Vendel the Armorsmith - The Scavenged Scabbard - Wandering Merchant Event Guide - Diablo 3

This guide will cover the wandering merchant, Vendel the Armorsmith and his associated event, The Scavenged Scabbard in Diablo 3, providing information on how to locate the npc and complete the objectives. These characters are usually found randomly in locations outside of each act's towns and often have their own mini quests you must complete in order to access their wares and services.

Where to find Vendel the Armorsmith

In the Northern Highlands region which is passed through during the Trailing the Coven quest, there is a randomly spawning dungeon known as the Watch Tower. If it does spawn, which it can be a little uncommon at times, it will be to the northwest side of the Northern Highlands against the edge of the map. If you find the dungeon, make your way to the second level to meet Vendel and help him out with his event quest, The Scavenged Scabbard. You can farm this location during the quest by hitting the checkpoint on the stony steps which link the Northern Highlands to Leoric's Hunting Grounds and remaking your game until found.

This is one of the wandering merchants you must find for the Market Research achievement.

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Vendell the Armorsmith in the Watch Tower level 2.Armorer's Bane, Harrower of Filth.The Jeweled Scabbard.
Vendell the Armorsmith in the Watch Tower level 2.
Vendell the Armorsmith in the Watch Tower level 2.
Armorer's Bane, Harrower of Filth.
Armorer's Bane, Harrower of Filth.
The Jeweled Scabbard.
The Jeweled Scabbard.

The Scavenged Scabbard

"Greetings, friend. One of those dirty scavengers stole an ancient, extremely rare scabbard from me. I followed him in here, but then I lost him. Perhaps you could find it for me."

Upon starting the event, Vendell will join your group and follow you around, all though without actually contributing anything to the fight. Haedrig thinks this guy is a big wussy, since he even managed to help you kill his own zombified wife and neighbors with his blacksmith's hammer, while this jackass won't lift a finger to retrieve his own priceless artifact. Damn dude.

Find the Jeweled Scabbard

Either way, clear out the second level of Watch Tower for this waste of space, which shouldn't take long since this level is usually relatively small. You are looking for a unique scavenger who will likely be off to the side in one of the darkened hallways (see video or pics) named Armorer's Bane. It seems to have a single knockback special attack, but nothing particularly dangerous. Kill it along with the Burrowing Leaper buddies and retrieve the scabbard lying on the ground.

Once you've completed the event, you'll get the typical gold and experience reward while gaining access to Vendell's wares, which consist of the occasional rare weapon, a selection of armors and a repair service. Finally, you will also find that the journal Scabbard of Talic the Defender drops from the armorsmith.

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Crap 4 years ago

Crap guide

SOE profile image

SOE 4 years ago Author

Other than adding pictures and a bit more info on finding the dungeon itself (which I am coming back to do) is there something I am missing about this event?

Jade 4 years ago

Finding the dungeon is easy. Maybe if you could tell us some instances the armorer WONT spawn so we dont waste our time running though or more likely configs he will spawn.

Vince 4 years ago

The guy is not spawning for me, I went to the dungeon 5 times and he isn't showing up....

SOE profile image

SOE 4 years ago Author

The dungeon (like most non story line ones) is completely random generated, if he isn't showing up then it just means you didn't "roll" him that game. There is no configuration of the map that will decide whether or not he spawns, especially in the Northern Highlands besides the tile area where the dungeon spawns itself, and that just being whether the dungeon is there or not.

It's not like you can enter level 1 of the Watch Tower, see one specific layout or "marker", and that automatically means he is on the second level.

DD 4 years ago

20 tries and got it

profile image

TigerDoc 4 years ago

One very very important thing has been left out of this however .... Vendel the Weaponsmith is the ONLY Merchant that SELLS Monk Spirit Stones for the "Shut Up and Take My Money!" Achievement

iam8up 4 years ago

The vendor doesn't always sell Spirit Stones. It took me two times of doing the event to buy the item. Took me ~20 games to find the dungeon three or four times.

asd 4 years ago

Killed the scavenger and Vendel disappeared. Took 3 hours ~60-70 games to even get the Vendel spawn in the Watchtower.

NES 4 years ago

tower lies in the Southern Highlands as of patch 1.0.5

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