Toy Story Bullseye

Toy Story Bullseye

Is Bullseye one of your child's favorite character's from the Toy Story movies?  Woody's loveable horse made his debut in Toy Story 2.  He instantly became one of Toy Story's most beloved characters and now you can get a variety of toys and action figures.

This Bullseye is part of the Toy Story 3 Collectable series and is a great toy for a young child. An affordable option to get a Toy Story Bullseye which will keep you child happy for many hours!

Toy Story 3

Toy Story Woody and Jessie

Get both Jessie and Bullseye in this combination Toy Story toy!  Jessie is 11.5" tall and of course is the perfect companion for Bullese the horse. 

Toy Story Bullseye and Woody

This Toy Story Woody and Bullseye Pack is a lot of fun.  Bullseye is fully poseable and if you pull on his tail he will rise up on his hind legs.  

Toy Story Bullseye Trivia

  • Bullseye is one of the non speaking characters in the Toy Story movies. John Lasseter did originally intend that Bullseye would have a speaking part but changed his mind when he decided that the character would be more appealing to audiences if he didn't talk.
  • Bullseye only appears in Toy Story 2 and 3. He was not in the original movie.
  • Bullseye was one of the toys which Andy wanted to save in Toy Story 3 so he put him in the bag he wanted to go to the attic.
  • Originally he was Woody's horse but in Toy Story 3 he seems to have become much more attached to Jessie.

The Toy Story 3D movie is available to pre order on DVD.  The release date is set for November 2nd and you can be sure to get your copy first if you pre order.  Featuring lots of bonus material this is an essential movie for any Disney Pixar fan.

Bullseye Plush

If you are looking for a Bullseye Plush toy this is a good option.  At 14" high this soft toy has a faux leather saddle and stirrup detail. 

Toy Story 3

This is one for the collectors and Toy Story enthusiasts.  This exclusive Toy Story Collection Interactive Bullseye has neighing and clip clop sound effects.  Not quite as exciting as the other Toy Story interactive talking toys but if you like Bullseye then you are sure to like this collector's item toy.

This is a cute set for younger children featuring Duplo models of Jessie and Bulleye from Toy Story. Younger children up to around age 5 will enjoy this 18 piece set.

Is Bullseye Your Favorite Toy From Toy Story?

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