Top 3 Free to Play MMORPGs

AION Online, a F2P fantasy MMORPG filled with a unique blend of PvP and PvE
AION Online, a F2P fantasy MMORPG filled with a unique blend of PvP and PvE

3. AION Online

AION Online sets place in a universe where a celestial war is being held. After a cataclysmic event The Tower of Eternity was shattered, split in two. Creating two factions which fight for the middle of the tower known as the Abyss. Players can choose to either fight for the Asmodians; a race filled with bravery and ferociousness cursed with darkness and despair or fight for the Elyos; a race which embraces the light and beauty of the world.

AION online has recently become free to play for everyone, which is great news for those of us which enjoy PVP with a unique blend of PvE. Most notably AION is known by others as the MMO which allows you to fly without a special ability or mount. With four different classes and two specialisations per class, and a vast crafting system, players can dive into a realm with unique possibilities and customisation.

This being said, the game is not completely F2P. AION allows players to purchase a Gold Pack which enables chat options, different appearances and some benefits such as full access to PvP and decreased cool downs.

Unfortunately for Mac users, this game is only available on the PC, much like most of the games on this list.

2. Rift

Rift: Fantasy based online MMORPG
Rift: Fantasy based online MMORPG

Rift: Planes of Telara

Developed by Trion Worlds, Rift is an fantasy free-to-play MMORPG which originally started as a subscription based game but quickly turned to a F2P model which has made Rift one of the iconic F2P MMOs in the market, paving the way for multiple amounts of free MMOs.

Taking place in Telara, players may choose one of two factions with a selection of races and classes and battle against each other or battle against non-player controlled enemies which are released through rifts. Telara is composed of numerous elemental planes in which rifts open and enemies emerge and march to a specific part of the map. It is up to players to band together in public groups and defeat the monsters, close the rifts and reap the rewards which come with it. If left unchecked, monsters can overwhelm an area and hinder progression throughout the zone they've conquered.

Although Rift does have PvP aspects to it, the unique story-based PvE which throws players together is the real reason to try the game. Not only does the possibility of monsters taking over an area and create debuffs establish motivation to deal with open rifts, but when in an area with an open rift players are prompted to join a public group and work together with each other which creates a sense of community lacking in several other MMOs.

1. TERA Online

TERA Online
TERA Online

Watch This Video If You're Interested in TERA!


Not only is TERA a great F2P MMORPG, it is one of the best MMOs in the market. TERA gets rid of the old "point and click" combat found in other MMORPGs and adds tactical skill-based factors such as aiming, dodging and timing. You can use your mouse, keyboard or even a controller to play TERA which already makes this game one of the more unique ones. What really puts TERA over the top is the player-based economic and political system, allowing real decisions to effect the entire player base.

Due to the nature of TERA, the community you find in this game is one of the best you'll encounter in an MMORPG. Although this might be a turnoff for those who dislike group play, don't worry you can still play solo if you want, the TERA community is one of the highlights of the game adding to the immersion and replay ability.

In speaking of replay ability, TERA has 7 different races to choose from and 7 different classes which include:

  • Archer
  • Berserker
  • Lancer
  • Mystic
  • Priest
  • Sorcerer
  • Slayer

Good news for all, TERA is available for PC and Mac users. However the game is not completely F2P; there are several small benefits players can achieve from subscribing such as an increase in experience, reduced cool-downs and special mounts. This being said, the developers certainly made the game accessible to all and is no way a Pay-to-Win sort of game.

Be sure to check out the video guide above as it shows in great depth the story, characters and combat.

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SimilarSam profile image

SimilarSam 2 years ago from Australia

Saw this pop up on my feed and I was thinking to myself I wanted to see Aion, Tera or Rift on here. Turns out all 3 are here! Definitely agree with these recommendations, Rift wins it for me.

NewYorkChicken profile image

NewYorkChicken 2 years ago Author

Unfortunately I never got to play Aion, but have heard some great things. I was a huge WoW player for the longest time and once I quit I was looking for F2P substitutes. There is some garbage out in the market, but then there are some gems like Rift and Tera. I assume the success of these games are the reason why more games are looking to go F2P. Rift for example would have probably been shut down if they stuck to the subscription model!

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