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Christmas On A Budget

Most people dread the holidays simply because they don’t have the means to go out and get everyone a gift that they will enjoy.  In these modern times, children usually want the most expensive toys out there.  However, you don’t have to break the bank in order to make their Christmas special.  Below you will find Christmas gifts, great for boys or girls, at a price that anyone could afford.  After all, Christmas isn’t about the gifts.

Great Gifts For Children Under $25

This kids voice changer is a great gift for any child.  There are 10 different voice- changing options that the child can choose from.  It is sure to bring hours of fun and entertainment this Christmas.

This is the Loopz Game.  It is an action memory moving game that will keep kids on their toes.  The lights flash and the players have to mimic the flashes or they loose!  Great game to keep children active, even in the cold weather.

The Leap Frog Scribble and Write is a great gift for any child.  The Scribble and Write let’s a child learn as they play.  There are four different levels that a child can choose from.  They can draw simple pictures and shapes to writing upper and lower case letters.  This is a great gift idea for a child that is just learning about letters

This friendship bracelet making kit is perfect for any girl on your list.  The instructions show the girls how to make two different styles of bracelets with 8 different patterns to choose from.  The kit comes with enough supplies to make 22 bracelets.  This is sure to keep that tween busy for a few hours.


What little boy wouldn’t love this fun dress-up Trunk?  They can dress up as Batman, Superman, or Robin.  This is a great idea for that little boy who loves comic heroes such as these.

Get their minds really cranking this Christmas season with a mind-blowing science kit.  Boys and Girls will love the interactive science kit that gets them asking questions about how things work.  You never know what they may become with just one little science kit.

Great Gifts For Children under $50

This is the Leap Frog Electronic Learning Game System.  This is a great learning tool for young children.  The games (purchased additionally) teach the many skills that children need to succeed in school like reading, math, and spelling.  This device also has the ability to connect to the Internet for a more interactive experience.


The Playskool Alphie has been around for many, many years.  This is the latest version.  It is a great gift idea for any child.  It teaches children reading, spelling, shapes, and more.  Why not give the gift of Alphie to the child that you love?


The Legos Creationary Game.  Just like the original Legos, this game is buildable and sure to satisfy any Lego lover in your household.  Not only can you build the game pieces, but you get to build the rules too.  Don’t miss out on this unique toy this holiday season.


Barbie did not have this type of house when I was a little girl!  Why not let your daughter’s Barbies live in style in this deluxe playhouse.  The house is two stores and features all the main rooms of a regular house except with  more style.  The added bonus is that is all folds up for easy storage.

I know that my son loves to take pictures but I don’t like him to use my camera because I don’t want it to get broken if something were to happen.  So, we went out and got him his very own, much like this one.  These cameras are great because they are virtually indestructible and waterproof (some are).  Just like a regular camera, except without the worry of something happening to it!  You may have a successful photographer on your hands with this as a gift!  It is sure to bring smiles all around.



Happy Holidays To All

 While you are out and about buying gifts to spread good cheer, remember to smile and the person next to you and give a nice, "How do you do?"  After all 'tis the season to bring happiness and joy to those around you.  Happy Holidays To All!

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