Top 3 Minecraft Jungle Seeds 1.3.2

Top Minecraft jungle seeds 1.3.2

Town with cavern underneath it.
Town with cavern underneath it.

Top 3 Minecraft Jungle Seeds 1.3.2

This is my top 3 Minecraft jungle seeds 1.3.2, and my opinion may on these seeds making the list may differ then what might make your. Now let us get on with the Minecraft jungle seeds list.

The first seed on my top 3 Minecraft jungle seeds 1.3.2 list is "-4848669613657765819" make sure to add "-" to it as well as everything else in the quotations. The reason why this seed is one of my favorites is that underneath the town near the spawn point is a cavern for you to explore basically right away. Then add the fact there is a chest to in one of the houses to help you possibly mine the ores that will be in the cavern will make things more interesting. Last but not least near the spawn point on the same island is a jungle with a temple in it, which may help you out with more resources as well.

The second seed on my top 3 Minecraft jungle seeds 1.3.2 list is "1.3 is finnaly out :D joy". The reason why this is one of my favorite Minecraft jungle seeds is because it spawns you near a jungle temple, which may contain loot, and the jungle biome itself seems to be rather big. I usually build a jungle tree house or jungle tree city up on the trees.

The third, and final seed on my top 3 Minecraft jungle seeds 1.3.2 list is "Artomix". The main reason this seed is on my list is you spawn in the middle of a ocean biome with a huge hill/ jungle island. I suggest you check it out it also has a cave system underneath the hill, the only other piece of land near it is a small sand island patch.

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Minecraft jungle seed

Top 3 Minecraft 1.3.2 jungle seeds

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