Top Toddler Toys For 2008

Fun and Affordable Toddler Toys

Updated for 2010

The year is flying by and if you haven't already, it will soon be time to start thinking about your Christmas shopping. The fallowing is a list of predicted top selling toddler toys for 08 and beyond.

As we get closer to Christmas some of these items will get harder to find so it might be a good idea to shop early. All of these very affordable(with elmo the only exception)toys have been toddler tested and approved.

Which along with the issue of safety is really the most important things to consider when purchasing toys for your children.

Update: This article was recently updated and I think that you'll find the toys that were popular when it was first wrote in 2008 are still popular as we move into the 2010 Holiday season.

Elmo Live

My prediction for the # 1 toddler toy is Elmo live it's due for release on October 14 2008. Right now it's available for pre-order from amazon for $65.99. Elmo has always been very popular with the little ones and judging from the past will probably sell out quickly.

Description: This elmo moves his mouth while he speaks and his head bobbles back and forth he also waves his arms, sits and stands, and even crosses his legs while telling stories and jokes, singing songs and playing games. Elmo can be activated with a squeeze of his foot, tummy, or nose.

Fisher Price Chatter Telephone Pull Toy

This is one classic toy that never goes out of style with the little ones. It's wonderful for pretend play, toddlers love to pull it around and even though a lot of people have never seen a rotary phone. Toddlers and babies find the dialing feature very enjoyable.

Description: A nostalgic favorite for many years. The bright colors and fun sounds keep toddlers happy and engaged. Pull toy encourages motor skills.

Little People Lil Movers Airplane

The Little People Lil Movers Airplane from Fisher Price for around $16.00 is sure to be a popular toy for boys and girls. Out of all the toys that I've ever purchased the little people sets were the ones that was played with the most.

Description: Lights; sounds, talking, and a fun sing-along song help little imaginations take flight. It includes plane and 3 people. It requires 3 AA batteries for lights and sound, which are not included.

Baby Stella

Soft sweet and adorable Baby Stella is the perfect starter doll that any little girl would love to own.

Description: Soft and lovable11 inch high doll has lifelike toes, a belly button and includes a removable diaper, sleeper and a pacifier that attaches magnetically to her mouth.

Fisher Price Elmo's Super Boom Box

Small children love music and dancing which always makes a toy like this Elmo Boom Box a hit with the little ones. This cute and affordable little boom box plays 12 fun tunes to keep your little one singing and dancing.

Lego Duplo Building Set

Always popular with children Lego building sets are always a popular choice with children.

This is one toy that your kids will play with again and again, it's also fun if mom & dad join in.

I did find though that you will need a few sets in order to build larger and more elaborate buildings.

Fisher Price Musical Tea Set

A cute little singing tea pot set that any little girl will love.

Note :This is a play set and is not actually meant to serve real liquids.

Description:Tip the teapot over for magic pouring sounds, or press the lid to hear a tea time tune. Set includes four cups, saucers and spoons, plus a creamer and sugar bowl with lid, and a tray for serving treats. It requires two replaceable button-cell alkaline batteries, which are included

Leapfrog Learn And Groove Musical Table Set

A wonderful infant and toddler toy that will keep your little one busy for hours. The removable legs make it a great transition toy from infant to toddler.

Description: interactive, bilingual activity table engages and entertains your baby for hours. There are songs, melodies, twinkling lights and real instrument sounds, plus lots of things to spin, roll, slide, open and close. The table plays over 40 songs and melodies so your baby stays entertained while exploring. When babies turn the center page, the activity table switches modes and transforms musical discoveries into learning activities where each instrument plays a learning song. The Learn and Groove Musical Table also helps your child develop the motor skills needed for learning to stand. Contoured grips make "pulling up" a piece of cake. As babies learn to stand, their little hands can stay busy with reaching, grabbing and pulling. Measures 23" x 5.5" x 15.5". Requires 3 "AA" batteries (not included).

Water Wheel Play Table

Another toy that will keep your little one happy for hours. Interesting note this toy also attracts older children(5-7 yrs old) who also enjoy playing in the water.

Description: receptacle funnels water over spinning wheel, into inner and outer harbors. Molded in sections create moats, lakes, and harbors, the elevated design makes play easier. Set includes boats, cup, and water wheel tower.

Hasbro Playschool Busy Ball Popper

A very popular toy that kids play with endlessly but I do have to warn you that this toy can get a little loud. So if you are a person that can't take noisy toys then this probably isn't the toy for your household.

Description: Drop a ball onto the track and the balls pop out of the top, roll down the track, and ten pop out all over again. Silly sounds and 8 different songs add to the fun. This toy encourages and stimulates motor skills.

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shawna.wilson profile image

shawna.wilson 8 years ago from Arizona

We have several of the toys you featured, but the ones we play with the most are the ball popper and the duplo blocks. They're lots of fun. My in laws have the water table at their house, and it's pretty fun too on a hot day.

You can often find these exact toys at yard sales for next to nothing. I got my son's duplos at a yard sale for $1! A whole tub of them. I make sure to clean what I buy really well before letting my kids play with it.

Thanks for a fun Hub, Karen!

Karen N profile image

Karen N 8 years ago from United States Author

I'm glad that you enjoyed it, Shawna.

anyabluesky profile image

anyabluesky 7 years ago from Thailand

I love Elmo... Looksmart & lively

Hope it will rank in top list of toddler toys in 2009 again :)

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