Walkthrough for Illusia 2: Melody of Dream

As a big fan of the rpg game of Gamevil, I downloaded the Illusia 2: Melody of Dream immediately when I found it appeared in the apple store.

Here I will write a quest walkthrough of this game and hope it can help all the other gamers of Illusia 2.

Quest 1: Chief's Favor

We need to talk to Emma who is right beside us in the same map.

Quest 2: Insomnia

Now we need to go to the orchard map and collect 3 apples for Emma.

Direction: go E-E to the orchard map and we can collect the appls from the apple tree. then we go back to the town and talk to Emma.

Quest 3: Tina's Problem

Now we need to talk to Tina who is left to us in the map.

Quet 4: Abnormal Activity

Now we need to talk to Chief Zeros who is just beside us.

Quest 5: Investigation Begins

We can now go to our house to have a rest.

Quest 6: Ominous Dream

Now we should go talk to Chief Zeros about our nightmare.

Quest 7: Trina Disappeared

Trina left the town and we need to find her.

Direction: go E-E-E to Turnvill Forest and find Trina there.

Quest 8: Back to Town

Now we ned to take Trina back to Town.

Direction: go W-W to the Turnvill Town.

Quest 9: Turnvill Forest Investigation

Now we need to investigate the Turnvill Forest.

Direction: go E-N-W to Deep Inside Turnvill Forest.

Quest 10: Suspicious Door

We need to kill the boss Teddy Bear!

Quest 11: Strange World

After defeated the boss we got into a strange world, now we need to investigate it first.

Direction: go W-W-W-S to the Toy Town.

Quest 12: Dream World

We need to find a Toy doll Left in the town.

Quest 13: Guardian's Presence

Now we nned to find the guardian.

Direction: go N-E-E-S to the Single Path Area.

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Keehl 4 years ago

This was VERY important to me, thanks!

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