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We all know and love them Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jesse, Rex, Hamm and Mr. and Mrs Potato Head to name a few. These of course are the lovable characters from the Disney Pixar movie Toy Story. There have been three Toy Story movies made to date.  Not only have we been able to watch Andy grow up, but we have grown closer to these lovable characters.  Your little one might appreciate a gift of a Toy Story Character.

Disney Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Talking Action Figure -- 12"

 The Buzz Lightyear Talking action figure is 12 inches tall but larger than life to some kids. This interactive figure has a retractable helmet, a laser light on it's arms and pop up wings.  The Buzz Lightyear action figure also glows in the dark!  You can hear Buzz say " To infinity and Beyond by pushing a button.  This toy received four about of five stars average in 36 parent reviews.  Parents state their little one loved the voice sounds and  the laser. Parents and children report the toy is over a good toy and is fun to play with.

 The Disney Talking Action Woody Figure has five different phrases that he says every time you pull his string.  This Action figure is 16 inches tall and has three button cell batteries that are included.  The Talking Woody Action figure averaged three and half stars out of five from 20 customer reviews.

Toy Story Collection Talking Sheriff Woody

The Toy Story Collection Sheriff Woody is 16 inches tall and has a pull string in his back. Pull the string and he says several phrases. This Woody knows if you are shouting or talking normally. He stands on a plastic sheriff's star. Batteries are included for this Woody. Eleven parent reviews gave this toy an average of four and half stars out of five. One parent comment this is the best Woody replica made. Parents were even enthralled that he came in Sticky Pete's box when it was shipped to them.

Woody and Bullseye should go together and do in the Toy Story 3 Woody and Bullseye pack. Ridem cowboy as Woody takes Bulleye out for a ride. Woody is pose-able on the horse. Bullseye can mimic a bucking bronco when his tail is pulled. He will raise his head and rear up on his hind legs. This toy is inspired by Toy Story 3. If your little one is more a fan of Jesse then there is a Jesse and Bullseye pack too! Jesse is fully poseable and stands nearly a foot tall.

Toy Story Rocket Escape Adventure

If your little one can't decide which is his favorite then here is your chance to get BOTH! The Toy Story Rocket escape adventure features Buzz Light year giving his pal Woody a lift as he flies through the sky.   You can ply with them separately or together.  With a rocket strapped to his back Buzz says phrases and the rocket ship lights up. This toy averages four stars out of five in two customer reviews.

 Jesse is 14 inches tall and can say 20 different phrases.  Just pull her ring in the back to hear her talk.  Her body is a soft rag body and she has her soft plastic boots and hat. Some parents state the hat is difficult to get back on.  However it did not seem to matter to their child. Five parent reviews gave this toy an average of four and half stars out of five.  Parents state this Jesse looks the most like the Jesse on the movie. Parents and grandparents comment on how much their little one seems to love this doll that is hard to find in stores!

Check out Rex the Dinosaur. He is 11 inches tall and has a pose able neck arms and legs. Two out of two parents give this toy five out of five stars because it is so durable and their kids love it!

If you prefer a more action packed toy then check out the Disney/Pixar Roaring T Rex

 The Disney/ Pixar Roaring T Rex stands 12 inches tall.  This t Rex responds to your voice with sound and movement. ( three AA batteries are required and are NOT included)  Rex's Arms and legs move when you talk to him.  You can also Turn his tail to get him to say things to you. T Rex knows if you are shouting or talking to you and responds accordingly. This t Rex was given four and a half stars out of five by 8 parent reviews.  Parents state this toy is a lot of fun and looks an exact replica of the T Rex on Toy Story.  A certificate of authenticity is included with this toy.

 Take me to your Leader or OOOOOOHH. as the Space Aliens would say.  This  collectors edition comes in a pack of three.  Each alien is sculpted with different facial expressions. Comes with certificate of authenticity and unique packaging.  Parent reviews gave these toys four and a half out of five stars.  The only complain one parent had was that these toys are hard plastic and do not squeak.  However, this is still a great toy for the collector.

Toy Story Mr. Potato Head

 Here he is!  Mr. Potato head!  He has twelve interchangeable parts and is recommended for children two and up. He even has a storage compartment to put his extra parts into.   He is rated an overall four and a half stars out of five by five parent reviews.Parents comment how much fun their children have with this toy.

Playskool Toy Story Mrs. Potato Head

 Where would Mr. Potato head be with out Mrs. Potato head?  She comes with accessories including eyes mouth nose hat, earrings,purse and glasses.  Like her husband she also has a compartment to keep her parts in. Unfortunately, unlike her husband she only scored a two out of five stars on customer review.  Customers were unhappy that there were so few parts.

Who is your favorite?

Who is your favorite Toy Story Character?

  • Woody
  • Jesse
  • Mr. Potato Head
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Rex
  • Space Aliens
  • Someone else
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This lovable slinky Dog from the Toy Story Movies. This toy has wheels on it's feet that allows the dog to move when you pull it. Be wary that your child is not rough with toys as parent reviews state this toy can get tangled in the slinky part. Parent reviews did average this toy at four and a half stars out of five. parents report that their children do have fun with this toy.

Disney / Pixar TS1 Bucket of Soldiers

 The Disney/Pixar Bucket of Soldiers contains 72 soldiers in a variety of poses.  They stand just 2 and 1/2 inches high.  There are also two working parachutes in the bucket that are eleven inches in diameter.  Eleven parent reviews gave this toy an average of four and half stars out  of five.parents commented on the sturdy bases and the fact little fingers could not get stuck.  Parents also liked the act you could carry the soldiers in their bucket anywhere.

 Who could forget about Hamm?  This Action figure Piggy bank comes with plastic coins. This Pig also has a movable head as well as a cork that comes out of the bottom.This toy is not recommended for children under three as it has small parts they could choke on.

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drbj profile image

drbj 6 years ago from south Florida

I'm looking for a store that sells the Toy Story Hamm piggy bank filled with REAL coins. :)

Trsmd profile image

Trsmd 6 years ago from India

I have never heard about toy stories,, thanks for giving some info about it..

samboiam profile image

samboiam 6 years ago from Texas

Can you keep a secret? I still love watching Toy Story. It is one of the best animated stories ever.

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