Top Webkinz For Christmas

Collecting Webkinz

Even though they've been around for a few years now Webkinz are still one of the most popular toys for kids of all ages. And once you've seen just how cute the Webkinz are you'll understand just why they are so popular.

One of the nice things about Webkinz is the fact that they can be considered an investment. Of course nothing is ever a sure thing, but in this world what is? But if you or your child keep up their collection there is a very real possibility that some of them, just like the Beanie babies will go up in value after they are retired.

Of course that's not your main reason for collecting them but it can be a nice incentive. And you could be spending your money on a lot worse things than this cute little collectible that brings a lot joy to you and your kids.

Christmas Webkinz

The Peppermint Puppy is a adorable addition to your collection, plus the fact that it's a Holiday addition means that it's a little more likely to go up in value.

The Webkinz Reindeer is another must have that makes a great stocking stuffer that any child will adore.

This cute little baby penguin makes a great gift. But you might want to pick up yours early as it's likely to sell out early.

The cute little artic fox with it's snowy white fur will delight any child.

Popular Webkinz

There are so many cute and adorable Webkinz available that it's hard to single out any one choice.

But you can find some of the more popular ones featured on this page like the adorable Webkinz raccoon and the Himalayan cat.

The Halloween black cat will make a cute addition to collection, plus it's a limited edition item. So you just might want to snap this one up. And be sure to check out the cute little hamster and koala bear. The husky and little black lab are always a popular choice for the dog lovers.

Keeping Your Webkinz Clean

The best way to clean a dirty Webkinz is to spray on a little of the stain remover spot shot, and then just wipe the spots away with a clean white cloth.

You run a very real risk of damaging the toy if you decide to run it though the wash machine.

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liz 6 years ago

So cute

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