UFC Undisputed winning tips

UFC Undisputed 2009

UFC Undisputed 2009 is the game that mma fans have been waiting 5 years for and on the whole it doesn't disappoint, it has a great striking game and good ground controls but to be good at this game and to get a good record online you are going to need a few tips.I have been playing this game since release and am a big mma fan, I thought i was reasonably good when i first got ufc undisputed as i had been playing the demo for about 6 weeks prior to release but as soon as i got online with it i realised very quickly that there are some hardcore gamers out there who had all round skills so i needed to practice which i did and i got pretty good,My record with undisputed is roughly 20 wins and 10 losses so after all that practice i thought i would help others so listed below are my top 10 tips to win and keep winning.Happy gaming

Ufc Undisputed 2009


 Do not come out swinging for the fences as you will gas and leave yourself breathless and liable to be knocked out or submitted,Slow and cautious and then strike when it feels right not just swinging leg kicks at your opponents head as these will gas you quick.


 Learn the ground game  You need to if you are going to be an all rounder and compete with the top players, the best way to do this is to go into practice mode and get your cpu player to just put you on the ground all the time then push start to bring up a list of movements that are possible in your current position.


 Pick good all round fighters ideally with good submission defence and offence and high striking and kicking offence.So wherever the fight may end up you are gonna have the tools to deal with it, remember the higher the score in particular skills the easier it will be to pull of certain moves or to ko opponents


 Learn the secret moves....Each fighter has his own secret moves which are available on the internet or in the game guide (see later)


 When fighting online it tells you three different things about your opponent such as good ground fighter,exciting,ko specialist etc,plus check there win ratio and see how they got their wins ie ko or submission and then base your attack appropriately.


 Practice, Practice, Practice...I know it seems obvious but i spent literally 40-50 hrs on the demo alone and so far have spent about 10-15 hrs playing the full game and i have only had it for 5days.The Moves start to come very naturally after only a short while and whilst there are quite a few moves it does get easier.


 Learn transitions... the movements on the ground that get you in a better position to attack,learn how to do them quickly and efficiently and also how to reverse transitions so you can flip your opponent over or get back into full guard.The better you get at these the more wins you will get as you baffle your opponent on the floor.


 Learn the fighters.....As my friend found out to his dismay when he kept picking Brock lesnar because he was the only fighter he recognised due to wwf and i kept submitting him using frank Mir or Antonio nogueira,know your fighters then you will know your opponent that little bit better.That's all 80 of them people!!!!.As i say if you are a big mma fan in real life then you are already off to a head start.


 Wait for your opponent to gas...If you try and lock in a submission straight away 9times out of 10 you will fail,try waiting until your opponent has thrown a few kicks then take them down and submit them or wait till they try a few transitions,block their transitions then make them tap.


 Get the guide....Trust me its good it has all stats for the 16 skills for each individual fighter,so when your opponent has chosen who they want to use in that ranked match you set up then you can flick through the guide and check to see where his low defense is and make that the focal point of your attack,if his ground defense is below 60 then take that sucker down and ground and pound him.

Fight Camps

Just a quick note to say that there is a new ufc 2010 undisputed guide i have coming out in a few days and i also have a fight camp (Warchild's Warriors) if anyone is interested,no ego's no showing off just helping one another get better to crush our online foes. if anyone is interested in joining and improving their skills then hit me up with a friend request and a short message stating why you would like to join and we can go from there. Gamertag     warchild1975

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ps3 consoles 7 years ago

UFC is the best game out IMO, I love the game play and graphics, they are great, I give this game a 10/10 worth a buy. Big fan of this game, great moves, graphics etc. if you like boxing or UFC go get it. If you are a UFC fan or like playing boxing games etc then go buy this game, you will love it.

ANON 7 years ago

the ground game is pathetic i know alot of people who have shunned this game due to the ground game and even myself think its to hard to learn, would have been a good game but simply because of the GG its not.

MIke 7 years ago

dude hit me up on xbl gt- Michaelw187 i bet i can beat u

benny 7 years ago

anon ur just mad ur to dumb to learn the ground game

lucas 7 years ago

anon ur an idiot, if u didnt want GG why did u buy UFC and not boxing?

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 7 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

Anon. i think you need to peservere with the ground game as for a first go its pretty damn good.

Jon 7 years ago

I have to say that THQ outdid themselves on this one. Incredible game!



warchild75 profile image

warchild75 7 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

Jon: couldnt agree more, Cant wiat for the next installment.

If anyone wants a match up with me then hit me up,my gamertag is warchild75, not on too often at the mo but be good to see you guys on there

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 7 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

Sorry skidog24 although i agree with your comment i cant put it on here because of the language,but thanks anyway

guest 7 years ago

anon... haha you're just bein impatient, play career or go to tutorials, the game is just great after you learn everything needed.

dominic  7 years ago

in the carrer mode start with 5 training in the same camp then get a 80credits logo to put on your short. put it 10times on your short for the full carrer so you get 800credits extra for all figth to get better machine and get better faster. after your carrer is over change your short as you want to make them at your taste.

Boertjie 7 years ago

I am about to buy the game, cant wait

Rashe 7 years ago

UFC is the shit, my ground game is better then my standup, once you learn reversals then the ground game will be easier then stand up...Either way I'm 195-75-1, so anybody who wants it surely can come and get it.

sophie321 7 years ago

im 675-25-3 level 107. any challenger

TheParagon 7 years ago

so ANON, what your basically saying is that this games is 2 hard for you? if thats true then its not the game that sucks its that u suk at the game, im i right?

goldenchild72 7 years ago

The only people that dont like this game or talk shit about it is the ones that suck ass at it quit bitching about the game either you learn how to play or you don't, the game doesn't suck I didn't think so when I first got it and I sucked real bad at it especially online, but after practicing the shit I am now a rank 72 and love the game even more so learn or shut up............

Leo 7 years ago

I love this game best fightin game i've played in years. however the online gaming its good n all but i just hate the ppl that get bit up n disconnect from the internet to avoid loosin a match... to all of you that do that grow some "cojones" if you loose you loose.

deebo 2u 7 years ago

hey i bout this game to day how do u reverse once they get ontop of u for ps3

LosLeQ 7 years ago

UFC 2009 Undisputed is a great game! Havent played it in a few months now tho because of my connection, but I will surely begin soon again. My record is something like 1810-350-39. I lost a lot in the beginning, and I had lost many more than won. But then I learned the game, and as you see, I turned in pretty good. See ya around.

ray 7 years ago

hi my name is ray i really didnt care for the last ufc game but thq thanks u improved every thing i wanted and anon ill kick ure ass u suk my gamer tag is rayisthebomb18

Dan 7 years ago

Just got the game and loving it. Not played online as of yet but I'm loving the Career mode. Been knocked out ALOT, especially when i'm on top and then i get a sudden headkick and its all over LOL, gotta love it. :)

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 7 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

Glad to see you like it and are perservering with it.the second one will be out soon may i think,cant wait.

...PAIRAMA... 7 years ago


brandon 6 years ago

hey, I will surely destroy any of you maggots in undisputed 2010, hit me up, NarcoticBlack

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@brandon thats a bold statement my friend,i will indeed hit u.....up!!!

paladdin 6 years ago


HOW DO YOU INCREASE PRESSURE ??? I cant seem to get out of this or defend against this. Even though my ground grapple and clinch and submissions defence are high.

Is there some method or button/joystick combo im not doing ???

What is the best way to escape out of these

How do you change your position and transition on the floor

thanks alot.. your tips helped me out much x.

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

As far as im aware it is just rotating of the analogue stick but it all depends on how much stamina u have,play with the stamina bar on and when u get submitted i bet ur in the red!

mikek 6 years ago

i enjoy the game and am a fan of mma. i might be the only one but i wish the ground game was was more technical and complicating(crucifix straight arm bar or something), id like to control the fighter every step of the way.

chappa 6 years ago

i love this game and yet i am so poor haha i cant seem 2 win a fight! the subbmisions are hard 2 execute and 2 escape from..warchild do u have any good tips u can share?

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@chappa the submssions become a lot easier if u fight with the stamina bar on,as soon as u see ur opponents stamina hit red lock in a sub!!!

Chappa 6 years ago

warchild where u from mate? whats ya gamer tag and i will add u up..maybe a few fights for practice?

Chappa 6 years ago

i also have trouble on the ground! i am fine on offence but my defence game lets me down i need to practice a lot more lol

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@chappa if u go to my profile it tells u all about me,u can add me if u like dont know if i have any space at the moment thou, warchild1975 playing red dead redemption a lot at the moment instead of ufc

Chappa 6 years ago

no bother matey i am from uk to am from newcastle north east..add me up if u have space....IIx CHAPPA xII

Shadow 6 years ago

@warchild care if I hit you with a request on xbox live? I shrugged off UFC cause I got killed on the GG but am thinking about picking it back up, also I blast mad faces off on Red Dead.

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@shadow yeah u can do bud,my friends list is usually pretty full as u can imagine and i dont play ufc much at the mo,but do play red dead a lot,so send me a request letting me know who u are and i'll add u if i can.

shadow 6 years ago

come to think of it. I think weve shot each other up already on RDR

shadow 6 years ago


warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@shadow yeah we may of, i shoot at anyone that gets in my way.lol,yeah m8 we can hit it up on there,if my list is full i'll delete someone ok!

tony 6 years ago

this is annoying i neeed ur help im like 14- 45 -0 i suck and i need help plz

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@tony how do u keep losing,where is ur weakness?

rdr 6 years ago

hey how are yu

warchild75 profile image

warchild75 6 years ago from Worthing, west sussex, england Author

@rdr im fantastic and yourself???!!

rap 6 years ago

thanks for tha tips

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