Top 10 best DOTA hero for begginers guide

Best DOTA hero for begginers guide.

Now all of your friends Being a beginner dota player is extremely difficult, there are a lot of dota heroes to choose from and also, you need to learn the items that comes with itare playing Defence Of The Ancient and you are practically left out.

If you want to be good at this game,you should play with the experts. In this way you will learn fast.

If you want to be good on this should be focused first on only one hero. Choosing one hero is good because you will feel on how to play this game.

thre are many heroes to choose but, if you are are a begginer for this game. I think you should follow this guide.

For the first hero, you should choose KARDEL SHARPEYE, It gives you range and the attack to the enemies through its skills. Its special skill is powerful, it range up to 2500 range and deals with the damage of 655.

Second hero for newbies is RAZOR or Lightning Revenant. Because of it's passive skills, you don't have to be focused on the tactic you should use.

Third is is Lion-The Demon Witch. Although Lion has many skills I guarantee you that if you use it to your enemy,your enemy will be pulverized. His special skill is powerful, It is called "The Finger Of Death". this skill deals with the damage of 850.

Luna Moonfang is the fourth because of its strong skills. It could hit 10 enemies in one attack. Its special skill is the strongest because it cast lucent beams which ia primary skill. You must upgrade your lucent beams to increase the damage of the special skill or also known as the "Eclipse".

The fifth one is Zeus or Lord of Olympia. It is a long range hero. It strikes your enemies with low cooldown skills, so you can severely damaage your opponent as lomg as you have mana.Its special skill is the "Thunder God's Wrath". It inflicts damage to non visible enemy with bolts of lightning.

The sixth one is Traxex the Drow Ranger. This hero focuses on agility tribute. The most interesting about this hero is it's skill which slows your enemy plus damage to it. Its special skills gives accuracy and agility to the hero.

The seventh hero is The Bone Fletcher or Bone Clinkz. It focuses to its attack speed. It is good for begginers because it usually earn more gold because of it's attack speed. Its special skill is The Death Pact. It Kills friendly unit and you will gain the percentage of its life.

For the eight spot, Lina Inverese is the best. It damages more to your enemies with your skills at the same time you will farm more moneys because of its attack speed. It's special skill is Laguna Blade which deals with 950 damage. Even this hero is powerful you cant escape if you were gang bang by two or more heroes.

The ninth spot for the best Dota hero for begginers is Centaur Warchief. Its primary attribute is to gain more HP and more damage to the enemy. It is best for begginers because of its survival rate. It's special skill gives you +36 strength so you have the ability to defend your self in times of trouble.

And for the last one, it is Skeleton King. It has massive attack strength but low attack speed. It's special skill is the Reincarnation. It allows you to take revenge to the one who killed you.

Here is the top best DOTA heroes for begginers. I hope you've learn in my guide.

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Peejay Lontoc profile image

Peejay Lontoc 7 years ago

good hub. This hub is really helpful. Now I can enjoy playing DOTA with this guide.

G_G 6 years ago

You noob? Learn to spell. All the heroes are practically RPG heroes. bone? luna? drow? sniper? New players will most probably end up feeding instead. They can't farm that well if you forgot.

balong 6 years ago


dashgold 6 years ago

ya that right hub can helpful, now i can help you

for your problem noobs! this is for noob guise like

you, for starting playing dota, ask an expert to guide

you for playing dota, you can ask your friend to teach

you, now i considered you as my noob friend to teach you,

i give you a hero, use cardel, first item four wraith band one domi and one treads, late game use butterfly satanic, then agies first then devine now your unstopable.



guesswho 6 years ago

I agree with Skeleton King, Luna Moonfang, Traxex and Dwarven Sniper, but Lion? Zeus? LINA???..No.. IMO they're too hard to use for beginners.

Akiles....,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 years ago

mga ulopong kau lhat..,,!!!

newbie101 6 years ago

LION & LINA are my 1st heroes and I learned fast. And they are quite easy to use especially LION. 'Cuz for a beginner like me, I worry I wont hit the right letters in the keyboard for their skills. But w/LION, it's just E-D-R-F. :D IMO :D

rabor jr. 6 years ago

dota...nerubian weaver and facelessvoid is the strongest

Anon 6 years ago

Necrolyte is one of the easiest, spam death pulse, two passive skills, one that adds mana when you kill creeps, and an ultimate to get some kills. Hearstopper can be used for harrasing

edward 6 years ago

but y i cannot choose heros like razor or more

edward 6 years ago

but y i cannot choose heros like razor or more

Nimo23 6 years ago

the best hero is ICEFROG because no ICEFROG no DOTA.hahahaha!!!!!!!!

VTK9999 6 years ago

The best hero is axe

Brandon943 6 years ago

The best hero for me is slardar because he can defeat sven and can kill ursa using slardar (slithereen guard)

Slammer 6 years ago

Tiny is the best

123 6 years ago

The best hero is Void

predator 6 years ago

doom bringer the best hahahahahah

Dota Favour 6 years ago

Cn you guys recommend me a strong range male hero?

Replier 5 years ago

@Dota Favour: Huskar The Sacred Warrior ultimately fits a strong, ranged, male hero. 5 years ago

Can't wait for dota 2 to come out!!

SlardarPro 5 years ago

The best hero depends on the game style of the player. Due to my playstyle, Slardar is the best hero for me :D

jack 5 years ago

for me ace only

axe boy 5 years ago

for me axe and doom bringer

A bull 5 years ago

I think that Barathrum is the best he can kill in seconds with his mask of madness

variety is the spice of life 5 years ago

I perfer Drow Ranger, cause I don't need the awkward twist of my fingers like other heroes.

Second is pry Lord of Olympus, then Broodmother and Anti-mage.

profile image

CarloKing 5 years ago

mga utototoy kayo mga kachupoy, buloloy, katokololoy! jambadong!

Killer_robot 5 years ago

Soul keeper is the best because u can confuse ur enemy and easily escape from death by swapping health

wowk 5 years ago

Wht about blood seeker ? I found him really easy to kill with

Luke 5 years ago

I played soul keeper... Got my enemy down to low hp and then i used my ultimate on him coz i thought it would kill him... Should have read the description 1st

fail 5 years ago

luke, you failed epicly

anonymus 5 years ago

i only focus on lycanthrope though my friends always bully me cuz of it and tell me that is there any other heroes u know? then they'll choose my lycan cuz of that haha i think they're scared of my lycan but they didn't know i also use lich as one of my best heroes btw just sharing :)

shibut 5 years ago

use broodmother to dominating!!

shit 5 years ago


rhandz1 5 years ago

traxex sakin

kc to lang alam ko gamitin

denzky 5 years ago

Pra matuto kayu dwarven muna gamitin mo ..kase d ka masyado nagiiskill.

merville p. valenzuela 5 years ago

for me ursa is the best try nyo magpoor 4 man shield 1 power treads at 1 vladymirs

Blackburn 5 years ago

Beware 4 my pudge, he will eat you...

Shepard 5 years ago


Kael the invoker 5 years ago

I think Juggernaunt is better than Zeus. It has a strong skill with perfect ULTIMATE

mr. yoso 5 years ago

jrakal is the best for me

reaper 5 years ago

void with mask of madness battle fury and butterfly invincible...

G.M kenneth 5 years ago

my best hero is troll because first kill niya palag malakas na ???

jospeh 5 years ago

gago mga noob


n'aix 5 years ago

n'aix is my bst hero..with armlet he can kil any hero who dare 2 chalenge him...

N'AiX hahaha....

ohh 5 years ago

no best hero lah..depends on the player..

Stealth Miner 5 years ago

One of the hardest hero to play: Goblin Techies. But he's one of the strongest and my favorite too!

dota boys 5 years ago

wha kabala nyo bobols mo tanan wala man mo kaya sa taga banate.heheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

™kriz™ 5 years ago

weezz... sure??? ang butuan archknight ang tatapos sa inyong dominating.. hehehe..

slash 5 years ago

4 me i prefr raijin...

People say he's weak...

But ,I enjoy dota with him..

Lots of movement,lots of skills...its like your doing kung fu while playing...

like sasuke...

Doin Chidori...

Raijin cn be so strong,f u knw how to use him..

venkatesh 5 years ago

im new to dota i like play with invoker anyone please guide wat r the items needed at beginning and further..... tks....

RIky 5 years ago

All heroes are cool if you can play them...I used to play traxex when I started to play dota. Very easy to play but the use of silence is quite hard. Sniper is the best newbie hero.

Int. 5 years ago

FOr me Best Hore is Ezalor ( Keeper of The Light )

Best Farmer ... w/ dagon aheheh LVL 5 Pang wasak ng matitigas ... ^_^

n'aix 5 years ago

troll, n'aix, spectre will dominate in every game.....

cydrick 5 years ago

for me gondar and na'ix

firesnake 5 years ago

the best is nessaj and riki

mark_dota adik 5 years ago

actually lahat ng hero malalakas,depende nalang sa naglalaro...tama dba? heroes have different skills and capabilities. If you know how to use it well then your one of a heck player...all dota games must have teamwork specially when clushing...and strategy wins the game...even your enemy is a pro.prove it several times in tournament..the most important is your enjoying.ryt?

killing_machine 4 years ago

str centaur.. guaranteed

agi jahrkal and yuniro for 1 on 1 for multi traxex for me

int windrunner for (int vs int) its the best

Itim The Great 4 years ago

Mga putotoy kayo

Nai'x 4 years ago

best hero ever with assault and armlet and bash he can defeat any hero and i think URSA is for noobs

c0rn3tt0 4 years ago

try using vengeful is my first hero...massive damage fast attack one can escape him...he have stun and swap..

josert 4 years ago

use bloodseeker any begginer will win

boy pipup 4 years ago

aken c nevermore my firz dota char.. saka malakaz un eh

2NAO..BMB15 4 years ago



TheLichKingz165 4 years ago

I think the best hero are troll warlord,faceless void,rootfrellen and one and only...

NIGHT STALKER!!! with eye of skadi he'll be mad.

Sugar_roll 4 years ago

invoker pinakamadaling gamiting hero

dotaking 4 years ago

mirana yan

N'aix 4 years ago

N'aix and troll warlord....


blood shot 4 years ago

ursa is a best hero co'z it can kill ursa at level 1 also

dota addict!!! 4 years ago

best pick rikimaru and kardel

dota addict!!! 4 years ago

best pick rikimaru and kardel

Chester 4 years ago

my imba hero: BS(bloodseeker)

mavrick 4 years ago

troll warlord(jahrakal)

no hero can last duel againts him

moe7742 4 years ago

dude.... sniper and skeleton are actually for beginners, but LINA? LION?? what the hell there like for experts not beginners

DotaItsMyLifeStyle 4 years ago

For me no one the best heroes

in DOTA but ..

Just the best player

like me and you must

skill for be kill or be killed.

my favorite hero is


and favorite item is

kalen Dagger.

lance 4 years ago

the strongest for me is traxex,mirana,vengeful spirit

unown 4 years ago

When I first played, I used Traxex.

I assessed myself and here are my first problems:

1. Not looking in health bar

2. Tanking the creeps (not using LHK)

3. Not levelling up

Answering the question, How can I not lose vast amounts of HP?

I learned about lifesteal and used N'aix afterwards.

Effective for me

wtf 4 years ago

why are there random filipinos here not contributing to the discussion and saying random swear words?

anonymous 4 years ago

ImBa hero. Ursa. My best hero.Suits my playstyle

CaEs_05 4 years ago

The best hero for me is tiny.

bruno 4 years ago

Itachi e Deidara são os melhores.

itens favoritos: tarja explosiva e shuriken!


blackknight 4 years ago

dono why everyone forgets Harbinger (OD)...not the most easiest hero to play but definitely one of the strongest...PT 3 nulls force staff...Get that by lvl 10 and you know that ur doin good...

Anonymus 4 years ago

Stgwyr (bloodseeker) is the easiest

kriyang XD 4 years ago

i'll go for traxex..easy for beginner

Make like action dota Movie 4 years ago

see my name.

Heretics 4 years ago

just try to use huskar(sacred warrior) long as you have regenerating core's fine already

Tsk 4 years ago

I would have to go with Barathrum... Couple of bracers and maxed out 2nd skill you gotta have a big damage already...

nicole kate viladrez 4 years ago

lich and sandking as well..

Lich is a good early pusher because of its frost nova and you don't need to worry about mana because of its third skill, dark ritual. Also it last skill, chain frost which is very effective in clashes..

Sandking, a great killer and farmer. Its first skill, burrowstrike, a 3in1 skill, it damages, stuns and teleports beside the target making his last skill very effective, the epicenter also a great skill in clashes. His third skill, caustic finale, a passive skill, is your main farming tool, kill a creep and all creeps surrounding him get damaged and last but not the list is his second skill, sandstorm, mainly used to survive if your first skill and last skill failed with proper timing, sandstorm can save you for some time...

That's all for me..

Godynrae 4 years ago

For me is puck

Cuz it got one of the escape skill in the game

And can get an easy first blood

seh 4 years ago

ambobo puta. wag ninyo pilitin kung di niyo kaya mag english! hahahaha ang sabog eh. magaral muna kayo bago kayo magdota.

dabuh 4 years ago

hahaha the really best herofor me is Huskar. his skills only focus on HP. and his ultimate can kill a lot of heroes easily. Barathrums two useful passive skills and ulti can be easily used for begginers.

Riki Martin 4 years ago

Rikimaru is the best hero on dota.He have ultymate the best

janzkie 4 years ago

DOTA is the BEST

erghh 4 years ago

rikimaru is the best heroes

brent 4 years ago

if you're a newbie, never use invoker.! His skills suck! You have to memorize 10 3 letter combi of q w e! Realy hard, slow attack speed, low armor, but good in farming, anyway, just use kardel, boots of travel, mkb, butterfly, cuiras, tarasque and satanic, you can do a double kill, to tripple kill, to mega kill to dominating, to on rampage whch is good to here and lastly GODLIKE!

WivZ 4 years ago

Ursa,Void,Lycan,Leshrac for the WIN!

ben-z 4 years ago

Goblin Techies... best defender!!!

WOot 4 years ago

what about Anti-Mage?

dk 4 years ago

dragon knight

@tanko_bon 4 years ago

mortred (and the other hard-carries, like troll, void, magina, etc) for train ur killer morale, sucks in early, later being shinigami.. play nukers (lion, lina, zeus, etc) if u want fast end in early/mid

art-style 4 years ago

storm spirit is the best if you have a lot of mana

spg., 4 years ago

traxex is the best killer in dota.

JwarrenNgPinas 4 years ago

huskar is my favorite character in dota ever his kill manymany character and i thinks huskar is have a verydamage of all character

unknown 4 years ago

noobs!!! -_-

there is no best hero u know!?

every other hero can dominate each other

stephen 4 years ago

my best chracter is slardar rikimaru is lose from slardar because ampli fire

vip3r 4 years ago

viper is also a gud hero

with lothars and return he can dominate....!

killer 4 years ago

best hero are axe and huskar its a ranged hero that's y and also traxes try them... you'll have fun :)

Naix 4 years ago

Lifestealer all the way!!

The dude is immortal!!

Bloodath 4 years ago

The best Hero are Huscar & DK

lola 4 years ago

the best hero is sentinel tress

adam 4 years ago

For dota 2 heroes list you can always check the heroes used by the NAVI team during dota 2 championships. See the link for the details.

I hope this would help.

anima 4 years ago

the best is leshrac. even jahrakal cant match his diabolic plans XD

lalot 4 years ago

i think tiny is the best

Ashwin 4 years ago

Na'ix will die in less than a minute against troll...

Nessaj , u can't kil him late game...

The most irritating hero is venomancer in early game...

My fav would be invoker n lananya

raymar_08 4 years ago

ursa warrior, drow ranger and kardel sharpeye would be too easy to use.,

these heroes are my fave: ursa warrior, drow ranger, troll warlord, spiritbreaker, sand king, dragon knight

whatever 4 years ago

this article is BS, none off these heroes are for noobs except ranger (maybe)

garlot 4 years ago

ang bobo neu anti-mage lng yan

Sniper 4 years ago


Item : Power Thread, butterfly, buriza, satanic, divine rapier x2. Just try it !

Sharran 4 years ago

guys can you pls help me......i cant find the point booster to purchase the aganims's specter.I am a beginner and i am simply in love with lina inverse.Her attacks are awesome and deathly.CAN ANYONE PLS HELP ME OUT. Your help is much apperciated.

James 4 years ago

My favorite is acient appiration because of its skills

Pedro 4 years ago

shendelzare for evaaaa!

juan 4 years ago

in dota nu exista cel mai bun erou....:))

acro 4 years ago

eh gago pala kayu eh URSA lng sa kin laos na kayu kahit magsama pa kayu ng maraming creeps!


LeBron James 4 years ago


richard desear 4 years ago

Try to use murloc nightcrawler.

balazar 4 years ago

Iv been playing dota for ages and I'd have to say the best hero to start with is lion because of his easy to use high damage spells even though he is a noob hero and if u dont know what items to buy its going to be useless but my personal favorite is night stalker with 2 bracers and strength power treads to start. Late game I have power treads, vangaurd, hood of defiance, vladimirs offering, basher, baruza any suggestions as to item change?

balazar 4 years ago

The point booster is in the secret shop.. If you are playing as sentinel then it is next to the left lane on the right hand side in the forest and if you are playing as scourge then it is by the big red dot on the map about half a centineter in a north east direction on the map

Who says 4 years ago

Dota needs brain nt brute force

Who says 4 years ago

Dota needs brain nt brute force

hid@n 4 years ago

para sakin pugna d best life drain,, RAMPAGE

aghanims , deso,arcane boots


evryday 4 years ago

the bez is all random...i always play that...but my suggestion gondar with 2divine...1 hit 50% 2hit 30% 3 hit absolutely die for sure...godlike for the whole play ...don't let u die...or uur divine will turn on u......but murlov is bez ...n all hero is the bez...but i hate invoker....the proest that can play invoker only computer.....

n sync 4 years ago

challenge me with my yurnero and i'll crush all of you like a bug with my omnislash

AA JONGJONG 4 years ago

D. best stan hero for me . is apot d best malupet kumain ng tae.. unel jayson epong imbe vergieeee kike

juvy 4 years ago

ang tatanga nyong lahat! kailangan pa bang mag practice ng dota!! tang ina na g bobo nyo.. mag tetris nalang kau. wag ana kayong magdota tanga!!1

junford 4 years ago

tayoo lang!kahit anong laro kaya ko yabang!

jay garcia 4 years ago

huskar d. best gamitin pag ako nagamit nito kahit anung gamit nyo pilas hahahahahahaha

Demonove 4 years ago

i think alleria windrunner cz she will get you hahahahahah :D

Jeffrey 4 years ago

to tell the truth if you guys are proven to be really good. . i like to see some people own usin wisp and drag knight :)

JUST FOLLOW 4 years ago

for me its "BONE FLETCHER" and " BOUNTY HUNTER" beacause of wind walk and skill....beginners will run and fight and run... T_T that's all thanks

dota for ever 4 years ago


dota for ever 4 years ago

btw all the heroes in dota are the same every hero can dominte the other like authors says dota need brains not power and force

Danto 4 years ago


Oblivion Destroyer isn't even here?

1st skill that has no cooldown

2nd skill that banishes

3rd skill that increases mana pool and some chance to refresh mana

SS that is based on the difference of your intelligence and the enemy's intelligence. like 10x. Also has a high AoE.

mikael 4 years ago

the best hero in the game is void because when he feeds no one can get out from his six alive

Dota Sponsores 4 years ago

The best hero is dwarven sniper next is Jahrakal and then Terrorblade

weak 4 years ago

who want`s to fight my barathrum met me at garena room o3 pldt....I will crash/defeat you all........

Michael 4 years ago

the best c razor the lightning revenant kz ang lkz ng mga skill nia HE HeHE HE!!!!!

harold 4 years ago

lion is the best..

Liam 4 years ago

Spirtbreaker is aan amzing mid game hero-Late game, he is op hard to stop impossible if the enimies are noobs

4 years ago

dark terror is one of the best hero, absolutely can change the tempo of the game.

Danish.H.M 4 years ago

Silencer and Sand King is the strongest Dota hero.They can kill with they dangerous skill.

lol 4 years ago

All dota heroes r gud wen i strted out i played wid bots and masters every hero den wnt on to the big leagues xD


bosing 4 years ago

Son Gokou the best

tluang 4 years ago

slark and spectre i suggest

invokerZZ 4 years ago

for me INVOKER is the best intelligence SAND KING is the best strength NAGA SIREN for the agility .

Madaraz 4 years ago

Use tank hero.....easy for noob...a lot HP...just run...

slowz 4 years ago

easiest hero is tanker. like axe. it's easy for newbie. spectre is the hardest agi i think, tluang. i myself, needed 13 minutes to have radiance in Captain Mode. it is hard, your friend must give you full support if you use spectre :). just check this blog :

I subscribe it because there are many useful tips for DotA there.

Than Htike Aung 4 years ago

I think Viper is the best because I like his Viper Strike and Nethertoxin. But it doesn't matter. Heroes are only tough when you can control them well.

Than Htike Aung 4 years ago

If you want to challenge me just come to the internet shop named Chit Chat in 18th street, Latha Township, Yangon. If you don't know me. Just asked TP for my name because I am famous with that name.

traidor 4 years ago

mga bobo kayu..mga beginners...bobo..tangkuloyloy!!butitoy!!para kayong adobo...

Night stalcker 4 years ago

is bug

adik sa dota 4 years ago

mga weak!papalaban ko lang sa yo ay c

naga siren tulog ka don,hindi ka makakagalaw,at mirror image ka don

kayo ko lahat gamitin cla dahil ako si dotaboy tusskar ay lalakas

para kay URSA para hindi mamatay type whosyourdaddy pero hindi ko yan gina gamit habang naglalaban at hindi ako CHEATER

KAYA co 5 kalaban ko insane IISA AKO sentinel ako

spiritbreaker 4 years ago

Spirit breaker is my favourite hero but i think Ursa is the best and easeast for newbies if you make him Vladimir.

mahdi 4 years ago

chiften is the best

arcane devil 4 years ago

thanks to whoever gave that top 10...... now I can show my friends whos boss

Adsafagar 4 years ago


Andgrad 4 years ago

This guide is rubbish.

Neji 4 years ago

For me the best hero is Nevermore and Balanar

johnkevin 4 years ago

sakin lhat yun ,,,magaling nmn ako ehhhhhhhhhhhh

scyld 4 years ago

dragon knight is the best for me

solidu41 4 years ago

i love my job

justine 4 years ago

wow paano


ancient appartion 4 years ago

da besst..! to godlike

War Chaser 3 years ago

I think every hero is the same cause one can't beat the other and beat another. just for tip use this hero for beginner: always check your health bar and don't be rushing to kill a hero

War chaser 3 years ago

I mean that was the tip for beginner sorry my english is bad

awtzky(advice) 3 years ago

batrider keep on charging and you will beat em best for beginners ...

gh 3 years ago


Neeeeeek 3 years ago


So easy to play and very intimidating to the enemies. X)

qwertyyy 3 years ago

Feeling malakas kayo.

English pa ng english mali-mali naman.

yondaime 3 years ago


PLS LIKE ME!!! 2 years ago



swak sa bulsa 2 years ago

my best hero is tinker because lvl 1 rampage and my item is 3 iron brance andd one salve only

pia toraya 2 years ago

str = tiny :)

agi = traxes (y)

int = ogre :)

ton 2 years ago

in late game phantom lancer but in starting game huskar

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