WalkThrough for Aurum Blade Part 1 Stone Blade Dungeon

Start the game of Aurum Blade, and I selecte the character of Sigmund.

We come out to save the girl, and the first fight is against three skeletons, but it is a trap, and we got hit down by the enemy, and this is the very beginning of the game.

Quest 1: New Weapon

Need us to get equipment from the weapons merchant.

Direction: W-S to Shining Dawn Village, there is a question mark on the merchant's head.

Quest 2: Simon's Call

Meet Simon at the endo of the way to the tower.

Direction: N to the way to the Tower, Simon is at the north edge.

Quest 3:To the Philosopher's Tower

Go inside the Tower

Direction: N-N-E TO Place of Beginning 3, some voice told us not to go further

Quest 4: To the Next Floor

Now we need ignore the voice and go to the 2nd floor in the Philosoper's Tower.

Direction: E-E-W to the Place of Power 4, open a box and a Robot will come out.

Quest 5: Suspicious Symbol

Bring the unrecognizable seal to Simon

Direction: we can use the town scroll to go back to town and go to the library for Simon

Quest 6: Seal of the Stone Blade

Now we use the seal to open the Stone Blade Gate.

Direction: leave the library and go N to Way to the Tower, the stone blade gate has a question mark on it.

Quest 7: A New Force

Clear the Stone Blade Dungeon

Direction: Talk to the Stone Blade Gate to get in the Dungeon.

The 1/5 Trial of the Stone Blade is to kill 15 Cave Lizardmen. Kill them all to open the way to next trial.

The 2/5 Trial of the Stone Blade is to kill 15 Lizardman Warriors.

The 3/5 Trial of the Stone Blade is to kill 15 Mutant Lizardmen.

The 4/5 Trial of the Stone Blade is to kill 15 Ancient Lizardmen.

The 5/5 Trial of the Stone Blade is to kill 5 stone Guardians, finally we don't need to deal with the Lizards.

And now we have conquered the Stone Blade Dungeon. As a reward, now we can summon Stone Guardian to help us during the fight.Now go back to Simon to Finish the Quest.

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nice guide.

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