Top Ten Best Musical Toys for Kids

One of the best ways to foster a love of music in our children is to introduce them to good quality musical toys from an early age. All kids love making and listening to music and research has shown that both listening to music and learning a musical instrument has a beneficial effect on young developing brains. So not only will our kids have fun but they'll also be expanding their skills in other areas just from listening to music or learning to play an instrument.

We firmly believe that we should provide well made, melodic musical toys not cheap toys that will have a tinny, ugly sound. Not only will they not be pleasant for the child to play but will be very annoying to adults around them! We've looked at a wide selection of musical toys and chosen some of the very best, top selling ones for you to choose from for your child. We especially looked at the quality of the sound, durability (kids can be very hard on toys) and value for money.

The Top Ten Musical Toys

No 1 The Melody Harp by Trophy Music is a musical instrument that is easy to play for young children It is beautifully made and uses a simple system for children to follow. A song sheet is placed in the center of the harp and a pick used to connect dots and play the harp. Very simple and elegant! It also makes a lovely sound. It has received an average rating of five stars on Amazon and parents who have bought the Melody Harp by Trophy Music say that it is extremely well made, fun and easy to play. It is really made for younger children from about four but customers said that it also appeals to older children too. The only downside is that it does need tuning about once a week which a parent or older child will need to do as it would be a bit hard for a young child. Despite this it is a highly recommended, quality musical toy that sounds wonderful and is good value for money.

No 2 Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes is recommended for babies and toddlers and is a version of an MP3 player containing classical music melodies from the composers Vivaldi, Chopin, Mozart and Rossini. Pieces include The Four Seasons, Spring and Summer by Vivaldi, Lone Ranger by Rossini, Piano Sonata in A and Nocturne no 6 by Mozart and more.

It is light and easy for a baby to carry around with big, easy to push buttons and lights that flash in time to the music. There is a volume control (very important in our opinion and not always included in musical toys). Over 300 customers have reviewed Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes on Amazon giving it and average rating of four and a half stars. Parents were particularly pleased with the sound quality noting that the melodies were pleasant and not kids versions that can be annoying.

We think that Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes is well made with good sound quality and well liked by babies and small children.

No 3 Remo Set of 5 Kid's Hand Drums with Mallets is made to the same high standard as Remo professional drums with Fiberskyn 3 heads which is the material that their professional drums use. This set has five pieces from 6" to 14" and is an excellent set for a kindergarten or even for large family. Kids can play together with each drum sounding out a different note. The sounds from Remo drums is rich and deep and nothing like the ugly sound from cheap toy drums! Remo have been making professional drums for many years and have good reputation for quality and durability. As well as this Remo drum set the Remo Gathering drum with room around it for four or five kids to play together and the Remo Djembe drum are also good buy.

Although this Remo drum set is quite expensive at around $75 we think it is a good buy and will last for many years. It is cheaper to buy them in this set that to buy individual drums.

No 4 Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Puppy is a lovely cute puppy that is both musical and educational. The puppy can play ten songs and games including This little Piggy, Itsy-Bitsy Spider, Pat-a Cake and more. When a child squeezes the special places on the puppy, his ears, tummy and four paws he is rewarded with a song or phrase to teach the alphabet and body parts. There are three modes, learning mode, music mode or games mode for interactive fun. The puppy's bone collar also lights up as the music plays.

Both parents and children love the Laugh & Learn Learning Puppy and kids love the different things he says. If you push his nose he says a different phrase each time - 'red nose', 'got my nose!' and 'achoo'. It received an average rating of four stars on Amazon with 255 customers giving it the top five stars.

We thin it is good value for money at around $25 and is educational and fun too!

No 5 Melissa and Doug Sound Puzzles are popular puzzles that reward a child with an appropriate sound when a piece is correctly placed. They are well made, good quality wooden puzzles with a colorful image under the piece so that a child can easily choose the correct piece. These puzzles are recommended for kids from two to four.

Melissa and Doug Fire Truck Sound Puzzle has bright colors and the fire siren goes off when the puzzle is complete. There are also fire truck sounds for individual pieces.

Melissa and Doug Farm Sound Puzzle has  realistic animal sounds appropriate to the puzzle pieces. Kids will soon learn which sounds come from which animal!

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden USA Map Sound Puzzle has pieces in the shape of the states and the name of the state sounds when a piece is placed in the correct state.An excellent way to teach your child the position and names of all the US states.

We think these are good quality puzzles that will keep your child amused and are good learning experiences. One downside to these puzzles is that the sensors are light sensitive, so if all the pieces aren't in place switching on the light in the night may result in a surprising sound!

No 6 Musical Hand Bells by Schylling are perfect for small children to make music as they are easy to use and produce a lovely sound. A group of children can play them together so they are ideal for a play group or kindergarten. The average rating on Amazon was the top five stars. They are cheap (around $20) and durable. Customers noted one problem however. A label for the different notes is attached to the handle and soon falls off.


Very simple and easy to play the Musical Hand Bells by Schylling sound lovely and are a great way to introduce music making to very young children although older children will enjoy them too. Good value!

No 7 Neurosmith Music Blocks can be used to make over a million musical melodies using different instruments by playing with the blocks. A child can learn about colors, shapes, sequences and sounds while making music. Three different tunes are included, African Rhythms, Mozart Night Music and Jumpin' Jazz. Note that this has been redesigned and does not need additional cartridges, unlike previous versions.Neurosmith Music Blocks is recpommended for children from one to three years although some parents find that it is a little advanced for one year olds.

No 8 Plan Toy Musical Band Wooden Drum Set

All Plan wooden toys are made from sustainable, chemical free wood. This drum set, recommended for children age three years and above has 2 drums an cymbal and drumsticks. It is quite small at around 13" high and received an average rating of three and a half stars at Amazon. The drum set is durable and well made although some parents felt it came apart too easily, although it is easy to put back together again.


Well made and durable but be aware of the small size!

No 9 LeapFrog Learn & Groove Alphabet Drum

LeapFrog are well known for the high quality of their educational toys and Learn and Groove Alphabet drum is made to this same high standard. It is recommended for children from six months to three years and will help them to learn the alphabet (in Spanish as well as English) with lights and interactive features. Three modes are available, alphabet, dance and music and in the alphabet mode tapping on the drum sounds out the letter and displays it on the drum head. The toy is durable and tough enough for a young child and good value at under $20. One thing to note that it doesn't function very well as an actual drum as the sounds produced are too soft.


Good fun and a great learning experience for young children. Value for money but not great as a musical instrument.

No 10 Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym is designed for babies from birth to about six months and and has lots of interactive activities to keep baby amused. There is music. lights and soothing nature sounds when you want baby to go to sleep. In the play mode activity by the baby causes lights and music to play, the rainforest mode plays rainforest sounds for twenty minutes and the music mode gives twenty minutes of music. Five toys are included and can be placed anywhere on the gym and you can also attach your own toys. The sounds are just like a rainforest and the music can be activated by a parent to play for twenty minutes and the lights change color with the music. there are three different modes The base is a soft quilt for baby's comfort. It takes up some room as it doesn't fold up.


A well made musical toy for babies. A little pricey at around $60.

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pandacooper profile image

pandacooper 5 years ago from Montana

I have had the Baby Einstein take along tunes for 12 years and loved it!

I also concur with the impact that exposing children to music at a young age is very beneficial. My daughter began playing the guitar in the 2nd grade, and is now in the 6th grade and also plays the clarinet now!

Maggie.L profile image

Maggie.L 5 years ago from UK

Some good ideas here if you are looking for a musical toy for your child. I like the musical hand bells. They have them in my daughter's nursery and they sound beautiful.

toy pianos 4 years ago

My daughter has a red toy piano, the styling is a baby grand style. It has 37 keys and she loves it. I bought it at I like the harp, it think that might be the next toy I get her.

joancol profile image

joancol 2 years ago

My son really likes the No 9 LeapFrog Learn & Groove Alphabet Drum...

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