Top Ten Best Preschool Educational Toys

No 1 LeapFrog Scribble and Write is an easy way to introduce pre-schoolers to writing. The child traces the lights to draw simple shapes then can progress to learning their letters, both upper and lower case.  It is easy to use and the stylus draws accurately. There are four settings, numbers, shapes, upper case and lower case letters. well liked by parents who found their children liked it and it definitely helped them learn their numbers and letters. Customers at Amazon gave LeapFrog Scribble and Write four and a half stars. Out of almost 70 reviews 50 gave it  the top rating of five stars.

Quote: 'My son is 4 years old and he got it for his birthday and loves playing with it and erasing great toy reasonably priced and definitely educational value.'


An effective pre-school learning toy and good value at around $15

No 2 Melissa & Doug See & Spell Includes over 50 letters and twenty pictures that have three or four letter words for a child to spell. The letters are wooden and the boards are two sided. The set is sturdy as are all M&D toys and is fun as well as educational. A good way to introduce spelling to a child who can also associate the word with the picture and begin reading. Only lower case letters are included.

Melissa & Doug See & Spell received an average rating on Amazon of four and a half stars and is well liked by both parents and children. Good value at around $13.

No 3 Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel. All children like to paint and draw and this standing easel makes it easy and fun. It is made from wood, is durable and folds away to store in a closet. There is a dry erase board for drawing and a chalkboard plus a paper roller for painting. It is adjustable in height and has colorful tool containers and paint cups. There are also colorful clips to attach the paper.Out of over 500 reviews on Amazon almost 400 gave it five stars.

Customers find it easy to put together and functional and the right size for kids from four years and up to about ten. A few people had concerns about the chalk board being scratchy and some people remedied this easily by painting it over with blackboard paint.


A good solid easel at a good price.

No 4 Vtech Tote and Go Laptop is a great toy laptop from three years old. There are thirty learning activities to teach letter and numbers with music and games. The mouse is suitable for both right and left handed children and the laptop folds up for easy transport. It is durable and will stand up to the roughest play. Some of the buttons give more complex functions for added interest. It sells on Amazon for less than $25.

Over 160 customers reviewed the Vtech Tote and Go Laptop at Amazon giving it a rating of four stars. What did some customers say? Quote: 'Wow! I am so glad I bought this. It is a sturdy laptop with more bang for the buck than the rest of the other "laptops with many complaints" out there. You will be glad you purchased this for your little one. I have NO COMPLAINTS with this product.' and 'My daughter always wanted to play with my laptop so I picked this one up for her on her 2nd birthday (August). And by October, no joke, she knew every letter of the alphabet. This laptop comes with 30 different games, one of which shows you an upper case (or lower case) letter and the child needs to correctly push the corresponding letter.'


Good value at under $25 and a great learning resource for preschoolers.

No 5 Melissa & Doug Deluxe Latches Board is a wooden board that is beautiful crafted and with brass clasps, latches and locks. The board is brightly colored with hide and seek pictures behind every door. It is designed to improve fine motor skills as well as to learn shapes, animals, colors and sizes. Children undo latches or clasps and are rewarded with a picture behind the door. It is very durable - one parent said it was 'indestructible'!

Customers at Amazon gave the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Latches Board four and a half stars.They liked the quality of the board and their children loved undoing and opening the doors.

Quote: 'My two year old loves this! My kiddo is dexterous like you wouldn't believe, and has a passion for opening and closing doors as well as removing covers and lids (electrical socket safety plugs, the backs of remotes, change purses, bottle tops, baby wipes) and opening clasps (wallet, watches, bracelets). If your child is the type who's always looking for new and exciting ways to raise your blood pressure with feats of exquisite motor control, this latchboard is a great way to redirect that energy and curiosity.'

One problem parents noted was that the no2 latch is too tight for children to open.


A great way for children to learn fine motor skills and have fun.

No 6 LeapFrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo is a fun way for a child to learn letters and animals. Children spin the wheel and when it stops the name and sound of the letter selected is heard in the learning mode. There are also music and animal mode. In the animal mode children learn the name of the animal and the sound it makes and in the music mode plays the alphabet song.

Over seventy customers gave the LeapFrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo an average rating of four and a half stars on Amazon. They liked the songs, which are not annoying as some can be, and the volume control (many musical toys don't have one!). Quote: 'It's really a cute toy. Bought it for my friend's kids for their birthday and I believe they like it. The animal sounds are kind of strange, but its still cute and very educational. Would buy again if needed!' and 'it is a great toy to teach them how to play and sit.. he loves it so much and there are different settings so the music doesn't get overplayed and annoying. Plus he will be able to use it and learn with it for many years to come..'

One thing parents noted was that it does tip over rather easily and would benefit from sucker pads to keep it upright!


Good value for the price (under $20) and entertaining and educational for preschoolers.

No 7 Addition Wrap Ups A child wraps the string around the toy from the left to the right problems and then turn over the toy to see if the answer is correct. There are ten self correcting keys. Easy to use and a great learning toy. There are also similar toys to learn subtraction, multiplication and division as your child progresses.

This educational toy received a five star average on Amazon. Quote: ' As soon as I opened them she couldn't wait to try them. I briefly showed her how they work, and was amazed to see her pick up addition so quickly. Instead of using them to supplement her other math, I feel like we are using her other math to suplement the Wrap-Ups. I think this is a wonderful product. They are small, portable, self contained, and self correcting. They are great for using at home, in the car, the doctors office or to visit grandma. Right away, I bought the subraction set, and am planning to buy the others too, as soon as she is old enough to use them.'


These toys are used by many preschool and grade schools and are easy to use and a great way for a child to start learning simple math. Great value at under $10 each.

No 8 PlanToys Plan Preschool Tie-Up Shoe Preschool is a simple wooden shoe for children to learn their lacing! All PlanToys wooden toys are made from sustainable, recycled wood wood from rubber trees and are chemical free.

Good value at under $10.

No 9 Melissa & Doug Deluxe 10-Piece Magnetic Bug Catching Game is a fun game for preschoolers that teaches hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and visual perception while they have fun. There are ten removable pieces and magnetic wand. As with all Melissa and Doug toys this one is very well made and durable.There are also other similar games.

The Melissa & Doug Deluxe 10-Piece Magnetic Bug Catching Game gained a four and a half star rating at Amazon. It's well liked by kids who have great fun catching the bugs or used as a puzzle by placing the bugs in the correct spaces. Quote: 'This is my son's favorite puzzle and he has been playing with this since he was 18 months old. He is now 2.' and  'My almost 3 year old first played with this briefly at a nature center. He is thoroughly entertained by it. Matches all the pieces appropriately and loves the magnetic component of it.'


A fun game that is also good for teaching some basic skills. Good value and durable.

No 10 LeapFrog Fix the Mix! Five "Fix-its" can be spun, squeezed, pushed, pulled and rolled to place numbers, week days, the alphabet, early science facts and daily routines in order.There are three play levels for use as your child progresses and to keep them form getting bored. Two children can play together so your child can challenge their friends.There are engaging music and sounds and it is durable and colorful. Another good quality Leapfrog educational toy.

The LeapFrog Fix the Mix! has a four star customer rating on Amazon. Parents find it holds children's attention well and they find it challenging and fun. quote: 'Very durable toy. Still works from being dropped or pushed around. We've had this toy for over 1 year and boys are still interested in it and it has held up well.' and 'This toy is rather small (think portable, that's not a bad thing), fun, colorful and very eye catching. It teaches sequencing and memory skills and it's just hard to resist going for another round. I would recommend it.'


Another good educational toy from LeapFrog, good value for money and well liked by the kids.

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pandacooper profile image

pandacooper 5 years ago from Montana

Most of the top 10 preschool toys I have and they are good! I run a daycare and the toys are wonderful!

sankari.nayagam profile image

sankari.nayagam 4 years ago

Good list of toys! I loved the #1 scribble toy, but I felt my daughter was not so excited about that!

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