Valentines Singamajig

Valentines Singamajigs
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The Valentines Singamajig

The sing a ma jigs Valentine’s Day is the newest edition to the Sing a ma jig singing plush toy collection. Introduced in 2010, the sing a ma jigs (often referred to as ‘singing thingamajigs ‘), are singing plush toys, complete with moving lips. Each with their own musical contribution and bright color. Singa ma Jigs can sing on solo or in tandem with other Sinagma jig toys.

Manufactured by Mattel, the singing thingamajigs are described as fun loving creatures (you can tell by their funky brightly colored argyle sweaters). The Valentines Singamajig however come dressed in a festive Valentines’ sweater with hearts. The main feature which sets the Valentines Singamajig apart from other singamajigs is his unique heart shaped hears and full red plush coat. The Singamajig Valentine performs a solo called Let Me Call You Sweetheart. This is an adorable gift for kids as much as it is for a loved one.

What Do Valentines SingaMaJigs Cost

Currently retails for $12.99 (As advertised 06.02.2011).

How Do Valentines Singa Ma Jigs Work

The Valentines Singamajigs function the same as all other Singamajig toys. They come with two modes of play, chatter mode and singing mode. Simply press the arm or the belly to activate the different modes. Each sing a ma jig toy comes programmed with its unique songs but when you put them together they form a sing a ma jig choir, each other’s melodies. The singamajigs do chatter but it’s in their own gibberish language which sounds like baby talk.

Pros and Cons of the Singamajig Plush Toys

Pros :

  • Detail of facial features like the open mouth when they sing.
  • Bright colors and funky sweaters amke each Singamajig appear uniqe and definetly eyecatching for Toddlers.


  • It may sound annoying having to listen to the same tune over again but this may appeal more to kids than to adults.

Valentines Singamajigs Video

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ariasnote 5 years ago

Very cute, especially for children! : ) Thanks for sharing.

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