Top 3 Minecraft Dungeon Seeds 1.3.2

Top 3 Minecraft dungeon seeds 1.3.2

Top 3 Minecraft Dungeon Seeds 1.3.2

This is my top 3 Minecraft dungeon seeds 1.3.2 article. I would like to point out that this article is my own opinion of the top Minecraft dungeon seeds 1.3.2. Also I may find better ones later on since I am unable to play every Minecraft seed with a good spawn area. Now that I got that out of the way I shall continue on with the article.

The first seed on my top 3 Minecraft dungeon seeds 1.3.2 article is "-5427861224447699656". The main reason for this is their are 2 dungeons near a sandstone village combined with a sandstone temple. If you watch the video at the bottom of the article you will see what I am talking about. Now the mob spawners in the video were for zombies and spiders, I am not sure if they change for everyone or based on the seed but they were the same for me as well. Also the Sandstone village, sandstone temple were connected to one another so that was pretty cool, and may give some people some ideas.

The coordinates for the first seed.
Desert Temple/Village.
X= 241
Y= 63
Z= 123

X= 291
Y= 42
Z= 134

The second seed on my top 3 Minecraft dungeon seeds 1.3.2 list is "1465871743". The reason why I chose this is because the Dungeon is on the surface and connects the outside with the inside of the desert temple. So you can gather some items quicker, and grind some materials from the mob spawner at night. The mob spawner for me was a spider mob spawner which could allow you to get enough string to make enough wool for a bed. Watch the second video below to for more information on the seed.

The third seed on my top 3 Minecraft dungeon seeds 1.3.2 list is "433201726661251889". What makes this an epic seed in my opinion is the fact the 2 Dungeons are under water. Which means it should be easier to loot the chests with little to no problem. Also there is the chest in the black smiths house as well that may give you some good items. If you want more information on the seed watch the third video.

I hope you enjoyed reading my article on top 3 Minecraft dungeon seeds 1.3.2 . Also if you are interested in other Minecraft related content check the links out below.

Sandstone village and Dungeon seed video

Desert Temple/ Surface Dungeon

Under Water Village with 2 Dungeons

Top 3 Minecraft 1.3.2 dungeon seeds

Which Minecraft dungeon seed was your favorite?

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  • The third one.
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