UFC 2010 Undisputed Tips And Strategies

As many of my followers will know i am a big Ufc fan and wrote a very popular hub last year on the xbox 360 game ufc undisputed 2009,well thq have done it again and they are back bigger and better than last year and with a hell of a lot of updated features,including cage control,sway motion features and fight camps amongst others,well the game has changed for the better so to be on top of the game you are going to need the tips and strategies that i employ to become the best,last year i taught you 10 tips and strategies aimed at improving your overall fight game and improving your online record,i will do the same again here but add in the new features and how to add them to your advantage.

Ufc 2010 Undisputed

No:1 Dont Waste Your Energy

No:1 Don't throw all your energy into trying to knockout your opponent in 30 seconds.It wont work and this is the quickest way to get flash ko'd.That's right people flash ko's are still in the game and not only that but so are flash submissions now,so if you go out in the first round and throw 30 punches and 40 high leg kicks and don't knock your opponent out....That's right you will be pretty gassed and he will hit you or double leg you,take you down and choke the life out of you and you wont be able to defend it,Take it easy,attack his legs if he is a good stand up guy or keep your distance and throw jabs and hooks if he is a submission expert,do not try and throw everything all at once.

No:2 Learn From Your Mistakes

Sounds simple doesn't it,listen i did not start out as that good,in fact i would say i was decidedly average until i decided to treat this game as if it was a real career,ie if i lost online i would look at how i lost and then work on that technique to better myself.Look if you lose online to some guy who submits you easily then work on your submission defence and do the submission defence section of the tutorial again and then practice it with people from your camps,the same applies if you are losing the stand up battle,practice it with friends and the tutorial.Trust me the tutorial is key for brushing up on unused techniques.Use it!!!

No:3 Do Not Become Repetitive

That's right you will need to mix it up,the same rule applies whether it is the computer or an online foe you are fighting do not do the same elbows or knees or head kicks time and time again as your opponent will figure out what your doing and adjust his fighting style,if you start launching head kick after head kick you can guarantee that you will be taken down sooner rather than later.Mix up the strikes,knees,elbows long jabs,and power punches mixed in with some grappling and take-downs and this will improve your game no end.

No:4 Use The Cage

That's right the new feature of cage use is pretty effective assuming you learn how to use it,Go through the tutorial at least a couple of times to make the moves stick in your head.Pressing your opponent up against the cage is an effective way of nullifying their attacks,also whilst having your opponent up against the cage you can employ some dirty boxing,and this is very effective,i have already ko'd quite a few fighters by pressing against the cage then using the single collar tie and pounding them into unconsciousness.Learn how to use the cage and use it well.

No:5 Learn The Ground Game

Now this tip i gave you for the first game but it still works for 2010,if you don't know much about the ground game then do the tutorial 10 times until you improve,because trust me if you don't know what you are doing down there then you are going to get submitted very easily,you cant just rely on the fact that your stand up is amazing,because once your online foes figure out that you just want to stand and trade then they are far more likely to take you down.some of the best ko's i have seen,attempted myself and had done to me were from the ground so don't delay learn it now!!!!

No:6 Join A Fight Camp

Yes indeed,new for 2010 are online fight camps,you can either make your own or join someone Else's or join the top ones in the world if they will let you,but join one,you will be amazed what you can learn just from fighting lots of different people who aren't out to beat your skull in but will answer your questions effectively and help you become better.This addition to the game is genius as there are still lots of players out there who love this game but are just not that good,well fight camps are going to really help them. P.s if you want to join a fight camp with no ego's,no boasting or showing off just some like-minded people willing to help others then i have a camp myself (Warchild's Warriors) just add me warchild1975 and i shall see if there is space for you.But if not mine then make sure you do join one as even the most talented players of this game will benefit in one way or another.

No:7 Learn To Use The Sway

Another new feature to this years game is the sway system that lets you anticipate opponents punches or kicks and sway to move out of the way and counter punch or kick with deadly results,trust me i know from experience of playing the demo for hours and hours and then the full game, if you learn the sway and use it to dodge then come back with a perfect counter punch you are nearly guaranteed to damage your opponent badly or even end the fight as has happened to me several times,easy stuff,sway,dodge,counter,practice it and use it

No:8 Learn To Pummel

Now for those of you not in the know pummelling is not getting your opponent down and hitting him consistently,pummeling is where you clinch up your opponent and move you arms into position to gain an advantage over you opponent,once in an advantageous position it offers your opponent very few places to go apart from trying to transition out of it,know your pummelling positions and how they work to your advantage.

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ethanh55 profile image

ethanh55 6 years ago

great hub but i cant seem to find how to get out of submissions do you know?

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@ethan of course,you need to shine in the opposite way,shining is when u rotate the right analogue stick in a certain direction without the stick leaving the sides of the controller,it has to be a clean shine!! clockwise to submit and anticlockwise to get out of submissions,bearing in mind of course that u have to have a bit of stamina left to do this and also it helps if u have high submission defence.Hope that helps any more questions just join my camp,send me a fr with ur details

gabe 6 years ago

"clockwise to submit and anticlockwise to get out of submissions"

how do u know that?

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@gabe i read an interview with the makers of the game who said that in the previous game u could power ur way out by mashing the buttons but they wanted to stay exclusivley with the shine so they needed one way to submit and the opposite way to get out of them.

Mario 6 years ago

When someone tries to submit you do you shine for a bit and stop in the middle to see if he's going to actually submit you so you can save your stamina trying to get out?

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@mario i personally just shine like my life depended on it and dont stop at all.Sometimes it works sometimes not.!!

hank 6 years ago

how do i get into standing posture with other player on the ground with me his legs on either side?

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@hank im assuming u mean ur on top in his guard,i believe u can just click the left analogue to get up to standing from there!!

chris 6 years ago

im gonna add u because i need alot of practice just letting u know

Yah 6 years ago


You only get full standing posture when your in his guard and have him rocked then it will automatically put younin stand up posture

Cones 6 years ago

I cant seem to figue out how to throw my opponet to the ground. do i need to invest in stats to do this. Can someone send me an email (cones2210@yahoo.com) UFC 2010 in subject bar) I have a almost perfect career with going for a quick finish, but i want to learn more thigs with this to improve my game

anthony 6 years ago

dude im kinda average at the game my online record is 18-5 for now but im having some serious trouble gettin the flash ko acievement but im gnna try ur way and see how it works cuz i knocked out a guy with mirco cro cop with one head kick like a 4 sec fight and still no achievment but ill comment back to see if ur way works

penningl profile image

penningl 6 years ago from U.S.

Awesome hub sir. I really enjoyed 2009 but haven't yet got my hands on UFC 2010. None the less I will be coming back to this hub as soon as I need it. Will be following. Keep up the good work.

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@cones you will need to enter some of the training camps,i entered one and got the move where you lock your hands behind your opponenets back then once i had that i went and learnt the a couple of slams,so you need to hit the camps.At anthony i wouldnt worry that acheivement seems to be gliched,i havent got it yet either.

@penningl thanks for your comments hope u enjoy the game!

anthony  6 years ago

yea man i knocked out one guy with one punch from brock lesnar and still nothin so im thinkin its a damage rating thing u get him past a certain amount of damage to the head nd no achievment cuzi created a guy with no stats and im thinkin one punch is at least 50% damge so maybe thts it butis ther any room in your camp i would like to join

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@anthony there is room in my camp as there is only 8 of us at the moment,i will be on wed and thur but only get on 3 times a week due to writing these.

anthony 6 years ago

ok cool can i have ur gamertag?

StunnedSilence 6 years ago

hey all....the game is AWESOME....but can anyone tell me how to step.....PLEEEASE... im ok-ish with most of controls but need to bring in some new moves.....

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@anthony yeah my gamertag is warchild1975

@stunnedsilence yeah to step i believe u just tap the anologue controller in the direction u want to step to.

anthony 6 years ago

ok ill add u...can u tell me the best way to revers a transission...it bugs the hell outta wen ppl do it to me online so i wnna do it back to thm

anthony 6 years ago

i tryed adding u and your friends list is full so wen u get on would it possibl for u to delete someone if not its cool but loking forward to joining your camp

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@anthony yeah sorry lots of fifa ultimate team friends on there,i'll delete someone who hasnt played or spoken to me since i added them,probably today at some point!!,i know how to block transitions but not sure how to reverse,someone in my camp might!

StunnedSilence 6 years ago

much appreciated thankyou very much...i'll give it a go....

anthony 6 years ago

ok cool my gamertag is WRATH OF WAR17 so wen u see thtname just accept it and send me an invite to ur camp...much abliged

krtfc/mizzou 6 years ago

So i can't get out of a submission against anyone on 2010.!!!???? any help?

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@krtfc it will be because you have low stamina,fight with the stamina bar on so you can see what you are doing that loses you so much stamina and then dont do it!!

anthony 6 years ago

dude thers still no room in ur friends list u must have alot of ppl on ur list haha...i finally got the kay tee eff oh achievment its really easy and not glitched at all

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@anthony sorry buddy i havent been on for about a week as i have been writing some more hubs,if im not on tonight then i will be on wed,thur for sure and the 1st thing on my to do list is to chop one of my friends and bring u into my camp,well done on the achievemnt,u can let me know how to do it

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@anthony whats ur gamertag and i can keep an eye out for ur request,im going to delete someone any second now!!!!

anthony 6 years ago

my gamer tag is WRATH OF WAR17 so ill try adding u tonight

Makyor 6 years ago

Reversals happen when u flick the r analog stick away from them while they try to transition

name 6 years ago

big mma fan, but I am awful at transitions etc, I have 500 some fights offline with maybe 10 sub losses, and ZERO sub wins, Ive never completed one out of practice. 3 Career modes, they patched it though so now its impossible to go 100/100/100, would love a camp to train, became an mma fan a year ago...360-nadoak

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@name glad to see u have become an mma fan,best way of getting a sub is to fight with the stamina bar on then when u see ur opponent losing stamina hit em with a sub

Fighting Video Games 6 years ago

Great Hub! Very good UFC Undisputed 2010 tips. Of all the tips in your article I think learning to sway is the best advice. Once you have that down, winning against your opponent is much easier, especially if they don't know how to sway themselves.

@warchild75: Good advice you gave to @cones about hitting the camps to gain skills.

John 6 years ago

hey guys. i love this game, but when it comes to training submissions to level 3 it becomes tedious. whats the best way to train a submission to level 3 at a training camp? ty

Rob 6 years ago

The best way to learn submissions is to use the charge method and use a level 2 or 3 submission repeatedly to do the charge sub hold down the right stick andnpay attention to your opponents stamina when its gone or just about gone let go of the right stick and then shine away subs should come pretty quick i usually get at least 12-14 subs sometimes more

John 6 years ago

thats the problem. all my subs are at level 1 so its very hard to submit even if i get in side control and knee their energy down after a suplex. any other advice?

Rob 6 years ago

Well i guess still try and use the charge method i mentioned thats what i did and it worked but now that i think about it this was pre patch but im sure its easier now try it out and let me know how it goes remember you dont have to work there stamina down just slam them and go for the sub and then repeat

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@rob good tips buddy i'll try those

jasper432 6 years ago

dude if anyone cant find the right tec. for ur created man then chose wresling base works with any type of ai my ai is ground and pound so yeah iv knocked a whole lot of ppl out using my fist. P.S. Boxing sucks dont get it u get knock out quickly ur stamida recover's slowly so yeah have fun i'l see u online

toast 6 years ago

now i know why i got submitted easy, i wasnt keeping an eye on my stamina . thanx man

klitty 6 years ago

can anyone tell me why it seems like my opponents can ground and pound the crap out of me but whenver i try to i always get bucked off after only a few seconds? how do you stay on top of them so you can keep striking? this seems to be my downfall, alot of this stuff was helpful too thanks!

tyler 6 years ago

kitty u prob get to aggersive or u dont no how to block =O move the right stick right after each punch usealy after 3 times they get me off but thats just me =P

totalmma 6 years ago


few questions, im on year 8 of my career, ive got the LHW title and my record is pretty good however there are a few things i would like to know..

firstly how do u slam ur opponent, eg. if im in the opponents guard, i notice on some of the trailers u can pick ur opposition up and drop them on their back....how do u do this, is this a move that has to be learnt if so where? finally how do u change ur intro/victory scene??

Erick  6 years ago

What happens if I make my sub: Gogo plata level 3 ? What are the levels for ?

K-Out 6 years ago

@ Erick

The level determines how effective your move is.

Look at it as mastery.

K-Out 6 years ago

Oh, just figured out I could use some tips on how to learn the ground n' pound moves. The powerfull hooks from halfguard is very difficult to get all points for even the first level. The problem I have is that either I get pushed off or knocks my partner out and get reset. so it takes multiple tries.

Erick 6 years ago

Thanks and what strikes are non boxing cause every time I start new career, later on Bruce says my fighter is boxing and street fighter

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

Just got a new blog up and running guys, be good if you could visit and maybe follow me,its just started so bare with me as i change and update it.Thanks again


Jeff 6 years ago

I've been playing UFC10 for about 1 month and agree w/ tutorials and reviewing fight strategies but I'm frustrated with a few things; 1.)can you transition forward in the clinch w/o having to attempt a throw?- I always get my throw reversed when I'm only trying to get to the muay thai clinch!! 2.) When in the clinch up against the cage- how do you get out of tht position w/o getting hit a thousand times- I think its a major transition and/or L thumbstick, also, can u reverse this or take it to the ground? any insite is apreciated, thanks.

K-Out 6 years ago

@ Jeff

1.) I hold down LB and do half or quarter circles at the bottom om the joystick socket. Works most of the time. For me it feels like it works less often when you do em upwards.

2.) Afraid I cant give you a 100% accurate answer here. But I think you just do the half/quarter-circle stuff. You should also be able to block the strikes. But only for a short time.

Falcons4Life32 6 years ago

Hey..im playing online and im gettin crushed...i would like to join a camp and maybe get some advice/tips/ training so i could do better...please add me on ps3 if you can help at all...my PSN is Falcons4Life32

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

Sorry xbox only m8!!

DBTribull 6 years ago

Great hub and some really good tips, but I'm still not getting the desired submission results. I can have a full gas tank while my oppenent has a quarter bar in the red and he still gets out of all attempts.

Are the tips you provide specific to XBox game play or universal across all platforms (specifically PS3)

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@dbtribull as an xbox user it is primarily for that console im afraid!

hunter (GT: white tyson 62) 6 years ago

my stand up game is good and im not bad at takedowns, clinch, and grappling/transitions. but i cant sub anyone to save my life. I've read your tips on turning the stamina bar on, rotating the R stick, and using shine(still not positive about that). but could someone be a little bit more specific about the physcial movements to sub someones its driving me crazy

K-Out 6 years ago

Two according to me easy ways of submitting

Method 1) applies for almost any fighter.

Method 2) Require some more uncommon moves.

1)The easiest way to submit someone I think is to use first the throw to sidecontrol and almost directly as you hit the ground initiate the sub,as you hit the ground your opponent gets a decent energyloss. (the higher rank on your throw and the higher your strength is, the more effective it is) Could be a suplex to halfguard and do a halfguard submit. Of course the tips mentioned in this forum earlier applies aswell. And having a rank 3 sub makes it alot easier. The direction of your shine is up to you. I always spin counter clockwise and it works mighty fine. So try both directions and see wich works best for you.


Another easy way but a bit more advance is to go for muy-thaiclinch, hammer away with knees, and wait for your opponents energy to go low as he strugles to get out of it(warning, your own energy can drop fast aswell),pull him down to your guard and driectly when you hit the ground, start the sub. Have worked against opponents with almost full staminabar.

Energy = the bar that moves "over" your staminabar.

And if you kick or punch your opponents ribcage to bits and pieces, thus lowering his staminabar it gets alot easier to take his energy to zero.

I hope this can help.

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@k-out nice tips buddy i like them!!

K-Out 6 years ago


Thanks, just happy to contribute.

K-Out 6 years ago

Played against a friend a week ago and had a pretty fun moment I thought I'd share. After hours of intense and nice fights I took Mir and my mate Brock. The fight starts, we walk up to each other. I initiate single collar tie and directly goes for flying armbar. My mate goes: WTF!?!?!, forgets to shine and then you can guess the rest. We had a really great laugh.

The game is great singleplayer and I enjoy career alot. But it's when you clash with your friends, where this game gets golden.

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@k-out good comment totally agree,havent played it much of late as there is so many good games out at the moment,will get back into it soon.

Jeff 6 years ago

Hey K-Out- thanks for all the great tips. I'm still lovin' this game it has true staying power as both a gamer and an mma fan. I still get sumbitted too easily and have a poor ranked record but the game is great and I'm still seein' new stuff! Karo Perisyan reversed outta my reverse suplex by pushing one leg off the fence while going backwards then spun around in the air & landed on top of me- Sick!!

raw 6 years ago

Does anybody know how to get all of the extra moves like gsp's spinning kick and flying armbars???????

profile image

bigpappa 6 years ago

can any one give me tips of how to play online. I have a record of 0-17-0 and just cant seem to win. I have done the tutorials and when i play the cpu i win, but play a human get my butt kicked.I cant get out of the clinch and submissions.

jtgodwin0427 6 years ago

hey what do you mean wen you shine the opposite way of your oppenent how do i kno which way my opponent is turning his stick

K-Out 6 years ago


You dont have to, just shine the way you prefer, but if the opponent switches submisson you have to change direction. Example he starts off with an kimura, you shine clockwise, in the middle he changes to an armbar, you have to shine counterclockwise.

jtgodwin0427 6 years ago

okay coo thanks man

Jdelt001 6 years ago

Hey I started playing this ufc game and I have been doing the tutorials for submissions but it seems like I just can't ever figure out how to submit people or do the charge method no matter how Manu times I do the tutorial please help

Pumpin 6 years ago

ive been submited 10+ times in ranked matches the first 30secounds, why. i use Mir and its usauly against, Struve or Nogeria? i rotate the stick, and im left with stamina so is the oponent but i get submited?

how do the people submit me?

now i got 21Ko 13Tko 21Sub and still dont understand how i get submited

Troy 5 years ago

So im just wondering if you or anyone on this hub has a fight camp that i could join? style is usually very well rounded with at least 70 in all skills. i prefer to stand up and trade, have excellent ground/takedown defense and above average subs. jus let me know and thanks in advance.

wasabi lee 5 years ago

Please help I like the online game, but there are always guys that want to take me down And I always struggle to get back up but then they go right back to clinch and they take me down and they pass my guard really easy I try to flicker, but it doesn't work its fraustrating

Dan 4 years ago

Someone asked how to do reversals earlier...its easy, just as they move to transitions just flick the right stick any which way and if you time it right you will reverse them and transition into a dominant position. also your first transition from a reversal can not be blocked, only reversed...so take advantage of the free transition!

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