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Tron Legacy Toys Games Music
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Tron Legacy for Christmas 2010

In December 2010, Tron Legacy will be released. It is the sequel of the Sci-Fi cult classic film called Tron, that kids loved! Tron Legacy will be the best science fiction movie released this Christmas!

There is a ton of really cool Tron Legacy gadgets and toys, such as the Light Cycle, Launch Baton, Identity Disc, and much more!

In addition there are some awesome Tron Legacy Games, PS3 Controllers, Nintendo Wii and DS, and the PSP Tron Evolution Video Game!

Tron Lighted Identity Disk

A Tron Identity Disk looks like a glowing frisbee, but it is a powerful device with many amazing abilities.

Programs are the lighted humanoid beings that use identity disks to record anything they learn or do, and to hold special instructions from their related Users (the real life programmers).  They also use them in combat as either a boomerang-type weapon or as a shield.

When used as a weapon, upon impact with another program, the disk blows right through the intended victim, causing him or her to suddenly "derez". A Program who has mastered the use of the disk can exercise fantastic control over it. Identity Disks are very tough but can be broken by the impact of another Identity disk thrown with enough force.

Tron Disk
Tron Disk | Source
Tron Identity Disk
Tron Identity Disk | Source
Tron Legacy Light Baton
Tron Legacy Light Baton | Source

Tron Light Baton

Tron ROLL PLAY Light Cycle Launch Baton Blue
Tron ROLL PLAY Light Cycle Launch Baton Blue

The ultimate replica Tron Legacy Baton, includes lights feature. Transforms into battle mode too!


Tron Coliseum Disc Shooter

Tron Legacy Poster
Tron Legacy Poster | Source

The Tron Legacy Soundtrack

Music by Daft Punk

Daft Punk are an influential electronic dance duo formed by French producers Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter in Paris in 1993.

Their music is a fusion of electronic styles including techno, house and disco that has since been described as 'French house'. 

And like some of the characters in Tron Legacy, Daft Punk are protective of their physical identities and are usually depicted wearing masks or with their faces out of focus

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We have a cool Tron-inspired gadget, the Tron Lightcycle Speaker for computers and memory cards. You can see the video and details on our site here:

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