Top 3 Minecraft Island seeds 1.3.2

Minecraft island pictures 1.3.2

A epic minecraft island jungle seed 1.3.2.
A epic minecraft island jungle seed 1.3.2.

Top 3 Minecraft Island Seeds 1.3.2

This is my top 3 Minecraft island seeds 1.3.2 article. I would like to point out this is my personal opinion, and that may differ then yours. Anyways now that I got that over with I can continue on with the article.

The first seed on my top 3 Minecraft island seeds list is "6882480960540749692". This seed is a pretty cool Minecraft island seed in my opinion. Because they have some tunnels, or a cave in the hill part of the forest island. Then add the resources or minerals found in the cave will make starting out on a map much easier then normal. That is unless you get lucky and find a cave, village or surface dungeon.

The second seed on my Minecraft island seeds list is "Artomix". This epic Minecraft island seed has a jungle on top of a mountain. This in my opinion make it look like one of those places evil genius's from the cartoons would make their base at. Also there seems to be several entrances into a cave system in the mountain or hill that may provide you with some resources. Also if you wish to see the seed in more detail just watch the video at the bottom of the article.

The third seed on my top 3 Minecraft island seeds list is "-6108565651252138516". This seed is probably one of the best seeds for a survival island type world. The reason is there are 3 trees, and a cave entrance on the surface. However there is one catch you spawn on a smaller island near the perfect island and must follow the sand bar until you reach the one of the best Minecraft survival island seeds out there for 1.3.2.

I hope you enjoyed this article on the top 3 Minecraft island seeds 1.3.2 collection.

Epic Minecraft Jungle Island seed 1.3.2

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Royshub profile image

Royshub 3 years ago from Dallas, Texas

I am always looking for seeds to try and enjoy building on minecraft

I only do xbox atm my gamertag is RadR0y

Thank you for sharing these.

brock 3 years ago


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