Traditional Toys for Christmas 2010


Traditional Toys This Christmas

Each Christmas brings new “must have” children’s toys, which are often sophisticated, technologically advanced and expensive. While this year will be no different, with exciting new gadgets on children’s Christmas lists all around the world, some toys have a long-lasting and universal appeal that makes them favourites year after year. Some toys are so popular that they have been around for generations, the original designs changing very little over time. Other toys, though around a shorter time, have become firmly established as “modern classics” and seem set to have the same lasting appeal as their forbearers. Here we take a look at some traditional favourites that are likely to make an appearance on Christmas lists once again this year.

Train Sets

Train sets have become one of those iconic children's toys, dating back to the late nineteenth century. Few greeting cards or festive television programmes depict a family Christmas scene without a toy train set stretched out on the floor in the background. While toy trains have been brought up to date in recent years to feature modern engines and even famous trains from television and films, the much-loved wooden train set has endured and is as popular as ever. Basic sets are often very reasonably priced and can be expanded with extra track sections, junctions, points, tunnels and more.

Bikes and Tricycles

Another perennial favourite every Christmas, kid’s bikes and trikes have also been modernised over the years but still hark back to classic designs first made popular decades ago. Many bikes and trikes feature branding and characters from popular children’s television shows, meaning that they are sure to be a hit in the playground, while other models, particularly tricycles have an ageless character, using rugged, functional designs that are more than sturdy enough to take the bumps and scrapes an active child will inevitably inflict upon them.


Dolls have existed in one form of another for at least 4,000 years and are arguably the oldest children’s toys in the world. In the last few decades they have become increasingly sophisticated, able to laugh, cry and perform other bodily functions but classic dolls remain popular with children to this day. Prams and doll’s houses too have remained popular, with Victorian-style wooden doll’s houses furnished with tiny beds, chairs and beds a firm favourite, allowing children to enact their own stories in a gloriously realised setting.


Construction Toys

While not usually considered a “traditional” toy, Lego definitely falls under the category of modern classic. The Danish company recognises the importance of its heritage and has continued to produce brick box sets containing an assortment of hundreds of pieces, allowing children’s imaginations to run wild, even while continually updating its product lines to include sets based on popular characters like Harry Potter and Indiana Jones. More traditional construction toys like wooden block sets also remain very popular and are an ideal way for toddlers and younger children to refine their hand to eye coordination and motor skills before moving on to Lego or other building toys.

Other traditional favourites, from rocking horses to toy soldiers, retain their popularity year after year proving the enduring appeal of the classic designs. Though not every child will be content forgoing this year’s hot gadget, parents could do worse than to encourage their kids to take an interest in the toys they enjoyed in their own childhoods.

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christmas train sets 6 years ago

Train sets will never go out of style. They are especially popular at Christmas time when a new generation of children are introduced to the great entertainment they provide.

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