Waking Nightmare (Skyrim walkthrough)

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Waking Nightmare (Skyrim Mission Walkthrough)

To start the Waking Nightmare skyrim mission you need to go to the town of Dawnstar. Here you will hear how the citizens are suffering from terrible nightmares, after this you can speak to Erandur, a Mara priest, to start the Waking Nightmares mission. He says he fears that the daedric lord Vaermin is behind this all, and that the source is an item called the Skull of Corruption in a nearby temple, called Nightcaller temple.

Mission objectives:

1. – Follow Erandur to Nightcaller Temple

2. – Speak to Erandur

3. – Follow Erandur

4. - Follow Erandur to the Library

5. – Speak to Erandur

6. – Locate “The Dreamstride”

7. – Speak to Erandur

8. – Follow Erandur to the Laboratory

9. – Locate Vaermina’s Torpor

10. – Speak to Erandur

11. – Drink Vaermina’s Torpor

12. – Release the Miasma

13. – Disable the Magical Barrier

14. – Speak to Erandur

15. – Follow Erandur to the Skull of Corruption

16. – Defeat Veren and Thorek

17. – Speak to Erandur

18. – Wait for Erandur to Dispel the Barrier – Murder or Allow Erandur to Complete His Ritual

1. Follow Erandur to Nightcaller Temple

After speaking to Erandur, he will ask you to follow him to the nearby Nightcaller temple. Be prepared for the three frost trolls which await you outside the entrance to the temple.

2. Speak to Erandur

When you have reached the entrance, Erandur will warn you of the dangers which lay ahead, both Orcs and Vaermina’s devotees; which he says have been put to sleep with a gas called The Miasma. A gas which was released when a horde of Orcs invaded the temple sometime in the past.

3. Follow Erandur

Erandur will perform a Mara ritual to grant you access to the temple, be prepared to fight Orcs and Vaermina’s priests once inside. You will find a barrier which you cannot pass, but Erandur has an idea and you both set course for the library. It becomes evident that Erandur has lots of information regarding this place, and he reveals that he once was a priest of Vaermin.

4. Follow Erandur to the Library

Fight your way to the library, which has been mostly destroyed by Orcs, evident by all the burnt literature spread around in the room.

5. Speak to Erandur

Speaking to Erandur, he will tell you of a technique called “The Dreamstride”, which might allow you to gain access past the hidden barrier.

6. Locate “The Dreamstride”

Erandur asks you to look for the book called “The Dreamstride”, it is located on the upstairs balcony, right above the lower floor. Reading it you will learn more about the technique called Dreamstride, which allows a subject to partake in someones dream, past or present.

7. Speak to Erandur

Give the book to Erandur, and he will tell you more about the Dreamstride technique, and that you will need a special potion called Vaermina’s Torpor.

8. Follow Erandur to the Laboratory / 9. Locate Vaermina’s Torpor / 10. Speak to Erandur / 11. Drink Vaermina’s Torpor

Erandur thinks there might a potion in the nearby laboratory and you both venture there, fight off the orcs and vaermina priests before starting to look for the Vaermina’s Torpor potion (it looks like a regular potion bottle.). After finding it and speaking to Erandur, it quickly becomes clear that you are the test subject in this experiment. He asks you to trust him and drink the potion to enter the Dreamstride. Ps – Be sure to pick up the Daedra Hearts ingredient located around in the lab, these are extremely rare, and this is a great location for finding them.

12. Release the Miasma

After drinking the potion you will find yourself in the body of a Vaermina priest at the time of when the Orc invasion occurred. Speaking to two of your friends, they will tell you that the only option is to release the gas. Make your way past the fighting orcs and priests to a chain which will active the gas which is known as the Miasma.

13. Disable the Magical Barrier

After waking up from the dream, your physical self has amazingly enough moved beyond the barrier to the exact position in which you were in the dream, thus allowing you to remove the soul gem which has created the magical barrier. Remove it to disable the barrier and let Erandur enter the room.

14. Speak to Erandur / 15. Follow Erandur to the Skull of Corruption

Speaking to Erandur he will tell you that you were gone only for a minute or so before suddenly appearing behind the barrier. There will be a couple of more powerful Orcs and Vaermina priests now, so prepare for a fight. After fighting these adversaries you will reach the room adjacent to the room where the Skull of Corruption is kept. As you approach the pedestal you are suddenly approached by Veren Dulari and Thorek which you will recognize from your dreamstride. Erandur or brother Casimir which you learn is his past identity; the body which you inherited during your dreamwalk.

16. Defeat Veren and Thorek

Veren Dulari and Thorek are the bosses of this mission, and provide quite a fight, so make sure you come prepared to this fight. A good advice would be to equip shock resistant gear as shock spells are their main form of attacks.

17. Speak to Erandur / 18. Wait for Erandur to Dispel the Barrier – Murder or Allow Erandur to Complete His Ritual

Erandur admits feeling sad after having to have fought and killed his two best friends, and wonders if it is a punishment from Mara. Here comes your most important choice of the whole mission… after Erandur dispels the barrier protecting the Skull of Corruption, the voice of the daedric lord Vaermina speaks to you telling you that Erandur is deceiving you and will kill you after he has performed the ritual. So, either murder him before he has completed the ritual or allow him to complete the ritual which will destroy it.

! It should be mentioned that the Staff of Corruption is a daedric item, and if you choose not to acquire it, you may find it very hard to finish the Oblivion walker achievement (not that it really matters).

19. Speak to Erandur (Unless you chose to murder him obviously)

Erandur will now be available as a travelling companion, and can be found at the entrance of Nightcaller Temple should you require his services.

Rewards: Erandur (Companion) or Staff of Corruption (Daedric item)


Q - Should I kill Erandur or let him finish the ritual??

A - As answered in the text above, the morally right thing to do is to let him live and finish the ritual, but if you want the daedric item you must take him out before he is able to finish the ritual which will destroy the Skull of Corruption.

Q - Is the Skull of Corruption a daedric weapon?

A - Yes, it is a daedric staff weapon which casts up to 50 damage (when empowered by people sleeping, i.e. when used at nighttime). It is one of the 15 available daedric weapons.

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