Top Toys Of 2008 For Girls

Hottest Toys For Girls

When it comes to popular toys for little girls you are pretty likely to see some of the same ones that were also popular last year. Such as Barbie who has been consistently popular since 1959 and who could forget Hannah Montana, or High School Musical.

Barbie And The Diamond Castle DVD

The Diamond Princess
The Diamond Princess

Barbie Facts

When it comes to Barbie, The Diamond Castle is one of this years hottest sellers.

The first Barbie Doll was invented in 1959 by Ruth Handler. But something you may not know about Barbie is that she is in fact a real person! Barbara Handler for whom the Barbie Doll was named, was the daughter of Ruth and Elliot Handler.

The first Barbie Doll was a teen fashion model but over the years she's been many things from an austronaut to an athlete but something that has never changed is her amazing popularity.

Hannah Montana

Holiday Doll
Holiday Doll

Buy Hannah Montanna Toys Online

What little girl wouldn't want to live the glamorous life of a rock star!

On Hannah Montanna Miley Cyrus who also happens to be the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus plays the role of Miley Stewart, who's secret idenity is that of rock star Hannah Montana. It may sound a little complicated but ever since she burst out onto the scene in 2006 Hannah Montana has been wildly popular with tweens and younger girls.

High School Musical

Tory And Gabriella
Tory And Gabriella

High School Musical Facts

Did you know that when it first aired in 2006 High School Musical was the Disney Channels most successful movie at that time with over 7.7 million viewers? Since then the very successful series has gone on the spawn two more movies and a large host of other items such as dolls, games, and CD's.


My Little Pony

My Little Pony Toola
My Little Pony Toola

Buy My Little Pony Online

For over 25 years My Little Pony has been delighting little girls with their fun and magical world filled with some of the most gorgeous ponies that you'll ever see.

In the 1980's My Little Pony was extremely popular and at one point was even out selling the Barbie Doll. And if you was a young girl during the 1980's, chances are very good that you even owned a few of them yourself.


Himalayan Cat
Himalayan Cat


Webkinz are unique and adorable little plush animals that come alive in an interactive online world when activated by a secret code. With this code you can enter the webkinz world and care for your pet, play games, and answer trivia. This cute little Himalayan cat is one of the top selling Webkinz but you will find many more cute and adorable Webkinz for sale on Amazon.

Littlest Pet Shop Facts

Beloved by little girls everywhere, the Littlest Pet Shop toys are perfect for hours of fun and work especially well for long road trips. These sets do contain a lot of small pieces but that usually not a problem with young girls as they tend to do a little better than boys when it comes to the upkeep on their toys.

Nintendo DS

When it comes to hand held video games you can't go wrong with the Nintendo DS Lite.

With just one charge you get up to 19 hours of gameplay. And not only does it play DS games but you can also play your gameboy games on it.

My kids have had many hours of play on their Nintendo DS, which are surprisingly durable considering the sometimes rough treatment that they can get from kids. I know that my kids have dropped their DS on the floor numerous times but it still works great, even after all these years.

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britneydavidson 7 years ago from united kingdom

wow these are really cool...great made me to remind my childhood days...thanx for sharing this....

Brianna 6 years ago

I love this. I helped alot...thanks :)

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