Top 10 Cutest Stuffed Anime Plushies - Cute Anime Animal Plushies for Gifts

Stuffed Anime Plush Dolls

These cute anime characters make great plush gifts for anime fans and lovers.
These cute anime characters make great plush gifts for anime fans and lovers.

OMG They are so Cute =3

Plushies are fun to have. Stuffed Anime Plushies are even funner to have! Imagine having your favorite anime character to hold or sit on your bed waiting for you. There are many kinds of cool anime character stuffed dolls that you just want to have them all. These are in my opinion some of the cutest ones out right now. Each one would happily be owned by an anime collector/fan and almost any of them will be easily identified and liked by a true anime fan. From different kinds of creatures from half bunnies to dog type ones. These make great gifts for that anime fan you know. I would love seeing any of them under my Christmas tree this year or in a bag for my birthday. Anime is only becoming more popular by the day and getting more fans by the hour so one of these plushes would be perfect.


Pokemon plushes are still one of the cutest of all animes. While many dont consider Pokemon an anime it really is. Most kids would love having a Pikachu plush of there own. They can protect your bed when your not there and come with you for a car ride. I had a few pikachus growing up and would still love a Pikachu today.


Kirby is a little anime character from hes own series, videogame line, and manga. Kirby is one of the funnest of all videogames in the world (I loved it) and he is cute to boost. Different Kirby games and merchandise is available but this little plush would be the bomb to have.


Fuku is from Tenchi Muyo. This is one of the few most cutest anime bunny-type characters know to mankind. One of these little guys will make any anime fan girl go crazy seeing so cute they are. Each one has furry ears and long lasting features like the eyes.


Kilala is an anime cat from the InuYasha series. Most anime fans start with this series. No one can say they are a true anime fan without knowing about InuYasha. Unlike in the show, this Kilala will not be able to transform into a demon cat large enough to ride on, but the plush is good enough.


Kon is a little character in the show Bleach. Kon is a little lion type character who adds comedy to the show. He is also the number one known character from the show so almost anyone would know who he is on sight.


Kyo is one of the zodiac animals. The show Fruits Basket is about these animals who can turn into human who represent the zodiac years. While many are happy most of the time Kyo has his own problems.


.Hack is an anime series, manga, and games series that takes place in an online videogame. While some people log in, one cannot log out of the game. He has friends and has to overcome challenges. One of those being the use of Gruntys. Gruntys can be rode throughout the large game maps and can be raised from little babes by feeding them food collected out on the map.


Tororo is the star of his own movie, Totoro. He is a friendly and playful creature trying to interact in the world. Everyone knows this little guy when they see him making him one of the top plushes.


Mokona is another famous character in the anime world. Mostly because of his cute bunny like appearance any fan of the popular show XXX Holic would go crazy to own one of these little guys. Its really a fave of many.


Honey is a small and cute character from the show Ouran High School Host Club. It is also a madly popular show both boys and girls love to watch. This little guy is almost a chibi in the show and does all the cute things you would wearing a bunny costume. Other then dressing up like a bunny, Honey loves sweets and cake.

Other Random Plushies

There are more cute plushies out their! Why not take a shot if its appealing, ebay has lower rates and theres so many plushies to collect!

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