Top Three Simple Minecraft Texture Packs

There are a great many texture packs available for Minecraft, I've trialed a lot of them and narrowed the pack down to three of my favorite minimalist texture packs. If you're looking to add more detail to your game, you should check out my original texture pack guide, which contains links to Painterly and Quandary, two texture packs with lovely additional detail. If you want to keep your game simple and clean looking, the three texture packs below are the way to go.

Frenden's Texture Pack

Frenden's Texture Pack is a very simple, cartoon style texture pack that is pretty much my new favorite. Why? Becase when you're using Frenden's texure pack, creepers look like this:

You'll not find more goofy looking harbingers of doom than those in Frenden's texture pack, I'm telling you that now. I also adore this texture pack because although it is minimalist, it has great character. Swathes of grass are now shaded alternately light and dark, which creates the impression that you're walking over a well manicured lawn, not a haunt for dangerous zombies and bow wielding skeletons.


Nurio's Splotch Block

My second favorite texture pack, Splotch Block has a special charm of its own. I love how simple it makes the game look, without entirely changing the feel of the game. If I had to recommend a simple texture pack that made the game look less 'grungy' (the original textures are fine, but they do have a rather unpolished edge to them that some people find objectionable), I'd recommend Splotch Block. It adds a little bit of whimsy and a little bit of fun whilst keeping that old style Minecraft feel alive.

If you're torn between two texture packs, I'd recommend downloading both Splotch Block and Frenden and deciding which you prefer in game. If you play survival mode with monsters on however, Frenden may just save you from having a nervous breakdown by taking the edge off the imminent death by which you are surrounded.



Based on the movie 'Tron', Tronic is perhaps the most simple of all the texture packs. It works wonderfully, aside from the fact that it tends to render brick as a mix of clay, fire and portal, which just looks weird. That glitch aside (and it's a glitch that may not be a deal breaker for people who are playing the game 'properly' without using Invedit and are therefore unlikely to ever find enough clay to create an entire building of the stuff, Tronic strips Minecraft graphics down to bare bones, and in doing so, greatly increases clarity of game play.


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