Top 10 PC War Games

They have recently released some epic war games. You'll find them and quite a bit more in our list of top 10 PC war games of all time.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

This looks like it's going to be the best selling game of 2010/2011. The COD games have built a solid following over time and it's grown to dominate the first person shooter war game genre.

So grab your rifle and go in firing, cause if you don't you will be the only gamer not to.

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

Starcraft 2 hasn't been released yet, but you can pre-order the game. Early indications are that Starcraft 2 will blow all other war strategy games out of the water.

There are 3 factions in Starcraft:

Humans: Their armies are like modern armies today, but with a lot more technology added in. They make heavy use of fire power. Delivered by air, marines and tactical nukes.
Zerg: The Zerg are like a swarm of ants. They only use biotechnology and count on huge numbers to overrun their enemies.
Protos: The protos are a high tech civilization. They use energy weapons and shields. However they don't have the numbers of the other 2 races.

Men of War

Men of War is currently the best world war 2 strategy game. Be warned though, it's not easy. The developers have gone for realism which means your troops and tanks can be picked off by snipers and other tanks from a distance.

The single player has 3 campaigns. The Russian one is first followed by the German and American campaigns in Africa.

What I liked most about the game is that you can take full control of a specific unit, in the battle and play it like a first person shooter. You can, for instance, take control of an infantry man and shoot out the enemy's spotlights. Taking control of a tank and going crazy is a lot of fun.

Command & Conquer 3

This is an excellent futuristic war strategy, just like the other C&C games. Basically the story is that the world have been seeded with an alien crystal called Tyberium. As the crystals grows it makes the planet uninhabitable for humans. The Tyberium have many uses in weapons and power generation.

The game starts with 2 factions: NOD and GDI. GDI are like the American troops. They win battles with superior fire power. NOD are rebels who use stealth, speed and dirty tricks to win.

NOD and GDI's war is interrupted by the aliens showing up. Unfortunately for them humanity has developed to the point where they can put up serious resistance to alien invasion.

Both the single player as well as the online multi-player games are top notch. The game has many cut scenes with a-list sci-fi actors. Which makes the game seem more real and much more fun.


Demigod is a medieval strategy war game combined with role-playing game elements. You can play 2 kinds of characters a general or assassin. The general demigod specializes in summoning armies while the assassin does direct damage.

In Demigod the gameplay is relatively simple. It gets complicated when you look at each demigod's abilities as well as the many tactical upgrades and items available.

The game is really geared towards online play against other humans. The single player mode isn't that impressive. Going online is a lot of fun and a very rewarding experience.

Sins of a Solar Empire

This is a space based strategy game. You build up your planet, scout and colonize new planets, research technologies and build up a fleet. You then use your armed forces to gain dominance in your sector of space.

You should be careful with Sins of a Solar Empire as the game is fairly addictive.

DCS: Black Shark

This is one of the best combat flight simulators in a long time. In the game you strap into a Russian black shark assault helicopter.

One can, of course, not just climb into a helicopter and then fly it. What the developers did was to give the game an Arcade mode. As your skills improve you can scale it back and get the SIM closer and closer to the real thing.

Battlestations Pacific

This is the top ocean based strategy war game and it's set in the second world war Pacific conflict.

Battlestations Pacific feels like it has got the balance between strategy and action just right. In the game you get to command individual ships, fly planes, but also command fleets, all in the same mission.

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passthejelly profile image

passthejelly 6 years ago from Lakewood Colorado

Where is Company of heroes? Good game just not that popular.

fontry 6 years ago

star-craft 2 is sooo cool but is a bit overpriced

Exceptional profile image

Exceptional 6 years ago from New York

humans is terrans and protoss is spelled protoss not protos

Morrow66 profile image

Morrow66 6 years ago

Yeah cant miss BF2 or BF2142

xureus 6 years ago

that's a good list, but I miss ArmAII and Battlefield 2 on it.

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    Battlestations Pacific
    Battlestations Pacific
    C&C: Top 10 war games for PC
    C&C: Top 10 war games for PC
    COD : Top 10 war PC games
    COD : Top 10 war PC games
    Top ten PC war games
    Top ten PC war games

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