WalkThrough for Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel 01

Quest 04: Mercenary Emblem

We got a Mercenary Emblem from Darius, now we need to figure it out how to use the emblem and then return to Darius. Just use the Shadow Mercenary Emblem and now we get a new Mercenary who is a lv.2 priest.And now we finish this quest.

Quest 05: Shadow Tribe Leader's Mission

We need to take Janus' recommendation letter to Leham who is at Hanun Forest 1.

Direction: SE-then we will finish the quest when we walk into the middle of the map and meet the Leham.

Quest 06: Leham's Request

Now Leham request us to find Wizard Grumman who is in the Hanun Forest 2

Direction: go E2 and the Wizard Grumman is on the right-upper corner of the map.

Quest 07:Isolated Grumman

Wizard Grumman need us to kill 5 wild wolves in Hannun Forest 2. It is the same map, so we just need to kill 5 wolves.

Quest 08:Lehman's Request

Now we just need to go back to the Hannun Forest 1 to speak to Lehman.

Direction: go W to the Hannun Forest 1.

Quest 09: Channel Rescue Operation

Lehman need us to save the Channel in Arnen Castle and return to the Empire by going through the leap-gate.

Direction: W-W and we can finish this quest.

Quest 10: Channel Rescue Operation 2

Now we need to kill 8 Arnen Sentinels in the same map.

Quest 11: Channel Rescue Operation 3

Now we need to save the Channel on our own.

Direction: W-N-S and we found sergeant Lehman and finished this quest.

Quest 12 Channel Rescue Operation 4

Now we need to escape the Channel go to the leap-gate.

Direction: E-E-to the boss fight! The boss Shin has double swords, and can use an area attack. Be careful of the Hp and remember to change the character to keep the HP line.

Quest 13: Kamuran's Secret Base

Now we need to go to the Kamuran's Secret Base to use the emergency leap gate.

Direction: E-S-to the base

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Comments 47 comments

Lol 4 years ago

Im stuck when i lose with girl that i have to fight while the other try to fix leap gate, and when i try to play anf fight with her again, seems like nobody at the leap gate, i don't know, imma stuck here

Shin 4 years ago

me to, I go to the leap gate and nothing happens.. I can see the entrance where its supposed to be, but rock doesn't move, so not sure how to enter..

Blitz 4 years ago

i am stuck in defeating mutated abott and i have defeated the girl while we have to fix the gate

Rolando 4 years ago

How do i beat forces of evil

tina 4 years ago

What is se? What is e2?

Floyd 4 years ago

anyone beat the dark forces of evil? it keeps regen hp when the health bar reach in the middle.

Hangga 4 years ago

I already beat the dark forces and beat the game..

When it's hp go low keep attack and don't forget to kill the dark warriors and priests

I think the priest is the one that make the dark force's hp regen

Tristan 4 years ago

WHere is joshs

body in the maze of deatg

Alex 4 years ago

I beat this game a week after it came out, no idea how the ending works though... He ends up stuck in his memory layer and we don't find out what happens to the channel...?

Kamezama 4 years ago

you should keep continuing the quest and you will fight Darius and Portia but the last stage was to kill your own shadow. I can't defeat it because skills are too strong and i only resist his damage within two hits. what should I do?

Jasper 4 years ago

Stuck at the sealed rooms the one with north east south west rooms as they call it four seal center can't seem to proceed and don't know what to do. Any ideas?

Help me. 4 years ago

I can't seem to beat my own shadow at the end. Way to strong. Help please ?

melkaz 4 years ago

where is the eternal world

Game freak 201 4 years ago

Somebody please. Help me how to finish the mission in pendik village what to do I am stuck badly please please help:)

Game freak 201 4 years ago

The bandit doesnot fight me the boss what do I do? Please up to date info:(

Game freak 201 4 years ago

The redhood bandit boss help

Dom 4 years ago

The purity stone protectors, please help, can't beat!

ira 4 years ago

if you can't beat the monsters try leveling first..if the monster lvl is 50 then your lvl should be at least 53+ and upgrade your wepon and armor..use pots frequently...if its really hard then try archer then hit and run...^^

profile image

babii3boo 4 years ago

Can someone please tell me how to get to the Steel Gate to rescue the Elder, i keep going to the Fort of Screams and that's all i can't find the Steel Gate, help?

rainier 4 years ago

Like Lol and shin im stuck on the same stage.... Hangga how did you finished the game and how did you go to the leap gate with elinia

krakenhook 4 years ago

any warlocks need help?

i got a strategy it called the coward one

its easy

1 get close t your enemy

2 blood curse

3 run around

4 touch of agony

5 again

6 again

7 may i stop now?

Gregiroo 4 years ago

Black Knight is the best Character! just stand without attacking your enemy while they hitting you and you just have to activate molten armor..just Improve your armor.. IMBA!!!

don'tgotnoname 4 years ago

I've beaten dragon king alexander but lost the channel shortly after.....now my quest is to find her with absolutely no directions.......anybody got a map???

profile image

HamoNinja 4 years ago

Anyone know how please to escape from the Eternal Forest please??

I have been going round in circles for the last 2wks its driving me crazy...!!

Ive tried to find forums where I can get assistance but nothing until I stumbled across this forum...


ps: I am Warlock on level 84 presently


m15 3 years ago

im stock in tomb of ressurection i don't know how to go again in the room of ribirth

lol 3 years ago

Im stuck on 5th quest i can't get true the barricade

profile image

HamoNinja 3 years ago

Hi all intrepid adventurers...

Im still stuck in the Eternal Forest (1-2) really would appreciate some guidance or feedback on how to get out of the "endless" doom!!!!!

Please, help!!!

Please, help!!!

Please, help!!!


Jay R 3 years ago

LVL 102 warlock! the doppelganger is unbeatable especially when he transform into a monster.... i just can't defeat it

Kiyan 3 years ago

where can i find the royal dagger??

grisia 3 years ago

i can't kill the dragon alexander..

assassin kiyan 3 years ago

Where is eara (the channel), i has finish all stage . And eara has been sacrificed by kiyan's brother , could you tell me how?

Eugene 3 years ago

Where is the revealed spy duhammel ?

kiro 2 years ago

if you are a assassin use whist then wait for the time when whist nearly expires then use assasins sword then go back to whist repeat this until you kill boss

tyki mikk 2 years ago

tyki here kung assassin kayo madali LNG un. just whist and use assassin sword and whist and assassin sword again and again.

for warlock

kung warlock kayo.use curse blood make sure layout hahabulin ng boss para maka hit ng hit sung pt no.

sung naligaw as forest bsdshim no sung quest no nandun kasi un mag papaikot ikot ka dun pag d ka mag basa.

kiyan 2 years ago

How can i fimd the secret passage way at the pendik village? Im stuck-__ wtff

Anonymous 2 years ago

I was fighting the chick at the Leap-Gate in Karuman and was losing a lot. But now when I try to go back to fight her again, she's gone! What happened?? There is nothing to click on, the area is just empty.

louie 2 years ago

i already finish the games after memory layer tons of quest and no new quest about the channel boring in the end

einhinder 2 years ago


Just follow the path to the right side

ayoe zaw ayue moe 23 months ago

Can't beat cornette! Somebody pls help

dika 22 months ago

I stuck in royal dagger quest,how can i complete it?

deny hendra 22 months ago

stuck on purity stone quest. can"t speak to stone. help !

kiyan 19 months ago

Is there anything left to the story after the memory floors?? Im a warlord lvl 105 in the second memory floor. To all others I killed my shadow and the monster with warlord plus skilled warrior and ranger. The bosses give out purple equipment. Try to collect some. You just need to be patient and kill them enough times so they give you some. Good luck.

Ps. I was an assassin before qnd couldnt beat the shadow no matter what. I love the warlord. Try it ;) also I also trained to be five lvls ahead of the current common monsters so the bosses were easy.

Syren Snow 17 months ago

Ok have been stuck tryna beat the dark forces of evil for 2 days im level 105 with all stats in favour of my strength & vitality & badass defence armour etc etc. Any recommendations on necessary party members or tactics i should be trying? Im usually pretty adept for a femme gamer but this is easily become the most unnecessarily difficult boss ever. Help.

Ridwane Rashid Raadh 11 months ago

What the Hell!!!I have defeated the final boss of kiyans memory lair The boss named Shadow of Darkness of level 107,Now I have returned to Elina and Elina brings me to the real world.But why the real world is in the Mental world?And it says the end of the game.But why can't I go back to the real world and save the channel?????

deadpool2999 2 months ago

Hey, why can't you finish the game? Also you can get SHIN as your mercenary. Or also you can get me as mercenary. Because I'm DEADPOOL !!!! "THE MERC WITH A MOUTH!!!!"

Pwnobbypure 2 months ago

Strange Town quest is broken for me, when I go into the mist village Claude has a quest marker above her head but when I talk to her she says that she's said enough to me or some shit and the quest doesn't progress. Also I've tried going every direction and each one is blocked of by barricade....

liz 5 weeks ago

how do i destroy the spell in bone orc district quest? says north side of the altar but nothing's there at the altar

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