Toralei and Nefera Monster High Dolls

New Monster High Dolls Toralei and Nefera

New Doll additions to the 2011 Monster High Doll collection include Toralei and Nefera. Apart from mean girl personalities the new Toralei and Nefera Dolls also introduce new special features first seen on Monster High Dolls. Toralei comes with a movable tail while Nefera is a taller than all other Monster High Dolls. First seen at this year’s Comic Con Festival in San Diego these new Monster High Dolls are due for release this December.

Since their inception last Autumn-Monster High Dolls have received a sensational reception with a total of 12 Doll characters including the new Toralei and Nefera Dolls. The initial 5 characters released are also available in different doll series, the Doll series 1, Dawn of the Dance, Gloom Beach and the recent Classroom Playset Dolls.

Mattel Monster High Toralei Stripe Doll
Mattel Monster High Toralei Stripe Doll | Source
 Toralei's Pet Sweet Fang
Toralei's Pet Sweet Fang | Source

Monster High Doll Toralei

  • Toralie is the daughter of the Werecat and the first antagonist-aka mean girl in Monster High. Unlike Clawdeen-this cat girl’s motto is Claws and Effect. Also unlike Cleo de Nile the new Toralei doll has a movable tail. Toralei is accompanied by her pet sabre tooth tiger Sweet Fang.
  • Toralei is known for sense of style as much as she is her attitude. Her favourite color is orange-just like her orange striped hair. Toralei comes dressed in a pink and black striped dress with black cropped jacket and black tights.
  • The Toralei Doll is due for release in December but has already been spotted on Amazon. Parents beware you could expect to pay allot more from these early pre release dolls but is it is also uncertain how many dolls are in circulation.

Which Monster High Cat Doll is Cuter?

Toralei vs Clawdeen

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Nefera Monster High Doll
Nefera Monster High Doll | Source

Monster High Doll Nefera

  • Nefera is the older sister of Cleo De Nile. Like her sister Nefera too has an exotic charm with long hair and almond eyes.
  • Unlike other Monster Dolls Nefera is much taller. This could be to emphasize that she is older than the other Monster High Dolls. Nefera has also finished High School.
  • Like Toralie-Nefera to is a mean girl-keen to show up her little sister Cleo. Accompanied by Scarab beetle Azura .

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Cleo vs Nefera

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