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Zenonia 4 is the 4th story of the Gamevil RPG series game. As a long time fan of the Gamevil RPG, I have waited for this game quite long ago, I believe it will not disappoint any RPG lover. Now let's begin my walkthrough of this game.

The game starts with a dream, some ninja is surrounded by 4 monsters, but he defeats them easily.And after a huge monster appears, we begin our journey to the world of Zenonia 4.

Chapter 1: Seeking Truth

Quest 1: Mrs. Tender

It is the very first quest, just need to talk to Mrs. Tender, we can see her position on the map by a question mark, so just go there and finish the quest.

Quest 2: Bronze minning errand

Now we need to get Mrs. Tender 5 Bronze which can be found from the northern cliffs.

Direction:go N to the Eraes Forest North, we can get the bronze from the shining rock in the map, just face the rock and push the attack button.

Quest 3: To the Town of Eraes

We have got 5 bronzes now, and go back to the town, Just go S to the town of Eraes.When we get to the town, we find the ninja in our dream is here, and he has fought with Dupre.And now some voice told us the truth that the ninja is the future me.

Now we can select our career, there are 4 careers can be chosen from.

Slayer: High attack, slow attack rate, high health, and strong armor

Blader: Fast attack rate, low health, low armor, high evation

Ranger: Long attack range, medium health,medium armor

Druide: Long attack range, high attack power, low health, low armor

This is quite the same career like the Zenonia 3, so as always I choose the Slayer as my career to play the game.

Quest 4: The land of the Fallen

After we go back to consciousness, we are at somewhere we never went before, now we need to defeat 3 Rage Spirit which is just in the same map. After we defeat the 3 rage spirit, a fairy comes our, and now she will lead us.

Quest 5: Find Dupre

Now we need to meet Dupre, he is at the Land of the Fallen East.

Direction: go E-S-W-W-N

Quest 6: Removing the seal

We need to remove 5 spirit dust, they can be get from the monsters nearby, so just keep killing them to get enough spirit dusts.

Quest 7: Warden Azimet

The fairy use the spirit dust to summon a huge monster--Warden Azimet, now we need to defeat it. The boss can attack the front area of itself, just hit him and leave the position, let him attack and go back to hit him, this will be quite useful during the fight with it.

Now we finish the Chapter one, and I will continue the Chapter two: Man on a Mission tomorrow, hope you all like my walkthrough.

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aarongellado 5 years ago

thanks this really helps cause my zenonia 4 is in korean and its on android :3 LOL

poison 4 years ago

um i think you can fix that in options O_O go to menu, system, then options, and language...

XsyCon 4 years ago

If you want to use someone for the Den of Trials, feel free to use my character.

XsyCon - Level 5 Slayer - 39300 attack and 14000 defense

Killua Zoldyck profile image

Killua Zoldyck 4 years ago

XsyCon tnx for the ID of your character it really helps me

cleverson oliveira 4 years ago

xsycon lose hehehe 1 hit 365,000

my id :maggotbrasil




me 4 years ago

Wow looks like i found the owner of the partenr ive used for training in the den of trials for so long. Your slayer is level 10 now though. Oh and when facing multiple enemies at really high levels that can inflict dark on him it gets hard cause i have to use knockback to free him from endless confusion cause when enemy levels get to high i need him to do any damage whatsoever and when you can actually see his health depleting it gets toough.

nambcis 4 years ago

How to find bronze in zeonia 4

sumsumcorda 4 years ago

como puedo vendor kosas del inventario o tirarlas? esk lo tengo lleno y nada, no ay manera de koger mas kosas! gracias!

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