Walkthrough for Immortal Dusk of Gamevil 03

Quest 21: Invasiion

Now we need to talk to the Mercenary Guild who is in the house of the map name Herald.

Quest 22: Invasion 2

Now we need to go after seeley to fight against the monsters. just go to the city edge and we will finish the quest.

Quest 23: Cave Search

We need to search the monsters who are hiding out.

Direction: go S-W-S-to the entrance of the cave and we can finish the quest.

Quest 24: Investigation

Now we need to investigate the cave.

Direction: S-S-E-NE to finish the quest.

Quest 25: The Chosen

Xeranos wants to know if we are the chosen, so kill 5 monsters in this map.

Quest 26: The Chosen 2

Now it's Ierre's turn kill 5 monsters in this map.

Quest 27: The Chosen 3

This time we need to prove to Urojen and also kill 5 monsters here.

Quest 28: The Chosen 4

Prove to Kendrick and kill 5 monsters for her.

Now we have the New Power and can change our class. There are four classes we can choose.

Sicarii, Caligo Tempus, Ineffabilis and Evanesco

I choose the Ineffabilis as my class to go on the game.

Quest 29: The Encounter

Now we need to defeat the boss of mastermind of the Runo Invasion.

Direction: go SE to the boss, this boss is quite tough, use the hit and run strategy to kill him, prepare enough HP potion.

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sheldon 4 years ago

heyy....there are four classes right..!!Sicarii, Caligo Tempus, Ineffabilis and Evanesco i picked the same as yours..but i did not finish the quest...Helpp

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