How Much is a Two Dollar Bill Worth?

Shrouded with mystery and sometimes met with utter disbelief, the two dollar bill is quite possibly the most unique paper note currently circulating the United States. With an obverse portrait of Thomas Jefferson and a reverse depiction of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, two dollar bills are actually very pleasing to the eye. Unfortunately, its long running unpopularity results in very little usage in circulation today. This low rate of circulation inevitably results in misinformed beliefs that the bills are somehow rare or that they bring bad luck. While I can't vouch for their bringing of bad luck, I will say that there's no use in hoarding them because the two dollar bill value is simply that, two bucks! Well, for the most part that is... Keep reading to discover the history of this unique paper note and to uncover the actual answer to "How much is a 2 dollar bill worth"?


Two Dollar Bills
Two Dollar Bills

History of the Two Dollar Bill:

  • Before printed money was standardized and produced at a specific size, the two dollar bill spent its early life in the form of many different large note designs. The oldest of these large note variations dates back to 1862.
  • New legislation set forth in 1929 declared a standard printing size for paper money in the United States. At this time, the two dollar bill was converted to a smaller size. The modified notes were printed with red seals, an obverse portrait of Thomas Jefferson and a rendition of his home, Monticello, on the reverse of each bill. The red seals found on these two dollar bills indicates that they were United States Notes.
  • As a United States Note, the Two Dollar Bill was printed in three different series, dating 1928, 1953 and 1963. The Two Dollar Bill was later discontinued in 1966 due to its unpopularity as an available circulation note.
  • For ten years the 2 Dollar Bill remained discontinued. It was later reintroduced in 1976 as a Federal Reserve Note. As such, the seal was changed from red to green. This signified that the bill was no longer a United States bill. While the Thomas Jefferson obverse remained the same, the reverse of the bill was changed to its current Declaration of Independence illustration.


Obverse and Reverse of 1976 Two Dollar Bill
Obverse and Reverse of 1976 Two Dollar Bill
1953 Red Seal Two Dollar Bill
1953 Red Seal Two Dollar Bill
1953 Red Seal Two Dollar Bill Reverse
1953 Red Seal Two Dollar Bill Reverse

Value of Two Dollar Bills:

Since the 1976-Present Two dollar Bills are still legal circulation tender, they are worth a whopping $2. Although it may seem like you’ve stumbled on an eye appealing treasure, the truth of the matter is it's not valuable and should be spent like any other paper money. There’s no need to hoard or collect a bunch of 1976-Present Two Dollar Bills.

If on the other hand, you find yourself with a Red Seal Two Dollar Bill, it might be worth tucking away. The Red Seal Two Dollar bills from 1928-1966 won’t make you a millionaire by any means, but they do contain more value than their current counterparts. Here’s a complete 2 Dollar Bill Value list for specimens in crisp Uncirculated Condition.

  • 1928– Red Seal. Valued $10-20
  • 1953 – Red Seal. Valued at $4-6
  • 1963 – Red Seal. Valued at $4-6
  • 1976-Present – Valued at $2


Overall, most Two Dollar bills are perfect for spending like regular cash. In fact, many people find them easier to use than the standard One Dollar Bill. Maybe if enough people start spending these cool dollars, they’ll gain the popularity and we’ll start to see them in circulation more frequently, hopefully eliminating the urban legends that surround them. Thanks for reading, How much is a 2 Dollar Bill Worth.

2 Dollar Bill Fun Fact -

Since Two Dollar Bills are so lightly circulated, they have an average life span of 6 years. This is compared to its One Dollar counterpart, which only lasts an average of 10 months!

If you've enjoyed my article on how much is a two dollar bill worth, I invite you to take a look at my other great articles. I'll admit, beyond two dollar bill values, I'm not really one for paper money. What I am knowledgeable about is coins, so you'll find a whole mess of articles on America's past and present coinage!

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Comments 36 comments

YadiraE profile image

YadiraE 5 years ago from Puerto Rico

My dad has a bunch of these. Unfortunately they are the 1976-Present 2 dollar bills. They are still pretty cool!! Great Hub!!!

Joe Macho profile image

Joe Macho 5 years ago from Colorado Author

That's pretty cool. I was also reading that a lot of these make it outside the continental US. I guess you're proof to it. Take care and thanks for the feedback.

Stacie L profile image

Stacie L 5 years ago

well the title caught my eye since I have a few but alas,they are from 1976- not worth more than face value and even less with inflation. LOL

Collector 5 years ago

I sold my red marked 2 dollar bill for $50!

Joe Macho profile image

Joe Macho 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Stacie L - Well at least you have some extra spending money now. If you want more, all you have to do is ask the bank.

Collector - Thanks for stopping by. That's good to hear, there might be more value than I researched.

Denise 5 years ago

I have 3 two dollars bills that r 1953 and have a red seal...

KennyK 5 years ago

I'm always asking for unusual coins and/or $2 bills whenever I go to the local credit union. One night (July 2011), right before closing time, I went in to check and they said they had amongst them were two 1928 $2 bills and one 1953 $2 bill. Another guy seen that they were red seal and asked to buy them off of me. We negotiated and settled on $26...$10 each for the 1928s and $6 for the 1953! I was very happy to get that good of price right away for them, so we both walked away happy! :) I have a couple more 1953s that I've picked up recently. Note: Not only are the bills worth more if they have a red seal, but also if they have a star at the end of the serial number, as this indicates an error bill. Happy hunting!! :)

Joe Macho profile image

Joe Macho 5 years ago from Colorado Author

KennyK - Hey man, what a sweet story. Sometimes it really does pay to ask the bank for oddities! As for the star at the end of the serial number, it means that the particular serial number has been printed twice. A damaged bill will return and be destroyed, only to have a new bill printed with the same serial number and a star. If I can recall, the mint only produces 'star notes' when all the serial numbers for a particular series have been used up. You are right that they are more rare though!

Angelique Loux profile image

Angelique Loux 5 years ago from Ohio

very useful I voted it up!

Zach 5 years ago

I have 2 2 dollar bills each from 2003.are they wiry anything?

Joe Macho profile image

Joe Macho 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Zach - Hey, thanks for reading and your comment. The two dollar bills that you have from 2003 unfortunately aren't worth more than $2. Spend them as you would any other cash.

Levi 4 years ago

A favorite activity of mine is to go to the bank and ask for several $2 bills (sometimes up to $20 worth) that I will spend as cash for the next week or so. It's usually the young cashiers who get excited or worried when they see them. People think they're collectors items or something. (They're not... they're always 1976 or later.)

That's rather annoying. I try to get them into circulation and the person behind the counter pockets them. They do the same with dollar coins.

unknow 4 years ago


Curious 4 years ago

I was reading the comments and it got me wondering. I have a red seal 1963 2 dollar bill with the serial # A02175659 and I was wondering if anyone would know the value on it. Thanks!

iceman00 4 years ago

So I got like 20 of the 1953 $2 bills red seal all of them ranging from A.B.C series and a couple with stars. I'm not sure what they are worth or how to sell them if they are worth something.

Joe Macho profile image

Joe Macho 4 years ago from Colorado Author

iceman00 - Sounds like you have a nice collection of two dollar bills! The star notes are of a slighter degree of rarity compared to the notes without stars on the serial numbers. If you're interested in selling them, I would recommend finding a reputable coin dealer in your area. Generally, they will give you a fair price for the notes you have. Good luck and thanks for reading.

Pheng 3 years ago

I got a 2 dollar bill it 1976 but it as a star with the series # how much would it value at?Please help me?

Joe Macho profile image

Joe Macho 3 years ago from Colorado Author

Pheng - Without seeing the condition of the bill, it's fairly hard to put a value with it. In mint condition, the star note 2 dollar bill could fetch upwards of $30-40. Your best bet is to locate a reputable coin dealer and have them take a look!

Flea will 3 years ago

I have a 1976 two dollar bill, it's shape is different, were there any misprinted bills.

carmelo cottone 3 years ago

I have saveral new issued 1976 two dollar bills with a 13 cent cancalled postage stamp of President Kennedy dated april 13 by the post office in houston texas. what are worth. thanks melcottone

june 3 years ago

I have a two dollar bill with a green star . Does anyone know anything about it

Joe Macho profile image

Joe Macho 3 years ago from Colorado Author


The green star on your two dollar bill means that the serial number has been reused. These bills are sought after and do carry a slight premium if in good condition.

Theresa 2 years ago

I have some Texas Twos in consecutive number order from 1995 made in Fort Worth Tx are they worth anything more then $2.00?

Joe Macho profile image

Joe Macho 2 years ago from Colorado Author

Theresa - It really depends on how many consecutive two's you have, and how good of condition they're in. Other than that, there is a market for these, but don't expect a huge return.

David - Texas Scratch Pad 2 years ago

Enjoyed your site. Must add that I have been selling $2 bills on Ebay for a long time. The good news, is that banks HATE $2 bills! As long as they don't like them, I will sell'em.

From 1976 to 2013 star notes that some bring over $100.00!

Special serial numbers called "book ends" & "radar", mule notes, cut errors, mistakes with printing, number arrangement in serial numbers, and the list goes on.

So when people say that a 1976 and up $2 is worth $2 dollars, most are, but there are some that will sell well beyond $2 dollars.

Thanks and God Bless!

Peter 2 years ago

Hi Joe,

I have two dollar bill series 1976 with stamp date from post office (03/27/1976). Do you have any idea the two dollar bill worth?


Joe Macho profile image

Joe Macho 2 years ago from Colorado Author

David - Thanks for the feedback! It's great to hear that you're making some extra money in a niche market. Props to ya.

Sheila Wilson 2 years ago

I have a 1928 Two Dollar bill with a red seal, What is it worth.

Robert J Smith 2 years ago

I picked up some 2dollar bills with gold lettering 2009 any i deals

maunderingcabal profile image

maunderingcabal 24 months ago from Yigo, Guam

Nice short hub, I wish I could find a red seal $2, I've only seen one or two of these. My grandfather gave me one, and it's beat up.

Dman 23 months ago

I have 2 green seal 2 dollar bills with star notes wonder how much they are worth?

sam 20 months ago

I have a few uncirculated $2 dollar bills from 1776 still n the leather case with papers of authenticity are they worth anything

antiionette 18 months ago

I have a 2003 2$ bill with the aerial # f00046668a is this worth anything?

John 14 months ago

The back of the bill is NOT the signing of the Declaration of Independence; it is the presentation of a draft of the document to the Continental Congress. Everyone makes that mistake. People also think they're valuable, but unless they have that red seal, they are worth $2. Saw an exceptional documentary about $2 bills recently and it is amazing how much I learned while also being very entertained.

Patty hughes 12 months ago

I have two dollar bills that have a green star above the presidents head can u tell me what this means

Ralph 7 months ago

I have 2, 2 dollar bills, 2003 serial # I12107732B, I12107733B

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