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Toys, something boys can’t live without. Something to stimulate their imagination and to keep them busy. But what toys are the best to buy for your boy? There is a lot to choose from. From electronic boys toys, to nerf guns, to educational boys toys. All boys are different, but there is one thing that they have in common: they like having fun!  


For every age you can find something. But we want them to learn of course. At an early baby boy age we start looking for toys which we think are the best choice for them. So at the earliest we often start with a complete baby gym centre. As soon as they start to move, we keep them moving around; train their arms, legs and brains. Make them ready for the next stage of their toy life.

Every man was a toddler at some time in his life wasn’t he? But what are the best toys for a male toddler. The toy has to be educational, safe, innovative, and fun. Through play, they build their muscles, develop essential skills, practice social interaction, create different worlds, and stretch their minds further. Boy toddlers are renowned for being non-stop action machines; they can be destructive and rough like a little terminator or sweet, and gentle while they are playing. Their toys need to be able to keep up with these dynamic little kids and their changing moods and needs. So we often buy a walk and ride, an alphabet drum or their first easy to score basketball set.


Toddler boys become preschoolers. They keep on growing so fast aren’t they? They want and need toys that will help shape them in every aspect of their lives. From building their mind with educational toys to active toys that will help them burn energy and make them stronger. So they get their first LEGO set or their first computer or a Fischer Price smart fit. We just want them to be busy.

As they grow in age, boys (children in general too of course) get more expensive. They eat more, drink more, and need new clothes and so on. Their toys often get more expensive too. After their preschooling age, boys start with a Xbox, Nintendo, Wii, a PS3 or a PSP. There are thousands different games to choose from. For every age there is a game that’s suitable and educational (even though I can’t say that Grand theft Auto is educational). And when they get older they discover the toy called ‘girl ‘

Let’s be honest. Men stay boys and need toys to keep them busy. Often the computer stays in their live, as well as the woman (inflatable or not). And let’s not forget the TV. The most important toy that comes with that is the remote control. So for you big boys, the last toy I will present here for you…..

For the older boys

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Christoph Reilly profile image

Christoph Reilly 7 years ago from St. Louis

I hope I get that remote control Christmas! I hope, I hope, I hope...ah, who am I kidding. She'll never give me that. I'll have to buy it myself. She doesn't even have to know. Ha,ha!

Lazur profile image

Lazur 7 years ago from Netherlands Author

Whaha Chris....she will only find out if you're using the Boobs button too much:P

I'm making some for my male family members from old remotes:D

shanekruger profile image

shanekruger 7 years ago

Thanks for sharing useful and informative hub.

poetlorraine 7 years ago

clever hub just in time for the silly season..........

terrowhite profile image

terrowhite 7 years ago

Boys are just crazy about toys and gadgets.. but these toys for boys are simply awesome.. interesting hub

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