How To Decorate Your Kids Room With Vintage Toys

How to Decorate Your Kids Room

Kid’s room is a place where you can let creativity run wild. Allow your children to help in the process of decorating their room. The sky is really the limit when it comes to kid’s room decoration ideas. Decorating the kid’s room is a chance to be creative, have some fun and decorate in a way you probably wouldn't in any other room in the house. I am sure you will get inspired by the cool kid’s room decorating ideas that have been included here. Redecorating your kid’s room every year or two is really wasteful. Try to design a room that has got more staying power. Once your child outgrows the baby phase, start thinking of such a room. This type of adjustments would teach your kids to be responsible and satisfied, rather than always wanting more.

Things to consider while preparing kids room

The rules that follow would help you prepare a wonderful room for your children.

  • Allow your children to put their own stamp on the decorating scheme. This would make them more likely to take care of it.
  • Keep things like Closet storage, benches and coat racks at your kid’s height so that they would help them stay organized.
  • Ask them to keep their rooms tidy by making sure there's a place for everything.
  • Provide basic safety measures in the kid’s room to keep them safe from harm.
  • Make separate zones for sleeping, working and playing with functional furniture and fun accessories.
  • There are some paints that glow in the dark. Paint something interesting like stars and moon or something similar on the ceiling of their room that would attract them. This will make them excited about switching off the lights at night.
  • When selecting temporary wall tattoos, think of big. Let your kid have fun decorating their room with them. This will help your child’s imagination run wild.
  • Your child may have a collection of pictures or something similar. Instead of sticking them to a corkboard, hang them from strings in front of a window or clip them to a string along the wall to create an interactive border to the room.
  • Instead of incorporating the traditional growth chart, you can make something different by putting your child's handprint on the wall every month. This is also a wonderful way to watch them grow.
  • Don’t forget to include reading light along with the multiple kinds of lighting in the kid's room.

Modern Kids Bedrooms Designs

Decorating Your Kids Room With Vintage Toys

You may be having at least some vintage toys at home and it may be left out in boxes or thrown in some side of the house. These can be made useful by incorporating them in vintage style baby decor. Vintage toys can also be used for making a unique room with nursery themes.

When we plan for a vintage nursery decoration, isolate the main favourite things and then put on your ideas to work out. This is a great opportunity for you to put your ancestor’s baby dolls on display. If you can put forth your ancestor’s picture along with these dolls, it will be a very lovely scene as well as a focal point for the viewers. This is a way to give a way of your family history to your infant as well as fun. Nursery themes usually make use of vintage baby items. You must learn how to clean your toys with care so that they may not lose their value and look rusty or dusty.

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Ideas on How to Decorate Your Infant Rooms

If you have some Mexican toys to display and woven blankets, then keep them in the south- western room of your house. You can place the cooking toys in a corner so that it may look like a baby kitchen.

You can also put the themes of circus in the room by placing the circus posters and wagon toys to decorate your circus theme. For Vintage Deere Nursery themes you can use john deer tractor vintage toys. You can use fairy theme using pictures. Disney Collectibles can be used to decorate the nursery. Some of them are discussed below.


You can hang the articles of the baby clothing on some wire hangers with large bows made of satin. You can also display the clothing on the wooden wall pegs as well. You can also place some family photos in silver frames. If you do have problems in Victorian style of arrangement, you can refer some articles which are self explanatory and help you to do the same.

Circus nursery

A super scene can be made by arranging baby bedding sets with framed pictures as well as banners. You can also use these collections on the shelf and step aside to enjoy the show yourself.


You can make an arrangement for an old style room with toy soldiers, drums and flags which are also another way to introduce the country's history to your infant.


Disney movie posters can also be used with so many nursery accessories if you want to make the things more colourful. Selections can be made depending on whether your child is a girl or a boy.

Above mentioned are some of the ways by which certain things can be used for decorating your projects. You can look for magazines that contain pictures of tastefully decorated rooms that use antiques and other old stuff as accessories to get ideas and have fun.

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