Vintage Fireplace Bellows Are Becoming A Collectors Item

There are many different styles of vintage fireplace bellows available if you know where to look for them. Antique stores, both online and in the real-world brick-and-mortar locations will provide a plethora of vintage fireplace accessories including unique and vintage fireplace bellows.

Fireplace bellows are made of flat wood pieces to help the ‘bladder’ fill with air, which is usually made of leather or vinyl, a brass valve in which the air is pushed out of and two handles to help ‘pump’ the bellow full of air and then expel the air onto the fire. Many are very decorative with intricate detailed carvings or up-raised scenes of taverns or ‘hunts’.

Much of the vintage fireplace bellows available today have been restored to their natural condition by trained antique restorers, because of the sensitive materials used in fireplace bellows: leather, wood and brass nails, they need to be replaced because preservation was not a major concern back in the 18th and 19th centuries. Restoration of a vintage bellow may reduce the overall cost of the item in some cases, in others it may raise the value of the item, and it depends on what type of vintage fireplace bellows they are and where they come from.


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