Top Ten Best Educational Toys for Toddlers

If you have a toddler you will want to give him the best educational toys that are not only great fun for your child but also value for money. We've looked at some of the very best toys from a range of the best toy makers for you to choose an educational toy that will provide hours of fun and help your child to learn in the best way possible.

No 1 LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table are well known for the quality of their educational toys that are durable, safe and great fun. This musical table has fifteen activities that introduce counting, numbers and shapes in both English and Spanish. There are more than forty songs in different musical styles and teaches your toddler to explore by rolling, tapping or sliding the various activities. There are all sorts of moving parts such as a trombone that has a slide, a pull lever on the banjo, an opening compartment and pages to turn on the book. The table can be used in either word or music mode so is fine for younger children who will then use the word mode as they grow.

More than 550 people who have bought this musical table at Amazon registered reviews with over 400 giving it five stars. Toddlers love this toy and it engages their attention for a long time. One thing to be aware of is that, once the legs are attached they won't come back off so don't attach them until you are ready.

No 2 LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Alphabet Set has won awards including the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal and Snap Award and ick's Toy of the Year. It can be attached to the refrigerator and has songs and a cartoon frog. There are 26 magnetic letters and letter reader which are large and easy for small hands to hold. Placing a letter in the reader allows the child to hear the letters name, sound and a phonics song to. The alphabet song can be played by pressing the red note. For parents comfort a volume control is included! The toy is durable and long lasting and a hit with children to learn their ABC's.

Over 800 customers reviewed the LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Alphabet Set at Amazon with an average rating of four and a half stars.

Quote: 'This is a GREAT toy. My daughter is 23 months and loves playing with this toy. It's great that it's in the kitchen too so I can cook or clean while she plays. She has pulled it off the fridge and banged it a few times and it still works great. I love that she is learning the alphabet so early.'


A great way to help your child learn the alphabet and good value at under $20.

No 3 LeapFrog Fridge DJ Magnetic Learning Radio is another great educational toy for toddlers from LeapFrog.It is designed to help a child learn letters, numbers and more. The numbers one to twenty are introduced by rhyming songs and letter recognition is reinforced by both upper and lowercase numbers being displayed on the screen and dance around in time to the music to keep your child interested. Lots of music for children to dance and sing to! There are three modes, accessed by different radio stations with plenty of songs although they are just music, not words. Appropriate pictures show up on the screen as the song plays. For example tractors and animals appear as Old Macdonald's farm plays. Although designed as a fridge toy it can be carried around as well. It is very easy for a young child to operate with only three button to press. To save batteries it turns itself off when not being used.

This very popular educational toy has 100 reviews at amazon with an average four and a half star rating. Parents found it to be great fun and keeps their toddlers engaged while they are learning.


A fun educational toy and good value at just over $20.

No 4 PlanToys 50 Construction Set . Plan Toys wooden toys are all made from sustainable wood and the company is committed to being environmentally friendly. this is a set of thirty six natural blocks and fourteen colored blocks for toddlers to make their own constructions. Durable and long lasting and a good, old fashioned set that is fun and good value at around $20. Plan Toys also make other similar sets. These are recommended for two to four years.

Customers Quotes: 'My son loves to play with them (sometimes they are a bit small for his coordination but I bought them knowing he was younger than the rec. age) and will be able to do so for a long time. I highly recommend them!' and 'Love everything PlanToys because of their eco-friendly practices. These are great blocks-smooth, love that some are painted-with non toxic paint.'


A good value, durable set of blocks from a company that is environmentally friendly.

No 5 Plan Toys Dancing Alligator is ideal for a toddler to help with his walking skills! Makes a clacking sound as it is is pulled along and is brightly colored and made from environmentally friendly wood from a sustainable source.Customers have given it a top rating of five stars at Amazon.

Quote from customers : 'I bought this cute little fellow for my nephew. When it came, I just HAD to get it out and play with it myself! The clapping (not overly annoying) intrigued and scared my cat, but I sure thought it was fun. The wheel axles are off-center, forcing the "worm"-like motion'. and 'This is a great walking toy for toddlers. the alligator's wooden body moves as it walks, so it makes the kids giggle and interested in walking with it. My son loves to dance with it!'


A great little wooden pull toys for toddlers. Durable and fun and made from sustainable materials. A hit!

No 6 LeapFrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo is a great way for toddlers to learn the alphabet using animals from alligator to zebra. Spin the wheel and see another animal! Songs, motion and lights keep the kids amused while they learn. Three modes are letter, animal and music. In the letter mode a letter id displayed and sounded out when the wheel stops. In the animal mode an animals is displayed and the name and sound is heard. The alphabet song is played in the music mode.

The LeapFrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo received a rating of four and a half stars by customers at Amazon who liked the the durability and fun value of the this educational toy. Kids love to spin the wheel and see and hear the animals. parents also found the songs pleasant and much less annoying than some.

Quotes from customers: 'I originally bought this for my 6 month old son because it kept him engaged in the store while I shopped. Once we brought it home, I figured he would become bored with it. I am pleased to say he still plays with it - 4 months later.' and 'We have decided that this toy is indestructible as well. We use it on his high chair at times to keep him entertained while feeding him. I can't tell you how many times he has pushed this off his high chair, and we were certain it would break. It hasn't broken yet.'


A good value, well made educational toy for toddlers. Fun to play with and good for helping kids learn the alphabet as well as the names and sounds of animals.

No 7 Vtech Touch and Teach Turtle has three play modes. letter, story and music. In the letter mode the buttons light up and teach letters, shapes with thirty different objects. In story mode ten stories are available from the lighted buttons with sound effects available from the number button. Sound effects and tunes are available in the music mode. Recommended from one year old. It sells for just under $20.

Customers at Amazon gave this toy four stars. Quote from one customer ' I got this toy for my almost 2yr old for Christmas. So far it has turned out to be a great gift. It is simple but yet learning. A toy your little one can sit and play with by self after you show them what to do. '

No 8 Melissa & Doug Pets Mix'n Match Wooden Peg Puzzle is a simple, well made wooden puzzle for small children. A full color picture is underneath each peg for easy matching. Pieces also stand up on their own so can be played with away from the puzzle. Colorful and well made as are all Melissa and Doug toys. Received four stars at Amazon. There are also other M&D peg puzzles such as the zoo animals, farm animals and alphabet puzzles.

Quote from customers: 'I bought this as a gift for my niece. She loves it and plays with it often. I would recommend this for the toddler set. This is durable and colorful as is the case with all Doug & Melissa toys.' and 'My 19 month old son loves this puzzle. It has helped him learn the concept of matching and also helped him to improve his fine motor skills. I highly recommend this product!'


Good quality wooden puzzle at under $10 that is good fun and educational.

No 9 Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks consists of ten highly colored blocks plus a bucket with a shape sorting lid. Good for manipulative skills and hand-eye coordination. Kids learn sorting and matching shapes. From over one hundred reviewers on Amazon this toy received a rating of four stars.

Quote from customers 'These blocks provide my child with colorful play-things that keep her occupied just long enough for her to be ready to move on to the next. You can't go wrong for what you get for under ten bucks' and 'My granddaughter LOVES this toy! She started playing with this toy at 6 months and is now 8 months. From the beginning she was able to grab hold of each piece with ease, she bangs them together and gets different sounds for different pieces and I tell her what color and/or shape with each piece she picks up.'


Cheap and fun for a small child.

No 10 Small World Toys Express Preschool Toys Preschool Laptop is full of activities with sounds and lights. The mouse is used to activate the matching games and numbers are taught via the colorful buttons. The screen lights up with pictures. It folds up like a proper laptop and is durable. Fairly cheap at around $20.

Customer quotes : This is a great toy for parents who want to teach basic counting and for little ones who like to push buttons and make things happen!' and 'My 20-month old LOVES buttons. This 'computer' is a favorite. Lots of buttons, games, etc. It is keeping her attention for quite a while.'

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Donna W profile image

Donna W 6 years ago

I loved your hub as I have a new niece! I hate spending money on toys that babies and toddlers loose interest in quickly so I bookmarked your hub. Thanks!

pstraubie48 profile image

pstraubie48 4 years ago from sunny Florida

Thanks for sharing this. It is difficult to decide what to choose when you are in and among the ailes crowded with so many flashy, 'you gotta' have me' toy selections. Narrowing the field is helpful. It is funny matter what I buy for my baby grandson, if the box it comes in is big enough, he always seems to like the box more!!! My daughter told me this year for his birthday in May to just give him boxes...of course, I won't listen!!! Again, nice job!!

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