the game's cuteness put you off, Little King's Story is totally worth it.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

Now I am not usually a fan of golf games. But I have to respect the job they did with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10.

This game suports the Wii motion plus and the much improved sensitivity makes all the difference.

Just to show their commitment to perfection. If your Wii is hooked up to the internet it downloads the current weather, at the course you are playing on. The idea being to make your game seem real as possible.


You might think that Punch Out is a button pounding game. In reality it takes puzzle solving, memorization and quick reflexes to be good at it.

After you have beaten all the boxers, you are crowned champ. All the other boxer then return with improved skills. At this point the game becomes difficult.


Ghostbusters isn't just a good game, it's great. It's funny, catching the ghosts is fun, the puzzle-solving and action is well mixed and the sound design is great.

The game's story line was written by the original writers and the original actors did the voice overs.

My only issue with it was that the game felt a little short.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty is definitely for a more mature audience. It's a first person shooter based on Modern weapons and warfare. As always I recommend using the Wii zapper with Wii first person shooters.

You can take this game online for endless hours of gaming fun.

This is currently the best fps for the Wii and every Wii owner should have it.

Dawn of Discovery

Dawn of Discovery is a city building game. Initially you settle islands and create basic living conditions for your settlers. Then you need to balance the economy while taking care of problems that come along.

Just make sure you don't have anything important coming up, because this game is a real time eater.

Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sport Resort has 12 mini-games, 10 of which are new and two of which are updates to the classic Wii Sports games, namely golf and bowling.

I found the foam sword duels to be the most fun. In it you try to score the most points or push your opponent off the dueling platform.

The game supports up to 4 players which makes it great fun for a group of people.

New Super Mario Bros

New Super Mario Bros is the latest incarnation of the old classic Mario Bros. They have done the series proud with great level design, challenging difficulty and plenty of replay value.

The multiplayer mode supports 2-4 players.

I would recommend the game both for fans and non-fans alike.

Wii The Beatles: Rock Band

The Beatles is my favorite game in the top ten Nintendo Wii games list.

This isn't just another rock game. The Beatles combines vocals with playing the instruments. This creates a far deeper and better experience.

The Beatles is best enjoyed with friends or other players online.

You can use all the guitar hero instruments, with this game, if you want to.

Lego Indiana Jones 2

I just love acting through all the best scenes in the Indiana Jones movies with this this great little game.

Playing Indiana is great fun especially using his whip to move stuff around and attack enemies.

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wiigame profile image

wiigame 6 years ago from Hertfordshire

The new Super Mario Bros, is so much fun. Can't wait to get the 2010 FIFA world cup game when it comes out.

jGaunt profile image

jGaunt 7 years ago from London Author

I looked at many factors in picking these Wii games. One of which was that the games where newer, rather than old classics.

I'm not a pro Wii reviewer. Just playing around with it.

Csjun89 profile image

Csjun89 7 years ago

You have a rather different list from what I would expect

but there are good games there

would you be doing reviews of each?

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    top 10 games Wii Nintendo
    top 10 games Wii Nintendo

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