Toy Story 3 Toys

They're baaaack! Those lovable Toy Story characters are back on the big screen in Toy Story 3.   No doubt there will be more adventures and more characters for us to meet. Take look here to see the latest Toy Story 3 Toys!

 The Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear stands 12 inches tall.  It has a light up laser button and retractable wings.  This toy knows when he is not flying and responds accordingly.  This figure also has a talking feature when you press the button.  He has 65 sayings.  He can talk back when you speak to him.  This toy rated four out of five stars out of 16 customer reviews.  parents state this Space Ranger is well worth the price.  He is all special features and is made better than most toys out there.

Disney Toy Story Interactive Buzz and Woody Dolls

If you can't decide between Woody or Buzz then here is your chance to get both. These interactive toys talk with each other. Combined they know over 100 phrases. There are sound effects too. Just press the button to begin the conversation. Parent reviews gave this toy an average of four out of five stars.  Parents state it is a must have item and that they enjoyed it as much as their children do.

Toy Story 3 Deluxe Talking Woody Figure

The Toy Story 3 Deluxe Talking Woody is six inches tall and says up to five phrases. Just pull the string to hear them all. The phrases are inspired by the movie, Toy Story 3.  This Woody is made of all plastic.

 The Fisher Price Shake and Go Toy features Woody driving.  Shake up the car to get it going.  The more you shake the further it will go, up to 20 feet!  Woody also says phrases from the movie Toy Story 3. The car makes sounds as well. Three AA batteries are required and not included.

Fisher-Price Shake n' Go Toy Story 3: Buzz Lightyear

 The Fisher Price Shake and Go Toy features Buzz Lighter year in his space ship.  This toy works on the same concept that the Woody one does.  The more you shake it up the further it will go.  Buzz says specific phrases and his vehicle also makes sounds.  Three AA batteries needed and are not included.  Collect both and have a race between Woody and Buzz!

Toy Story 3 Free Wheeling RC Car

 The Free Wheeling Remote Control Car is scaled to havea  16 inch Woody or  12 inch Buzz Lightyear. Buzz gets to ride on the fin and Woody can ride on the top. This vehicle is not electric or not remote controlled, it is free wheeling.  Out of five customer reviews this toy scored four and half stars out of five on average.  Parents state kids were delighted to be able to use this vehicle with their Buzz and Woody toys.

Toy Story Riding R/C Radio Control Vehicle

 If you are actually looking for the remote control version of the RC car here it is. Inspired by the movie, Toy Story 3 this remote zips around with the greatest of ease.  This toy is not recommended for children under three.

toy story 3 Rex the Roaring Dinosaur

 This Toy Story 3 Collector's edition T Rex is 12 inches tall.  You can turn his tail to activate his roar or he can respond to your voice.  T Rex knows if you are shouting or talking normally and will respond accordingly.His head and hands are movable. T Rex scored four and a half stars out of five out of eight parent reviews. parents liked the fact this T Rex looks exactly like the T Rex in the movie.  They were even more impressed the toy sounded like T Rex in Toy Story 3.  Parents commented on how much their children loved this toy.  Three AA batteries are included with this toy. 

Toy StoryJessie The Talking Cowgirl

 The Toy Story 3 Jessie the Talking Cowgirl says over twenty phrases.  Just pull the string in her back to hear her speak.  She is 14 inches tall and has soft features to her.  Even her plastic cowboy hat is soft.  This will make for a good cuddly toy. Five parent reviews gave this toy four and a half stars out of five. Parents were impressed how  the Jessie Toy looked exactly like Jesse in Toy Story 3.  Parents also commented how well their children loved this toy.

LEGO Toy Story 3 Western Train Chase Set

 All Abroad!  On the LEGO Toy Story 3 Train Set!  Will Woody and Jesse be able to Save Rex from the Evil Dr PorkChops?  Let your child conduct the scenario on this Lego Train!  This set comes with four box cars that open and shut and even have trap doors.  Also included with this set is Jesse, Woody, the evil Dr. Porkchops, Buzz and T Rex

Book, Art of Toy Story 3 (Hardcover)

 The Art of Toy Story 3 is a 176 page hardcover book.  The Author, Charles Solomon  show us how the concepts for Toy Story 3 were formed through color studies and other sketches. There are pictures of clay model of the charterers well as original sketches from the first two Toy Story movies.  One reviewer states "Some of the making-of books seem a bit hodge-podge, but this has an underlying narrative that gets you into the heads of those at PIXAR, as well as their latest creation."  If you are are a Toy Story fan you will enjoy this book.

 The Disney Lotso Huggin bear is 14 inches tall.  He is sensitive to being tickled on his feet and has several facial expressions.  This toy too is activated by voice and responds to you if you are yelling or if you are speaking softly.  If you press his right hand you hear Toy Story phrase.  if you press his left hand you hear Come Alvie phrases from the movie.   he is soft to the touch and his eys close if you lay him down.  This bear received five out of five stars from 2 parent reviews so far. parents comment how much their children seemed enthralled with the bear.

Disney / Pixar TS3 Jessie The Yodeling Cowgirl

Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl is 14 inches tall. She will talk back to you if yu talk to her and she knows if you are yelling or talking softly. Jesse also yodels if you pull the string on her back. She has soft plastic boots and hat and yarn for hair. She comes in her own horseshoe stand. She even has her certificate of authenticity. One parent review gave this toy five out of five stars.This parent states this "Beautifully crafted doll looks like she stepped right out of the movie." Batteries are included in this toy.

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nothing wrong with being a kid at heart Winsome ;)

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Fun stuff Mis, how long do you think I can keep the two in my office before they realize it wasn't for the kids? =:)

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Great hub. Nicely done

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