UFC 2010 Undisputed Creating A Perfect Career Fighter

How To Create The Perfect Career Figher

Creating a perfect career fighter wasn't easy and there was some swearing involved as i went into a fight fully fatigued but after 5-6 careers i have finally figured out how to create the perfect career fighter.I will let you know in what order to do things so that your fighter levels up as quick as possible so you ready for the big dogs in the ufc.It sounds easy though doesn't it,create a fighter train him and win fights,job done.But it is not that simple if you don't do the right training in the right order you will end up with a fighter that has stats that will simply not help him in the bigger fights,so i will give you the run down of how i did it and how my career fighter was maxed in nearly all stats even before my world title shot.

Starting From Scratch

So when you go to start a career you get to build a fighter to compete in your career,at this stage it really doesn't matter what kind of guy you pick be he big,small,black or white it really doesn't matter.What you do need to think about is no matter what stat you are upgrading be it his attributes or skills you have 3 points at which the skills or attributed do not decay,that's right decay,if you can get your attributes or skills to 30,50 or 70 then that's fine but what would be the point in training your take-down defence or your strength to 34 only to see it eventually drop back down to 30,keep that in mind,if you earn enough points to upgrade one of your stats or attributes and have some left over,keep them till next time don't waste them.Right on your attributes you are given a set amount of points so go ahead and put 20 into both strength and speed and i think its 13 you are left with for stamina.In your skills section get most of the good skills you require up to 20 as you wont really need these for the first few fights.Brilliant.

Gaining Power And Speed

Right next job is to increase your strength and speed,now these will max out at 40 but don't take them to 40 take them both to 30 remember.so do one then the other by training then resting consecutively,if you need to fight in between then do it.Once they are both at 30 then you can go ahead and get your stamina up to 30.Now the only way to upgrade these past this point is to get an training upgrade which you wont get for a bit.So now you need to spar to get your skill points up to 30.


Now when i first started this game i was very bitter at the fact that i could only get between 4 and 20 points when sparring,all wrong,with your first sparring partner you should be getting 30 points a session,the easy way to do this is to go to a training camp and get any kind of wrestling throw,wherby you can clinch with your opponent and using any kind of throw get him to the ground and land in side control,now when you are there just land knee after knee and punch after punch,when he gets up take him down again,do not let him hit you,if you do this succesfully you should of taken him down 3-4 times and kneed him probably 60 times.As you progress with sparring partners keep to the same strategy as it works and your points just keep going up,now steadily up the skills you wish to use to 30 but no more.you need 30 points to do this,60 points to get from 30-50 and 100 points to get from 50-70.


If you need to upgrade that's cool just try and get your attributes all to 70 then start upgrading your sparring partners,don't worry to much with learning moves as this just takes up valuable time you could be upgrading your skills.You will start to notice a huge difference when you get to 70 on your attributes and when some of your skills reach 50 you will also notice the difference.This is how you get your career fighter to the top quickly and with minimal losses.

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xStevex 6 years ago

awesome tips thanks alot!!!

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@steve no problem glad to be of help

Paul 6 years ago

nice tips man. another way to get max sparring points, which I personally find easier is to just take them down then stand up straight away and lay into them before they can stand up, ill do that twice a sparring session and get 180 points everytime. I only figured that out yesterday though so my next career fighter will be the real good one. do you have any tips for learning submissions etc?? I find with the striking moves I can go up a level each time, but if I try to learn a new submission it is taking me 2-3 attempts to level up. are any submissions more likely to work?

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@paul good tips,im the same when learning submissions im afraid havent found any techniques for that yet!

MattSmith 6 years ago

Get the Suplex to side control right when you start career mode so in sparring you can do it literally 7 times. Then in the final 15 or ten seconds stand up, back up then dash forward and shoot the double.

Final 6 years ago

What difficulty do you put it on in career mode or does it not matter?

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@final yes it does matter what u have it on but have it on whatever u feel is right for you!

Sprouser 6 years ago

Ive been doing the sparring technique where you take them down and stand up right away and stand over them, pounding on them. Problem is, I max out at 50 points a session, even when i dont get hit. Why is that? I have my career set to expert, if I put it on beginner, or a lower level difficulty will I get more points per session? Orrr what am I missing here?

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@sprouser possibly the skill level of ur sparring partner,when u go up a level in sparring partner u can earn more points!

sprouser 6 years ago

Ive got the highest skill level partner!... it always has given me 50 points, regardless of skill level.. Thats why im like wtf is the issue! very frusterating, any ideas?

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@sprouser the way i did it was to take them down with a bear hug type throw so u land in side control then keep them down by landing knee after knee,punch after punch then when he gets up take him down again and repeat thats how i got between 70-100 points a go!

Bart 6 years ago

You can't get more than 50 point because of the update.

Brandon Cook 6 years ago

very great tip awesome. makes the best now.lol. been looking for help like this the whole time ive had the game great job man appreciate it .

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@brandon ur welcome,although i believe there has been an update that stops u from acheiving masses of training points!

samtl 6 years ago

Thanks for the good advice, In sparring i like to get my opponent close to the cage and go for the take down because take downs on the fence work for me everytime, i just keep doing this everytime they get up, sometimes hitting them whilst theyre down.

Junior 6 years ago

The easiest way to spar is to just learn a clinch takedown which someone has already mentioned once u slam them to the floor just click the left stick to stand up then repeat. I can get to the limited 50pts even when i'm 100% fatigued using this method. For submissions the best method is rotating the stick as smoothly as u can and wait till you've smashed them about a bit.

mike 6 years ago

when i made my first career i was getting over a hundred points in sparring and now im on my third one and i can only get 50 points it sucks

Try2Win 6 years ago



afsfdfs 6 years ago

i get over 100 points a sparring session by simply running up to them and throwing a ton of elbows and punches, if they start to guard i throw on kick to the body and their hands drop back down and i can continue with elbowing and punching. if they fall down, i just back up and let them stand back up and charge in. this is a very easy strategy and gets a ton of points

Andy 6 years ago

The best way to spar is as soon as you get 60 in grappling offense , learn the sallevary position. And learn suplex to side control and sallevarry elbows, and Americana from sallevary and you will be getting anywhere from 130-160 points every sparring session, just take them down, go to sallavery(crucefix) and throw elbows, when their rocked perform the Americana, if done correctly u should be able to do this 3-4 times in one sparring session

pissedoff 6 years ago

Stupid update ruin everything people.. the max is 50 points in sparring sessions NO MATTER WHAT LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY! Thanx 2K you managed to ruin this but did not fix the submission problem hu? Thanx a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!

ishotbiggiesmalls1997 6 years ago

is there any point in upgrading techniques? i can never tell any difference when i do

red4life  6 years ago

anyone no any good submission techniques?

r_majere_99 6 years ago

This guide sucks and is absolutely noobified.

The video that player, he sucks too.

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@r_majere_99 thanks for the support ;)May i suggest you find another guide!

Marinescorpe 6 years ago

Ur tips don't work and I still only get 50pnts for sum reason and I got everything unlocked and hit me up on my email Jeremy.smith70@yahoo.com and send me sum tips

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@marinescope they do work my friend its just there has been an update that stops you getting anymore than 50 points per training session,because people like me were exploiting it.Apart from the tips ive given u here,there isnt much else u can do apart from practice,join a good camp,mine is ok but i dont get on much at the moment.

TonyBova 6 years ago

Great tips man. Helps a ton. Is there a way to get the un updated version so I can get mass points too lol

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@tonybova lol dont think so my friend

john with the long slide 6 years ago

most i got before the damn update is 364 in a sparring session. easily get 290-320 every time after a point.

now with my new guy, i get 50 since the second sparring partner.

damn that sucks.

jhabjet 6 years ago

yeh i completed the career mode 2 times but it doenst give me the acheivement. i have done a few other acheivements which it doenst let me get. any help ?

PSN Chick 6 years ago

I searched google for help on the achievement.

Free Xbox Redeem Codes 6 years ago

I wonder if this is a better game than the MMA game from EA...

Armyof11 6 years ago

R u on ps3?

buddah 6 years ago

what camp can i find elbos from side control ??


HighDef215 6 years ago from philadelphia

These are all great tips. I have also found a great strategy in creating a perfect career fighter. In the begining of my career, i use that time to learn certain techniques that are very useful and relevant to building my fighter. The very 1st technique i learn is suplex to side control from the dble underhook clinch position( ill tel u why in a bit). Then i learn a few good standing strike techniques( ducking l and r hooks are my favorite) and a standing kick technique( like gsp's headkick). U should be able to learn all of that before you are forced to go pro( and get a few trainings and a spar also). Now wen it comes to getting my fighters skills up to perfect or near perfect levels i found a great way to get major points.going back to the suplex throw i mentioned earlier. That technique is crucial becaue it allowsyou to put your sparring parter in position to be submitted quickly. I noticed that as long as your stats for submssion offense is at least 40 you can sub your sparring partner easy and quickly. In a session u should be able to sub your partner at least 4 times or 6 at best.( useng suplex then using triangle choke). My partner is at level 5 and i get at least 125 points per session if not 145-155!! If u get all your skills to 70 and stack all your sparring point til the end of your career( by saving up at least 4400 points) you can get all of your skills to at least 94 each. I have a career middle weight that has 90 strentgh, speed, and cardio and all skills at 94 except for sub offense and standing strikes offense and sub defense( sub off and standing strikes off.is at 100 and sub def is at 95)

Lucky 6 years ago

Well everytime i make a fighter, i end up fighting for the championship when i only have like 4 points on all my stats. I dont get it. How can i stay in the career longer so i can keep training?

Lucky 6 years ago

Sorry i meant 40* not 4^

Krakapow 5 years ago

Lucky, always select the lowest ranked fighter you can when given a choice of opponents. This will stop you climbing through the ranks too quickly and having to fight the champs before you are ready. Don't worry about rushing through your career to get the belt. Even if you choose the lowest ranked guy every single time, you will still have time to take the belt and *SPOILER* change weight classes and take a second title. I did this and also stayed an amateur for as long as possible at the beginning of my career (amateur fights still detract from the total number of fights in career mode) and i was still able to claim the light heavyweight belt, the heavyweight belt and defend them both several times before the end of my career.

PSN Gen GirL 5 years ago

Thanks for the tutorial! None of my friends can beat me online :D

rawrmma 5 years ago

@ lucky- skills- make sure ur not letting them decay off..i use focused sparring 3 weeks before a fight and put a point in whatever im in the process of building up, just so it wont decay, try to only spend points when u can move 4 or more skills to the next proficiency, and each time u get them all to 30 50 or 70, go train, repeatedly, for however long it takes to do the same for attributes, u lose a couple fights but w/e, u should still be in the wfa during the beginning while ur letting your attributes die and sparring ur ass off, after that u'll be fine. oh and make custom clothes as soon as u can and wear all the logos u can, ull gain cred faster, cred=upgrades. never disrespect fighters blah blah blah...

good luck

Kyle 5 years ago

I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but this is a terrible guide, even if you disregard the patch that caps your sparring points at 50.

I agree with everything you said, up until you actually start your career. The most effective method is to spar like crazy, getting all of your skills up to 30. I was able to manage that before my attributes even started decaying. I never spar when my fatigue is 70% or more, but as far as training goes, you get the same results no matter how high your fatigue is, until you get an e-mail from Marc that lets you know you have an injury. At this point, you rest a week, and go back to training, getting all of your attributes to 30.

Once you get that done, you can go to camps to learn a technique or two until you have enough CRED to upgrade your sparring partner. Then spar some more, getting all of your skills up to 50. After that, if you don't have enough CRED to upgrade again, go back to camps and learn techniques, or stockpile sparring points. Once you get the chance, upgrade your sparring partner to level 3, max all of your skills out at 70, and then learn more techniques/stockpile points until you can upgrade your trainer. Upgrade them all once before you upgrade them a second time. By this point, your skills are resting comfortably at 70, you have a good handful of Level 3 techniques under your belt, and you can work on getting your attributes to 70. After this, it's up to you what to upgrade and whether you want to train/spar/learn new techniques.

I recommend doing Focused Sparring once you've upgraded your sparring partner the first time. It's an easy way to get solid points into those skills. Once everything's at 70, it's really up to you how you want to proceed. You can keep stockpiling some points. You can raise your skills/attributes nicely and then raise everything once when they're about to start decaying. Doing this yields maximum results with the smallest amount of effort.

Again, not trying to be offensive, even though this is an old guide. Just letting you know a much more effective way of building your fighter.

All the best, man. Can't wait for Undisputed 3 in January.

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