Toy Guns

A lot of children like to play with toy weaponry. From swords to guns and everything in between, they enjoy using them in live action play with their friends and siblings. Just the same, adults like to create or purchase models of popular weapons that actually exist, and some even enjoy playing with them!

But some of these weapons can be very dangerous to the owner or people around them. If you're looking for a safe way to get your kids active, or maybe a better way to store your personal artistry, then keep reading. This hub will show you some really cool toy guns- some you can even make in the comfort of your home!

An Orange Cap Toy Gun

Types of Toy Weapons

  • Plastic Guns- These guns are the ones you're probably accustomed to seeing; the plastic guns are often orange capped to denote their falsity and are very fun to use.
  • Wooded Guns- Wooded guns are also gun shaped weapons, but carved out of wood. These guns require a substantial knoweldge of powertools to make accurately, but are very nice to display or fun to play with after they are completed.
  • Paper Guns- Paper weaponry is easy to make and anyone can do it! Kids will enjoy paper weapons and have fun crafting them. You can add color and style to your guns by using construction paper instead of normal paper, and you can even make weapons that fire (without blowing on them) by using extra tools like rubber bands!
  • Airsoft Guns- These are probably the most common weapons amongst young adults. Airsoft guns fire by means of compressed gases and are a lot of fun when you get into a large group of airsofters! There are also spring powered and electric guns that you can find.
  • Nerf Guns- Nerf guns are also special sub types of plastic guns that fire live ammunition, although it's not exactly dangerous. You've probably seen the yellow or orange pellets that stick to some surfaces? Those are NERF bullets!

Check out the links below to learn how to make different types of weapons:

So What's Your Favorite Type of Gun?

  • NERF Guns
  • Airsoft Guns
  • Paper Guns
  • Plain ol' Plastic Guns
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Sports and Collectibility

Toy guns aren't just used for play. At least not just non-competitive play. And they're also not just for children to collect and then throw out once they get bored. There are serious hobbyists who spend time collecting toy guns. The video to the side shows one such collector of toy guns, and there are literally thousands more!

But even more extreme are the sports that can be played with toy guns. Paintball gun tournaments are held frequently, and the Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association estimated that over 5.4 million people were playing in the US as far back as 2007! Imagine how big that number is now!

The rules of paintball vary between regions and games, but most of the time they involve two teams- well equipped with their weaponry- firing and just trying to defeat all the other team's players. In addition, there may be a capture the flag set of games where players try and get a flag from the opposing team and firing enough at one player on the opposition's team will mark that player as out for a period of time or even indefinitely.

Similar to paintball, but less structured, are airsoft tournaments, which are usually capture the flag or King of the Hill fare as well.

Overall, there are a lot of things you can do to enjoy toys that would otherwise seem childish. From sports to collecting the memorabilia, to even creating them yourself, toy guns are one great hobby!

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angry mckilljoy 5 years ago

whoever wrote this is clearly trying to get children killed.

Nanashi profile image

Nanashi 5 years ago from Georgia Author

@Angry mcKilljoy. I'm not sure what makes you' think that, rest assured all of the toy guns I listed are safe. And don't forget that the parents will supervise their children in their play and ultimately the decision of what's right for their child is up to them.

capguns profile image

capguns 3 years ago from San Diego, CA

Toy guns have been popular since WWII and kids of all ages of played with them. We at CapGuns.Org are big advocates of toy weapons including toy cap guns, air-soft guns, and paintball guns. @angrymckilljoy

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