WalkThrough for Zenonia 4: Return of the Legend of Gamevil 05


Chapter Six: A New Beginning

Quest 1: Readying for Battle

We are now ready to go to a new castle, now we need to find Elisa at the Eastern Gate.

Direction: go S-E to the Scorched Forest South, there we can find Elisa.

Quest 2: To Aria Castle

This is the time we go to Aria Castle. The Royal Guards are at the Aria Castle Temporary Camp.

Direction: go E-S-E-S-E to the Arie Castle, the Royal Guards Output is in the right side of the Castle.

Quest 3: For the Greater Good

We need to recheck the Collapsed Hidden Dungeon we did it in the last Chapter, so let us go.

Direction: go S-E-S-S-N-S to where the boss is.

Quest 4: Dark General Proneus

The Dark General Proneus is this time's boss, defeat him. The Dark General Proneus is a quite tough boss, it has a high attack power, so do not let him attack us several times together, and he will pull us back towards him to attack us, so when he does this, always be ready to run away, make the HP ready, and his attack will give us one annoying debuff which will let us move opposite where we want. And the last and most killing skill of the Proneus is it will rush in a line and attack us lots of times in a roll, do not let him hit us by this skill, it is deadly.

Quest 5: Confirming Authenticity

Go back to the Royal Guard Outputs to let them know what happened in this collapsed Hidden Dungeon. I use the Teleport Scroll to go back to the Aria Castle, if you do not have one, just reverse the direction in quest 3 to go back to the Castle.

Quest 6: Battle for Aria (1)

Now we need to find Elisa who is at the north gate.

Direction: go N-N-W to the Aria North Gate Western Spire, and Elisa is just at the entrance.

Quest 7: Battle for Aria (2)

Elisa need us to slay 5 Demon Soldiers for her, they are the monsters with a huge hammer in the same map.

Quest 8: Battle for Aria (3)

Now the monsters are attacking from another side, kill 5 more Demon Soldiers for Elisa.

Quest 9: Battle for Aria (4)

Since we have cleaned all the soldiers for Elisa, now we are facing the Boss Necro, defeat him and we will win the battle of Aria. Necro is not tough, but it has a lot of monsters around it, if we got surrounded by the enemies, we will lost our HP in a rapid way, so be aware of this, it will only takes time to defeat the boss.

Quest 10: This way to the Heavenly Realm

New map now, go to the Sky Portal.

Direction: go N-E and we can find the Sky Portal there.

Now we have finished all the Quest on the Land, the next story will happen in the heaven:

Chapter Seven: Heavenly Crisis

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hello 5 years ago

thanks for the walkthrough

Lengzai 5 years ago

Have you defeated shaturu yet? I cant seem to defeated him.

mysterious 5 years ago

Cool when's new chapter

mysterious 5 years ago

Cool when's new chapter

Cookies 5 years ago

I killed Shaturu and im on lvl 91 :D(hard mode..trying to kill shaturu on hard.. for got the path

Sup 5 years ago

Can someone tell me where i can get dimensional essence?

ravent 5 years ago

cannot find the path for open seal gate on shaturu room.. how to find?

SnowBoi 5 years ago

Just defeated normal mode shaturu ! Lvl52 blader here !

Blazershot 5 years ago

Man I'm terrible at this game lvl 52 normal mode slayer and I can't defeat leviathan any tips?

FireEvil 5 years ago

forged edge skill information? because my game korean subtitle

FireEvil 5 years ago

can someone send me a picture for shadow blader skill pls? fire_evil09@Hotmail.com

David 4 years ago

Looking shared of chaos in mystic dust helpfor management stone

dhudz21 4 years ago

im a bladder pure dex and i cant defeat shutaru on hardmode im lvl 90.. any tips? here are my stats

att: 4608 def: 1439 hit: 156.72 .... and having a +5 fortuitous set.. the weapon is transcendent tanto +3 only.. att+804 att+173 att+82

Regret 4 years ago

I'm level 65 and i still can't defeat shaturu can u give me some tips? Just to let u know I am a slayer

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