Toys That Top the Holiday “Hot” List

Toys for Teen Boys and Girls

Never fear though, as we've got a vast list of the to top toys that make the holiday hot list. Everything from top girls and boys toys, to infants and toddlers, we'll cover to must have stocking stuffers all the way through to the items that barely fit under the branches of your beautiful Christmas tree. You'll have no shortage of great buys to satisfy even the most lavish wants of your children, and maybe even your significant other as well.

Top Holiday Toy Buys for Girls ages 3-10

If you've perused the isles of any stores lately more than likely you'll have seen a little girl who masquerades quite nicely as a veterinarian. She cares for all of her furry friends, and goes by the monicker “Doc McStuffins.” Definitely a hot holiday toy grab, you can't go wrong with any Doc McStuffins toy set from the tiny little bundles to the life size sets, your little girl will squeal her heart out when the wrapping paper finally comes off!

For your 3-4 year old little girls, toys from Sofia the First-another popular TV show about a little girl who becomes a princess almost over night- are great additions to “favorites” holiday toy haul.

Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony sets also make to top list for girls ages 5-7. With toy sets including all the main characters of both popular TV shows, there's plenty of options for any little girl to enjoy.

And for your older girls, toys like Crazy Cart and the Y Fliker Carver Skooter, always top the list. After all, there's nothing better than enjoying some quality time racing around town or gaming it up with your best friend.

Top Holiday Toy Buys for Boys ages 3-10

Boys are often a conundrum when it comes to toys. You never are quite sure if they want the toys or the packages they came in, especially the younger they are. All that pent up energy has to go somewhere, and because they are so full of mischief, the more active the toy, the better.

The Disney Planes Dusty Crophopper Remote Controlled Air Plane is a great choice for your littlest little man. With plenty of “go get 'em” batteries, it can keep your little one on the run long enough to wear him out.

For your 5-7 year old growing boy, the Imaginex Batcave, can give your little dreamer hours of fun learning exactly what it takes to be the best super hero in town. With Batman and Robin in tow, and plenty of suits, vehicles and projectiles, there's just enough mischief to be had with this “best of the best” super hero command center.

Older boys, ages 7-10 will love waking up to the latest Kurio S10 Android Tablet. This multifunctional device offers to latest and greatest in mobile technology. With an available 8 profile options, parents and kids can each create their own profile, and parents have complete control over which content their kids can and can't use.

Infant Toys and Toddler Tech, Make Great Gifts

I, for one, never would have imagined a 2 year old getting a “technologically advanced” toy as a gift during the holidays. In my day and age, toys didn't need batteries, run on remotes or surf the web, but today's toys, even for toddlers can easily hook up to your home computer.

Leap Pad, Leap Frog and Vtech all provide amazing toy options that will entertain your tiniest toddlers with plenty of musical, ABC and other learning offerings. With a firm grip on the tech angle of today's hottest holiday toys these companies have manufactured just about anything a parent might need to keep their tots smiling, and giggling for hours on end.

The “Violet/Scout” puppies from Leap Frog offer musical genius in the form of a squishy, high tech puppy. “Violet” comes in a light purple, while Scout comes is a soft green. Both attach to your computer and come with download-able songs for your youngster to enjoy. With grade level options you can start from an infant and allow your child's puppy to “grow” with them in learning stages.

Elmo is always a popular gift for the little infant or toddler in your life. With his soft red fur, there's no telling just what Elmo will say next, and with so many “Elmo” options to choose from there's bound to be a perfect toy out there for the little on in your life.

Tech Toys Reign Supreme for Teens

For your older kids, those in the 13-18 age range, the more high tech, the better. Gaming systems like Playstation 4 and Xbox One are slugging it out to see which one tops the charts for the 2013 holiday season, and with new games constantly hitting the market theirs no need to worry about whether or not they'll love this gift.

And whether or not they say so, a gift card for popular “mall” stores such as GameStop, JCPenney, Spencer's, and just about any clothing store; are always great to find tucked into the candy and “underwear” offerings of their over-the-mantel stockings on Christmas morning.

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